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Trails in the Sky the 3rd

by Really Pants

Part 68: What a cruel twist of fate that we should meet again like this.

Ready? ❤

-Illusionary Blue Flowers-

That door leads outside but there's nothing out far as you know.

A chance of deadly poison helps the mediciiine go down~

it was 1-1-1

And we're done. I thought this place was long but now I have no idea why, it's like three rooms to a floor


S-So it really is you...

But what a cruel twist of fate that we should have to meet again like this.
*sigh* You're telling me...
So you plan on fighting us for real, too, then? There's no way we could, you know, talk you out of it?
I'm afraid that doesn't appear to be an option.
Since I first became conscious of my existence here, I've attempted to meditate on a number of occasions...
...but it appears the 'me' before you lacks a sense of self, as it were--and so I am unable to go against the purpose for which I was created.
*sigh* Of COURSE you'd try to meditate right away...
You really are a special guy, Kurt.
Well, don't think we've got any choice but to resign ourselves to the inevitable and get on with it.
I believe so. I look forward to seeing what you can do.

-Till the Night of Glory-

Ugh... Fighting three of him from his favorite attack range isn't going to be easy!
This is gonna be a tough one, guys!
My formation is flexible yet resilient, much like nature itself!
Now, let our battle begin!

Kurt & cohorts.

Movement shenanigans work well enough on Durt and McGurt, but original-recipe Kurt can work around them.

By my not as you appear!

By my arts...become hard as steel!

-This Is Our Real Power!-

Kurt's mantra: 'Be water.'

-Illusionary Blue Flowers-

Haha... I see I still have much room for improvement...
I can only hope the knowledge I have gained from this battle will find its way to my real self as well...
Haha... I don't think I've ever met anyone as serious about their training as you, Kurt.
Honestly...your devotion to honing your craft never ceases to amaze me.
With promising young bracers like you around, I can't very well afford to rest on my laurels.
Still, with the skills you demonstrated here, perhaps you have a chance at defeating her.
W-Wait a sec! I thought you were the last person we had to fight here!
Haha... I'm afraid not. Another foe awaits you on this building's highest floor.
But don't even think of taking her lightly. She is formidable in every sense of the word. Her martial arts skills given her age are nothing short of exceptional. So if you try challenging her with any less than your best, you won't last.

Oh, lucky us. I thought we were home free from here, and now there's someone ELSE?!
*sigh* I've got a really bad feeling on who she is, too.
I can't say I know a whole lot of martial artists who are THAT dangerous.
No reason for me to point out the obvious, now, is there?
...I think we all know this isn't going to be fun.
A-Ahaha... I REALLY hope we're wrong this time...

Received Blue Cardkey.

Now we can loot the place properly.

This spot's fiddly. You have to be on the northeast side of the searchlight to activate it.