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Part 47: Sun Door 2: Legendary Angler Estelle

-Primal Grounds-

I always thought all girls loved to fish, but for some reason this door will only accept Estelle.

-The Way They Walk In Liberl-

Once upon a time, there was a girl called Estelle Bright who absolutely loved fishing.

Meanwhile, in Grancel, there existed a group of dedicated men and women who prided themselves on the sport. They were called the Fisherman's Guild.

What else could it possibly be called but 'fate' were the two paths to cross?

This is their peculiar story.

~Chapter 1 - Our Story Begins at the Lakeside~

-A Cat Relaxing in the Sun-

At the side of Valleria Lake lies a quiet little place by the name of the Kingfisher Inn.

Seeking a break from her work, Estelle decided to visit for some well-deserved relaxation.

At first, she had gotten exactly that.

The fishing lover she was, she decided to borrow some gear from the inn and make her way out onto the pier to enjoy some quality time there.

She saw one successful catch after another, and before long, her bucket was teeming with fish.

But then there was Lloyd, a member of that one and only Fisherman's Guild, who happened to be at that very same inn and on that very same day. He was having the opposite of young Estelle's lucky streak.

The moment he had arrived, he had set off on a boat to begin fishing...

but try as he did, he hadn't managed to catch so much as a single fish.

Now feeling thoroughly defeated, Lloyd motioned back towards the inn.

Upon his boat approaching the pier, however, he caught sight of none other than a very pleased Estelle rejoicing in the size of her most recent catch.

This sight was all it took to give rise to Lloyd's competitive nature.

Now thoroughly fired up, he approached her and challenged her to a special kind of duel...

A-A what, now?
Lloyd: A five-round anglers' duel! It's a special kinda competition we fishermen take part in where they stake their pride and honor on the outcome. Once a member of the Fisherman's Guild mentions those words, there can be no turning back. The duel must take place! So let us do battle, with our finest fishing tackle on the line!
I feel like I'm getting dragged into something completely nutso...
I hate to break it to you, but I don't have any stellar fishing tackle to bet on this. All my stuff was borrowed from the inn.
Hold up, what happened to that ancient Zemurian fishing rod? I worked hard for that. Well, I made Estelle and everybody work hard for that. Did she go and lose it?!
Lloyd: Then you don't need to bet anything at all! That's fine. This duel is more for my own good than yours, and I intend to see it through no matter what.
Ahaha... Doesn't sound like I've got much choice but to go along with this, huh?

-Forever Great Angler King-

Oh, fishing.

Fishing was alright in SC because outside of one or two sidequests it was totally optional, you could keep it brief, and it didn't matter at all what you caught. None of that applies here and it suuuuuucks.

You start by choosing your rod and your bait, and certain baits can only be used with certain rods, just like before.

You gain 1 point for every rege of fish length. Whoever catches the most rege-age of fish wins.

You get only one cast per round. Your catch might be big, or small, or it might even escape before you reel it in. You have no control whatsoever over any of this. The anglers' duel is just a big coin flip, made of smaller coin flips, which are all weighted by invisible coins being flipped in another dimension.

Anyway, you need the Metal Rod Trident to catch the largest fish, but you'll never start with any bait for it. You just have to hope that you'll catch some fish that can be re-used to fish up bigger fish. Gateway fish, if you will.

Here on Valleria Lake, that means Trout and Salmon. Other fish like these Rainbow Trout and Rockeaters are basically trash.

Lloyd didn't catch anything, but he could still land something massive in the very last round. The AI loooves to pull that little stunt.

Now I get to sit here and bite my nails because I'm pretty sure Lloyd could catch something longer than 187 rege.

-A Cat Relaxing in the Sun-

Lloyd: So I lost... What a battle! You fought admirably, Estelle. There's no shame in losing against someone as talented as you. Here! I want you to have this.

Lloyd handed Estelle a silver-colored lure.

A-A lure made out of argem? I couldn't possibly take this... It looks so expensive!
Lloyd: No can do. Those're the rules. I challenged you to a duel while putting this on the line, and I was defeated. If you refuse to accept it, that will bring me even greater shame than I already face! So please! Accept it.
W-Well, if you really insist...


Thus Estelle accepted the silver lure from Lloyd.

And though feeling bliss thanks to her victory, she was also blissfully unaware of what fate had in store for her...

Received Fishing set.
Some monster ingredients for cooking; I don't know what exactly.
Received 5,000 mira.

I do appreciate that you're free to leave after each stage, and pick up where you left off later. Having to win all three in one go would be unbearable.

~Chapter 2 - In the Capital~

-Steel Floor Blocking The Way-

Today was yet another day in which Estelle found herself roaming the north block of Grancel City's sewers.

Her objective was simple: defeat a wanted monster for the guild.

But down there, she found more than just monsters.

In addition to the nasties she'd become accustomed to braining on a regular basis, she also came face to face with a young noblewoman whose delicate demeanor couldn't have looked more out of place.

Estelle certainly hadn't expected this! 'Wh-What are you doing down here?' she asked.

The woman tittered and responded as if the answer were the most obvious thing in the world: 'What else? Fishing, of course!'

The noblewoman's name was Norche, and as it turned out, she was a member of the Fisherman's Guild.

'D-Do you really have to fish HERE of all places, though? I mean, what if monsters find you?'

Estelle made up her mind to try and escort the woman back to the city with her...

but Norche had other ideas, and she refused to budge from what she felt was a prime fishing spot.

The two were soon locked in a battle of pure stubbornness; neither would simply back down gracefully, as it wasn't in their natures.

It was in the middle of a heated argument when the silver lure Estelle kept on her person fell from her pocket.

