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Trails in the Sky the 3rd

by Really Pants

Part 66: Ordinarily, this is where I'd pitch in and help out...

-The Hermit's Garden-

Umm... And that's me, right?
On the other side of the last monument was an area created by the Lord of Phantasma. Seeing as the last one was based on your memories, it's very possible that there will be something similar on the other side of this one, too.
Either way, please do be careful.

Oh! Okay!

-Illusionary Blue Flowers-

Empty rooms. Why are there empty rooms.

More crate maze warehouses. The lights are on this time, at least.

And we're already there. This floor is tiny.



Ordinarily, this is where I'd pitch in and help out...
...but I don't think that's an option this time.

-Till the Night of Glory-

Just like when we fought Grant!
You might've been able to win against him...
...but don't think breaking through my formation is going to be a cakewalk! Come at me like your life depends on it!

Carna & previous incarnations.

Dark Matter EX is handy again here, but long-range crafts might be better because Aarna and Barna can both impede.

-This Is Our Real Power!-

-Illusionary Blue Flowers-

Aww... That's me beat. I was so confident in my battle formation, too...
Y-You had every right to. You put up a heck of a fight.
That battle was no joke... You sure know how to give people a hard time with that rifle.
Heehee. I try. Anyway, you were able to beat me, so maybe you've actually got a shot at winning against the next guy.
I'm sure you don't need me to spell out who that is...but when it comes to mid-range tactics, there's no one stronger than him in all of Liberl. So make sure you give him your very best.

Yep... We've beaten Grant and Carna, so our next opponent goes without saying...
W-Well, we can't turn back now! We're just gonna have to pump out another victory.
He's probably going to have backup, too...
Let's be smart about this and make sure we're nice and prepared before we keep going.

Received Green Cardkey.

Examine Carna's clue closely, and you'll see it contains the letters B, E, T, and T. 'Bett' is the German word for 'bed.'

So this room wasn't quite so empty as it first seemed.

There was a green door back on the first floor, too.

My chest muscles are second to none.