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Trails in the Sky the 3rd

by Really Pants

Part 64: Are we even going to be able to go home...?

-The Hermit's Garden-

Each of them leads to another area created by the Lord of Phantasma. Each of them will require a different member of your group in order to gain access.
In short, you'll all need to work as one in order to get through them.
... Beyond those is another area, but I'm afraid no matter how hard I try, I can't learn a thing about it.
I fear only you'll be able to tear down the wall blocking access to it to find out what is on the other side.

P-Perhaps it would be best for me to accept his offer?
I swear, that Olivier...
The best thing to do is to ignore him, Julia! Just pretend he doesn't even exist.
*cough* The prince aside...
...I'm still rather surprised that Phillip was one of those recreated in this world.
All of this just makes me wish that I could have the chance to learn from him in the real world...

I've been waiting for my chance to strike...
...but unfortunately, Mueller caught me before I could make good on my plans.
The concept of 'bros before hoes' flies right over Olivier's pretty little head, because he recognizes no distinction between the two.
...You really are a few gears short of a functioning battle orbment. Perhaps you need to be taught a lesson so you don't get any more silly ideas.
Just leave this idiot to me.
I'll take responsibility for making sure he behaves--no matter what it takes to do it.
My dear friend, you misunderstand me!

Just because we're not in the real world right now doesn't mean your actions can't cause international problems.
Hahaha! Why must you always be so paranoid about me?
Because you never take me seriously. Like you're not doing now.

I've been waiting for my chance to strike...
*sigh* If you thought my staff was bad, wait until you meet her sword...
How many times must I tell you not to cause trouble before it gets through that seemingly impenetrable skull of yours? Stay here and behave.
Hmm... Now, how shall I go about this? A good chance just doesn't seem to be presenting itself...

It's occurred to me that I never did properly thank you for your assistance during my return to Erebonia.
So, what say you? Would you like to accompany me for a drink or two? On me, of course.
I... Well... I'm not sure that would be...
Feel free to ignore him, Captain.
Hohoho! It would be my pleasure to treat you to a drink later, Julia.

Was he really that strong? He didn't really look it when I last saw him.
*sigh* I guess if I couldn't tell his true strength, that means I've got a long way to go.
All right! Time to get Richard to join me for some more training!
We looked into Phillip's history back during the time the Intelligence Division was active, too. He has an interesting background--being known as the Sword Fox and possessing five exceptional techniques in combat.
That said, he's been away from the front lines for over twenty years now.
Phillip retired from the Royal Guard over twenty years ago in order to focus his efforts on Duke Dunan's upbringing. His skills don't seem to have grown at all rusty in that time, however...

Wh-What is it?!
*cough* The Testaments exist to bring peace to the hearts of Aidios' children.
Would you like me to read you an excerpt from them?

What was the Lord of Phantasma thinking by dragging him into all of this? He's got nothing to do with it...
Oh, but if you ask me, they really know how to keep things interesting.
I've taken a liking to them, to be honest.
I can't wait to finally get to face them head on.
Juuust don't think of trying to go off on your own, okay?
S-Seriously... That'd be really, really dangerous...
Being stuck here is so boring.
...Maybe I should try and sneak on ahead.
Trying to proceed on your own would be really, REALLY dangerous, Renne. Please don't try and do that...

We've got a good idea what the rest of the sixth plane is going to be like now, so slow but sure seems the best way forward to me.
Well, you might be right...
...but I'm not sure how I feel about you getting plastered while we're here.

Hey, Kloe. Are you gathering information here?
Find anything of interest?
Y-You could say that, yes... I haven't found anything significant from the books themselves due to them not being arranged in any apparent order...
...but I've discovered that these bookcases seem to have a few unique rules of their own that need to be followed to make the most of them. For one, you can draw the books that you want to read closer to you rather than being forced to find them manually.
Y-You can actually do that? Holy cow...
Although, I guess it makes sense with this world being what it is. So, what? You just wish really hard for a book to appear and it does?
No, it's not quite that simple. Just wishing very hard isn't enough.
I'm not sure how to describe it properly, and it's not like I get how it works, either. It's like you're...calling out to the bookshelves themselves, if you will.
How on earth were you able to work out something like that?
I don't know if I have the confidence to pull it off, too, though.
A-Ahaha... The times I've been able to do it successfully are few and far between, to be honest.
Making good use of these bookshelves isn't quite as simple as just searching for the book you want. Still, I see no reason why there wouldn't be something useful among these.
So I'll keep searching.

There's no tellin' what we've got waiting for us. No such thing as being too prepared.
The actual makeup of this place might be a mystery to us even now...
...but one thing's for sure: the clear air makes it the perfect environment for training and sparring.
Time to stop holding back, Agate.
You're not gonna beat me if you don't!
Okay. One more time.
And I'm gonna win this one!

The four elements were initially intended to grant safe passage into and to protect the capital... but it looks like the Lord of Phantasma has decided to use them for their own purposes.
I wasn't expecting the Lord of Phantasma to use the Ravens or Phillip against us. Or the royal academy, for that matter...
*sigh* Having that place used like this is really starting to depress me.
I'm sorry, Estelle...
I think they're deliberately choosing places we have a strong attachment to.
*sigh* If they wanted to make me feel all depressed, they sure as heck succeeded.

I don't even know what's going on anymore...
Are we even GOING to be able to go home...?

-Primal Grounds-

starring Steven Seagal as Father Lance Spears

Eeeat THIS!

The face of the monument is glowing, and words are visible upon its surface.

The looking glass? That's gotta be the name of our next tourist attraction around here.
Hmm... Still, the sword-wielding dame...
We've got a few women in our ranks who'd apply, but the one that feels the most right here to me is Anelace.
If Julia has been formally knighted, she would literally be a sword-wielding Dame. Just saying.
That sounds right to me.
Time to head back to the garden and get her to come with us, then.
She's the bracer with the yellow ribbon, right?
I would've rather called her the stuffed-toy-loving dame than the sword-wielding one if it were up to me.
Haha. A clue like that would've hit the nail on the head, no question.

-The Hermit's Garden-

Kevin explained to Anelace that they thought she was the person the amberl monument's inscription was asking for.

Me? The 'sword-wielding dame'?
I dunnooo... I mean, it's a cool-sounding title and all, but does it really fit me?
It does if you ask me. But hey, even if you're not sure, it's worth a try, right?
Do you mind coming with us and giving it a go?
You got it.
Off we go, then!

-Primal Grounds-

The Lord of Phantasma does decree...

Here lies the looking glass.

Place your hand on this monument, the sword-wielding dame among your number.


Anelace through the looking glass.