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Trails in the Sky the 3rd

by Really Pants

Part 60: I can only hope that I don't disappoint.

Take it!
Leave it to Renne! ♪

I'll just need to level Julia a bit.

-Primal Grounds-

Hooray for Trails XP scaling.

Purrrrrr! Meow! ❤

That should be enough.

-A Still World-


What the...?!

Congratulations on your victory outside. And now that you have done so, I will be serving as your next opponent.
I'm assuming you're a copy of the real Phillip, too?
Indeed, I am. And because of that, I've no choice but to point my blade at even you, Your Highness, knowing full well how unforgivable that act is.

-Overdosing Heavenly Bliss-

...I, Phillip Runall, the Sword Fox and former captain of the Royal Guard, challenge you to battle!

I wasn't expecting to ever have to put my skills to the test against the famed Demon Commander...
...but now that I have this chance, I gladly won't hold back!
Haha... I cast off that name long ago. Still, I hope to give you a fight worthy of the name.
Heehee. It's been quite a while since we last saw each other, huh?
So it has... I remember you well, fair lady.
Oh, I bet you do. The way you fought was veeery impressive.
But you spent all your time fighting Walter and Bleublanc! You didn't spare any playtime for me at all.
I hope you're going to make up for that this time.
I can only hope that I don't disappoint.
...Very well. If this is how it must be, I won't hesitate.
We accept your challenge!

Even as a middle-aged manservant, Phillip was a skilled enough combatant to make four Enforcers take notice.

Today we get to find out exactly what that means.

Prepare yourself...
*refined yelling*


holy shit Phillip

Gotta be careful what you wish for.


-This Is Our Real Power!-

Okay maybe I should have gone for one more level.

-A Still World-

Perhaps this was inevitable... I'm simply not young enough to pose a challenge to you any more, I fear.
Y-You've gotta be kidding me... I can only hope age is that kind to me... Your strength is nuts.
The fabled rumors about you were in no way exaggerated.
As a fellow officer in the Royal Guard, I can't help but feel quite inadequate in comparison.
Well! I'd say that qualifies as making up for last time.
Haha... There's no need to try and flatter me.
Regardless, while I may not have been able to pose a challenge to you, I am sure the other guardians will. Be sure not to let your guard down against them even for a moment.
We'll bear that in mind, Phillip. Thank you.
Now, if you will all excuse me, I think it's time for me to depart... Once I disappear, the next path should open. It is my hope that you will all overcome the remaining trials and return from this place safe and well.

Is everyone ready to move on to the next area? I'm guessing we'll be able to access that from the scenic route like we did this one. Let's go see which of the other monuments has activated.
That sounds like a plan.

A dweeb plan for dweebs, maybe. We haven't even looked around the old schoolhouse yet.


Ein ever would have guessed.

Alright, NOW we can go.