Norche: Where in Aidios' name did you obtain such a thing?!
I-I don't know anything about any famous fishing tackles...but I guess you mean this guy here? I won it from Lloyd...
Norche: ...!!! So you fought an anglers' duel against him, did you? I'd intended to challenge him to one myself when the time was right, but I never imagined he would be defeated before then...
Oookay... I am so lost right now.
Norche: Very well! I shall challenge you to a ten-round anglers' duel in his place!
T-Ten rounds?! Listen, lad--
Norche: I will not accept no for an answer! Let us begin!
W-Wait a sec...

-Forever Great Angler King-

The sewer level adds the Bamboo Fishing Rod and Dumplings to your loadout.

Carp is the best bait fish here.

You could also use Crabs for a chance to land a giant Granakor crab, but Granakors will usually escape.

Yamany(Yamanies? Yamanoose?) are a trap. You can use them as bait, but all you'll ever get is 'This doesn't seem like a good spot.' Even though they live here.

carp all up in this tunnel

This is the first time I haven't seen Norche land two or three 280-rege Granakors.

-Steel Floor Blocking The Way-

*sigh* Well? You satisfied now? If you are, it's time you came with me back to the city. Trust me--it's not safe down here.
You do not want to run afoul of the sewer sheep.
Norche: You were truly more worried about me than winning the duel, weren't you? Haha... No wonder I couldn't defeat you. Now, if you will...kindly accept this.

Estelle received a golden rod from Norche.

Wow! It's so shiny!
Are you sure I can have this?
Norche: In fact, I insist. I would be more troubled if you didn't accept it--these are the laws behind an anglers' duel, as you know. Still, kindly remember that you have more to fear than just me. No getting complacent simply because I fell in battle. There's still our guild's leader to defeat, after all.
Aww, man. Is he really that good?
Norche: Indeed. His name is Mr. Fisher, and he is both this guild's founder and its most capable member. Knowing that may incline you to avoid facing him, but don't think you will be so lucky--with the two tackles you now possess, he will come for you. A duel with him is nigh...whether you desire it or not.
A-All righty, then... If you say so.


At this point, Estelle still had no idea just how capable this 'Fisher' may prove to be.

And while there was a small part of her that couldn't help but regret biting the lure of the Fisherman's Guild, there was a much greater part that couldn't deny wanting to see where this journey would take her...

Received Plate of Excellence.
Received 5,000 mira.

-The Way They Walk In Liberl-

~Final Chapter - Battle at Azelia Bay~

Along the shore of Gull Seaside Way, near Ruan...

...the decisive moment that Norche had foretold was finally to come.

Whether their meeting was a coincidence or fated all along, no one could possibly say...

Estelle was idly walking along the shore for no particularly adequate reason, when all of a sudden, a single small yacht drew closer and closer.

The yacht eased as close to the shore as it could safely get, and from on top of it stepped a fine man.

He was a gentleman in a tuxedo, the sea extending into the distance behind him making for an equally elegant backdrop.

As soon as she saw him, she knew he was the leader Norche had spoken of.

Mr. Fisher, bearer of the title Avid Angler and known by the nickname of Fishing Baron.

Fisher: That lure! That ROD!
A-Are you the Fisherman's Guild president? I'm...
Fisher: No! There is no need for words now. I have been awaiting this moment for longer than you can possibly imagine! I challenge you to a 15-round anglers' duel! Immediately!
F-Fifteen?! We're gonna be here all day, aren't we?
Fisher: Let the battle begin!

-Forever Great Angler King-

Fifteen rounds! This really is going to take all day...especially if I happen to lose multiple times in round 14 or 15. Not that that would ever happen!!! haha


Sea Bass is the bait fish you want this time around.

Kasago are another usable fish, but they're mostly good for catching Sea Bass.

mi kasago es su kasago

I'm still not sure this is enough of a lead to guarantee victory.

Okay it's over.

-The Way They Walk In Liberl-

Skill. Sure.

Fisher: Clearly the time for adults to be leading the way has passed. I ask that you accept this.

Fisher handed over a rainbow-colored fishing line.

Wow... This is so pretty! Thank you very much.
Fisher: I can hardly believe the time has finally come for the three famed fishing tackles to be gathered in the hands of one owner. You said your name was Estelle, yes?
Y-Yeah. I did, but...
Fisher: ... I've made up my mind. Starting today, you will be the new leader of the Fisherman's Guild!
Fisher: As for me...I suppose I'll assume the title of honorary president from this day forward. This is the time for young people like you to take the center stage. I hope you will dedicate yourself as best you can to spreading and furthering fishing culture.
'By the way, the Fisherman's Guild currently owes twenty million mira in back taxes and delinquent payments to various jaeger corps. Godspeed, Madame Leader!' *zooom*
H-Hold on! You can't just shove that kind of responsibility on someone! I'm not gonna be the leader!

After roughly an hour of continuous negotiations in which neither of them wished to back down...

...Estelle was able to convince Mr. Fisher that the burden of being leader was too great for her, and she was granted an honorary membership in the guild instead.

But while Estelle's duels were over, news of what had happened spread like wildfire among fishermen, spawning legends that would persist much longer.

Henceforth, whenever they spoke of Estelle, they spoke of her with a new nickname...

A fitting nickname for one who had triumphed in such challenging anglers' duels...

...Estelle the Supreme Fisher.

Side Story [Legendary Angler Estelle] finished!
Received Fisherman's Emblem.
Received 5,000 mira.

So there's the fishing minigame. It was kind of horrible, but at least the writing is endearingly goofy and the total payout isn't too shabby.