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Trails in the Sky the 3rd

by Really Pants

Part 65: I wasn't expecting to end up fighting you here again...

Let's GO!
Heehee! Here we gooo! ☆

-Parallel Universe-

Oh, hey. I know this place...

Wel come to lak esi ns del akes ide.

This is that lakeside laboratory, right?
Yeah. The one that Ouroboros used as its base of operations in Liberl at one point.
Can't say I'm excited to be back here.
Something seems kind of...odd about it.
(Well, well...)
I get that same feeling. Well, let's go and get a closer look. Maybe we'll figure out what it is.

W-Wait a second... Wasn't this door on the left side of the building last time we were here?!
Actually, yeah. I'm sure of it.
You're right.
Hmm... I wonder...
(Thought so.)

-Illusionary Blue Flowers-

The archaism parts factory? But this was...Wait. Then...


Here to greet us already, huh?

-Fighting Right On-

Talking's gonna have to wait! Let's roll!

-Illusionary Blue Flowers-

That's not a type of archaism I've seen before.
Phew... Talk about a nasty surprise.
At least it's now clear as day what's going on here.
Yeah... The whole building's layout has been flipped around.
Kind of like it was reflected in a mirror or something.
You silly thing. Did you really only just figure that out?
I realized the second we got a look at the building from outside.
Did it not occur to you to share that information with us, or do you just enjoy watching us stumble around in the dark?
Heehee. Oh, I'm sure you know the answer to that.
Besides, it's best if you try to work things out before relying on me, isn't it?
Let's not let Renne know how long it took everyone to realize the second plane was fake.
...Well, whatever. It doesn't look like that's the only trick this place has up its sleeve.
Let's keep our eyes peeled.

There's no minimap in this area, so Falcon Eye and Detection are useless.

The ebony archaisms have high DEF, but don't reflect arts like their mirror cousins.

Mission complete. On to the next trial.

Just shove all that shit into some aspic. Cuisine!

I love the smell of napalm meat in the morning.

How should I know?

You're late.

I didn't notice the Mirror Vogel until after I set up those arts.

We'll be seeing a whole lot of monoliths in front of doors with ominous red lighting.


Young Man's Voice: Glad you made it. I'm guessing everything being reversed made navigating this place a pain, though.


I wasn't expecting to end up fighting you here again... Especially not like this.
Umm... You're not the real Grant, right?
Yeah... Still, I'm close enough.

-Till the Night of Glory-

W-Wait. This is just like...
...just like when you were pretending to be a jaeger during our training!
Heh. I wouldn't wanna try pulling the same trick twice, but I can still have 'em back me up.
So, come on! Show me what you got!

Grant and grunts.

I was betting on Grint and Gront moving into the art radius. I bet wrong.

This fight wasn't too difficult, but I would have been better off keeping the Grants at a distance with Dark Matter EX and knockback crafts like Blood Circle, and just going to town on them with fullscreen arts. Whirlwind Dance was probably a mistake.

-This Is Our Real Power!-

-Illusionary Blue Flowers-

Maaan... I thought victory was as good as mine when I had you surrounded, but I totally underestimated you guys.
Holy hell, though, Anelace. You've started packing a real punch since we last fought.
Heehee. Well, I've got you and the others to thank for that.
...Do you really have to go?
Looks like it, I'm afraid.
I'll bet you don't need too many hints on who you're gonna be fighting next. Don't go losing, okay? You beat me! You've gotta beat the others, too.

Whew... That wasn't easy...
Well, at least we managed to eke out a win.
It sounds like our next foe's gonna up the ante, though.
Yeah...but we're gonna win next time, too!

Received Red Cardkey.

Well, I get what we're meant to do with the cardkey... but what's up with that message? It looked like...
Yeah. Even the computer's text has been flipped.
Ugh. Someone's sure put a lot of effort into this.
Heehee. That's a nice little touch.

I can't get at that Star Door just yet; it's floating way up in the air.

I've spent the last three weeks decrypting that computer text via Rijndael-256 and Blowfish-compat algorithms, and I'm certain it says to go back to the starting room and click one of the conveyor belt control panels.

You can do this right when you first arrive; Grant's computer just gives you a hint.