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Trails in the Sky the 3rd

by Really Pants

Part 71: Now, right down to business, Kevin.

Leave it to me!

-Illusionary Blue Flowers-



That's strange... I was figuring the next battle would be in this room, but there's no one here.

This is the top floor, though, right?
Not technically. There's an area for landing airships on the rooftop.
We'd probably better check there, too, just in case.

-Illusionary Blue Flowers-

Well that was a productive conversation.

-Parallel Universe-

*sigh* I hit the nail on the head this time.

Leaving that oaf over there aside for the time being...
It's good to see you again, Anelace, Agate. I hope you've been doing well since I left.
Typical Kilika--you get copied into a strange world and barely bat an eye.
Damn. Talk about harsh.
I've got a name, you know. Can you not spare a word of greeting for me, too?
I see you all the time in Calvard as it is. It hasn't even been that long since we last met.
Or were you hoping this would be a moving reunion where I dived into your arms with tears in my eyes?
I-I'm good, thanks.
Now, right down to business, Kevin.
I take it you understand the situation without me needing to explain it?
I think so. I assume you're the second guardian, Phillip being the first.
We'll need to defeat you in order to advance to the next area.
I can't say I'm that fond of having to fight in an old Ouroboros base of all things.
Oh, well. I suppose it will have to do this time.

Those are chakrams!
Watch out, guys! Those are really deadly as throwing weapons!
It's been a few years since we last had the joy of battling one another, Zin.
I've no intention of holding back this time--which means I'll be using my chakrams against you.
I wouldn't have it any other way.
With one of those, you were stronger than even Walter, so I'd love to see how I fare against you these days.
Show us all what the Flying Swallow can do!

-Overdosing Heavenly Bliss-

...I, Kilika Rouran, master-level student of the Taito school, will serve as your opponent.

Bring it on!
Let's do this!
I'll give this all I've got!

Kilika & killer kine.

Let's begin...
*elegant yelling*

Dual Dragon Helix!

I failed...?

-Parallel Universe-

Whew... I should have known that wouldn't go quite like our fights always used to.
You've refined your skills beautifully over the years.
I could say the same to you...
It's hard to believe you were spending the time serving as a guild receptionist instead of doing some kind of intensive training.
There's no need to flatter me. My skills still need plenty of refining if I want to reach the heights of the Taito school.
But if my real self remembers this defeat, I'm quite sure she's going to be frustrated enough to want to get back to training. ...Be certain you're ready to serve as her opponent when she does, Zin.
You got it. Although if you ask me, I think you're strong enough as you are...
Y-You're tellin' me...
I'd be scared outta my wits to fight you again if you ever reached 'the heights of the Taito school,' personally.
D-Damn. You really are unbelievable...
Well...the time to say our goodbyes has come.
With my defeat, you're now halfway through the trials of this sixth plane. Just be sure not to let your guards down. I'm sure the greatest challenges are very much still to come.
Farewell. Let us meet again one day.

It's hard to believe that wasn't even the real Kilika.
Anyway, we should be able to enter the next area now.
I don't know about you guys, but I'm exhausted. What say we go back to the garden before we keep going?
Sounds like a plan to me.

I didn't see any hidden treasure on the roof, so I think we're good to go.