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Part 67: Star Door 10: Gordias-Class Experiment Report

Before you finish Chapter 5, you can bring Renne back to the place where you found her sealing stone for a brief cutscene.

-Labyrinth of Shadows and Light-

Are you okay...? Can you hear me?


It looks like he can't.
Oh, no...

I-Is there some kind of problem in his orbal engines?
It looks that way...
Whether that's because he's damaged or this world's power has rendered him unable to move, I don't know...
...Still, let's let him sleep for now.
He'll wake up eventually. I'm sure of that much.
How can you be so sure?
Because he's my papa and mama rolled into one, of course.
He always comes flying when he knows I need it. This time won't be any different.
...I see.
Anyway, let's get going, then, shall we? Maybe we'll end up running into something that'll help us get him moving somewhere in Phantasma, too.
Heehee. Yup!

-Primal Grounds-

Leave it to Renne.

-A Gravestone Struck By Lightning-

Gorgon Laser can still Petrify, so be careful of that.

-Primal Grounds-


Loading > > > > > Complete


Gordias-Class Tactical Archaism Development Plan
Author: Thirteen Factories
Codename: Pater-Mater

Plan Overview

We intend to develop a cutting-edge archaism that inherits the DNA of the rest of the Gordias series while containing a more advanced control system.
It will retain the same tactical effectiveness that was the primary development goal in previous models while allowing for more flexible and precise strategic usage as well.

Effective Radius

The archaism is intended to be accessible across the whole continent.
Powerful main and sub engines allow it to operate for several years without resupplying.

Autonomous Combat Ability

The use of the Mars integrated orbal arithmetic logic unit will allow for advanced autonomous combat and effective identifying of targets.
In addition, the archaism's control system will make use of the operator's nervous system, allowing for reflexive, instinctive movements in combat.
The operator will communicate with the archaism without being in physical contact with it. This will require a compatible candidate to be found and chosen.



Overall Height: 15.5 arge
Unit Weight: 55 torim
(68 torim when fully armed)


The archaism's primary weaponry will be its orbal energy cannons, but it will have other kinds of orbal weaponry and even several gunpowder-powered weapons as backup.
It will also have a Revival System, which will use an orbment to generate healing energy to heal or revive its operator in times of danger.

Armor Material

The armor plating will be made using kurdalegon alloy.
Kurdalegon is the most fitting material to use, given that it is the most capable we have access to in all regards.
For data regarding strength, see files on Gospel Plan.

Current Progress

New Engines

Development is proceeding smoothly in line with the plans drawn up by Professor Novartis.
Tests have also confirmed that they are already capable of providing power to the actuators.
However, the professor has raised concerns about the low responsiveness of the flight engine. (This is especially true for the anti-gravity generator.)
He concluded that the engine as it stands cannot be put into actual use. The possibility of using boosters to provide additional propulsion is under consideration.


Development of the actuators is experiencing significant difficulty, as it isn't possible to simply use the same ones as other archaisms.
The increased size of the main weaponry means the archaism's weight during combat is significant, and as a result, problems have been occurring in durability tests, especially with the leg joints.
It may be possible to make improvements in this area by using precise control so the weight burden is spread evenly rather than focused on one point.

Main Armaments

The orbal energy cannons that will serve as its primary armanents have been successfully tested.
However, by order of Professor Novartis, the possibility of them becoming twin mounts is being analyzed, so they have yet to be equipped.
The new orbal engines are expected to be able to provide enough energy to compensate for the necessary increase in output.

Control System

Experiments regarding the control system are currently ongoing.
For the results of the experiments that have been carried out so far, see a separate entry.

Experiment Results

Tests of the control system continue to be performed.
However, none of the test subjects have been able to realize the expected level of precision we are aiming for.
The results of the main tests conducted by Professor Novartis and his team can be viewed above.

Test Results

Test Subject: Subject A1
Abnormality during phase 2. Comatose.
Test Subject: Subject B3
Abnormality during phase 3. Cardiac arrest.
Test Subject: Subject C1
Abnormality during phase 1. Insanity.
Test Subject: Subject D7
Abnormality during phase 2. Comatose.
Test Subject: Subject E3
Abnormality during phase 2. Cardiac arrest.
Test Subject: Subject F2
Abnormality during phase 2. Comatose.
Test Subject: Subject G4
Abnormality during phase 3. Comatose.
Test Subject: Subject H1
Abnormality during phase 2. Comatose.
Test Subject: Subject I6
Abnormality during phase 4. Mental breakdown.

As can be seen, all of the test subjects failed to adapt to the control system.
Nonetheless, the society continues to supply test subjects, and we intend to keep performing further experiments.

Future Development

We have received word from the society that development is to be temporarily frozen.
Their reasoning is that the stability of the control system is in question.
From now on, only test subjects carefully chosen by the society will be taking part in connection tests.


Test Subject: Subject R3
Successfully completed all four testing phases.
Note: the subject did experience a small degree of flashbacks.

Test Subject: Subject R3
Succeeded in communicating with Pater-Mater.

Ascertaining the society's intentions in regards to resuming development...
Subject R3 has succeeded in operating Pater-Mater.

Ascertaining the society's intentions in regards to resuming development...

Side Story [Gordias-Class Experiment Report] finished!
Received 10,000 mira.

This Star Door isn't properly complete until you return to the Garden.

-The Hermit's Garden-


You okay, Renne?
If you're feeling tired, why don't you rest here in the garden for a bit? All of the others are here--you wouldn't be alone.
I'm not tired at all!
I've just got something on my mind.
Something on your mind? Like what?
Hmm... Well, I suppose it can't hurt.
Let me give it a try.



Haha. I knew you'd come.
Pater-Mater, switch to standby mode.
Right. That's that.

Renne learned the [Pater-Mater] S-Craft!

Everyone: Whaaaaaat?!
Teehee. And why do you all look so surprised?
This world can be directly influenced by people's thoughts. We've established that much already.
So why wouldn't Pater-Mater come for me?

Still, while it may have been possible to do so, unexpected actions like that in this world take a serious toll on you mentally and physically.
I would suggest not doing things like that any more than you have to.
*sigh* Well, okay...
I'm satisfied as long as I have Pater-Mater, anyway, so I've got no reason to.
So I suppose I can do what I'm told this once.
(Haha... Not many people get to be scolded by someone who lived over a thousand years ago.)
I'm happy to hear that.

And if you go back to the Umbral Labyrinth, Pater-Mater's no longer there.