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Trails in the Sky the 3rd

by Really Pants

Part 57: So our friend's left us a message, huh?

-The Hermit's Garden-

I usually default to Kevin, Ries, Estelle, and Joshua whenever no alternative is jumping out at me.

-Labyrinth of Shadows and Light-

This is the warp to the sixth plane, right?
Time to hop to it, then.
Umm... Kevin?
Haha. There's no need for the sad face, Ries.
We can't afford to stand around talking here. We need to get moving.
...Okay, then.

-Primal Grounds-

Isn't this Romal Pond?
So the next place to be recreated is the scenic route near the Liberlian royal family's villa, huh?
Will probably be more dangerous than scenic this time around, though. We should start exploring as much of it as we can, but stay sharp.

This version of the Erbe Scenic Route is a closed loop with no exits.

There are one or two other new additions, too.

that really ought to be clear by now

Gettin' my gorg on.

Eat hot ARROW!
watch your head Ries

Since Gorgon Arrow doesn't list a percentage chance for its petrify effect, I'm assuming it always happens unless the target is immune. So that rocks.

The other nice thing about petrify is that low damage suddenly doesn't matter.

note to self: Thelas no longer cuts it

I'm not giving out any more freebies if they're just going to be abused.

in fact 'Sapphire Gem' is my maiden name

The path to the Royal Villa is sealed off, but I don't think we've got room for many more sealing stones.

I give you my love.

The face of the monument is glowing, and words are visible upon its surface.

So our friend's left us a message, huh? And I'm sure the 'white wings' mentioned here must be referring to...
Female Voice: I can only assume it must be a reference to my descendant.

Heehee... There's no need to be alarmed. This is only a shadow of myself that I created to talk to you here. Technically, I'm still in the garden.
But now that I finally have some of my strength back, I've gained a few new tricks like this one up my sleeve, so to speak.
W-Well...that's cool.
Anyway, am I right in guessing we'll need to use this monument to proceed?
You are, indeed. It appears to be a kind of gate connecting this area and another realm created by the Lord of Phantasma.
However, in order to activate it, you will need to have a certain member of your team with you. No doubt they work in a similar way to the doors scattered throughout Phantasma.
Makes sense...
So in this case, we're going to need to have Princess Klaudia, right?
I'd say so, yes.
The other monuments in this area will likely also serve as gates to other areas, requiring different team members... but as it stands, none of the others are active. I presume you'll need to travel through this gate and finish the area beyond it first.
Got it. We'll work our way through.
Well, I wish you the best of luck.
Should you require my aid, I will be in the garden.

Time to head back to the garden, then, I guess.
Yep! We need to explain what's going on to Kloe a.s.a.p.

-The Hermit's Garden-

Hi, everyone. Celeste kindly explained the situation to me while you were away. You need my help in order to keep going, don't you?
Oh, you've been filled in already? Great! Saves us the time explaining.
I'm ready to leave as soon as you are.
So just say the word when you're ready to go.
Got it.
We'll head on out as soon as we're done prepping, then.

-Primal Grounds-

The Lord of Phantasma does decree...

Here lies the monochrome schoolhouse.

Place your hand on this monument, the white wings among your number.