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Trails in the Sky the 3rd

by Really Pants

Part 74: I hope you're ready for this!

-Beard The Lion In His Den-

What's in here?
This is Leiston Fortress' first barracks.
We should be able to open it using the key we received from the lieutenant colonel.
Good call. Let's give it a shot, then.

Kevin used the key to unlock the door.

This is only one of many such barracks in the fortress, so it's not all that large inside.
We shouldn't need to spend too long in here.
Got it.

Head right first.

They used this one already! UNFORGIVABLE

Just a man guarding his polearm collection. Nothing to see here.

The dog collection was completely unguarded, though. Security is slipping.

Sinister red door. You know what that means.

Go the other way!

But it's just another heavily guarded broom closet.


So our next opponent is you, Kanone.

What a tragedy it is that we should be forced to meet under these circumstances. What did I ever do to deserve turning my blade against the man I've always duly served?
But please, never doubt even for a second that I'm doing this against my will! I would never even dream of fighting you if I had a choice!
I understand perfectly well, Kanone.
But if I may...I would rather you stopped calling me Your Excellency. It was never a fitting title for a mere colonel to begin with, and now I don't even have that. I would rather you simply called me 'sir' like you usually do in the office. I've grown very fond of it.
Y-Your Excellency...
...I'm sorry. Just while we're here, please let me call you the way I'd like to. The Kanone Amalthea who stands before you is a symbol of my failure to truly move forward from the past...
...and something tells me that if this symbol were defeated by you, then it will finally allow me to put the past where it belongs and be born anew!
Very well. In that case, do as you will.
It makes my position all the more frustrating to see YOU at His Excellency's side, too, Julia. Why could I not have been chosen to serve him in your place?
I can imagine how you must feel.
Whatever I may feel about being in this perilous situation, I at least owe my thanks to Aidios for letting me protect Her Highness with my own hands.
Hmph. Well, I can't change it now.
I don't need to feel the slightest twinge of guilt about fighting against you.
So go ahead and show me what you can do--I doubt it'll be enough to match up to me.
Heh. I could say the same to you.
...just what are YOU doing here, child?
It's good to see you again, too!
Not since I gave you that Gospel as a present, I believe... I don't think I ever got the chance to ask if you liked it, did I?
Y-You've got some nerve acting friendly with me after all you put us through!
I'm going to enjoy having this opportunity to punish you for your insolence! I hope you're ready for this!
Heehee. Go ahead and try. ♪
Well, I can respect the whole want-to-be-reborn thing, but I see she hasn't ditched any of her old highhanded ways.
S-Silence, you!

-Till the Night of Glory-

So, are you ready to begin?!
At any time!

I find this fight much easier than Cid, on the whole.

These enemies can do more damage but Kanone doesn't have fullscreen arts, and her flunkies use safer ailments.

How wide can a line get before it's just a swathe?

Double Buster Cannon! ♪

Ahaha! Good boy.

Good thing none of us wandered way the hell out of our way. That might have been dangerous.

-Beard The Lion In His Den-

Haha... I knew I wouldn't stand a chance against you, Your Excellency...
...The rest of you fought passably as well, I suppose.
Haha. Thanks.
Heh. As did you.
Heehee. That was fun enough.
All of you should make sure you don't get in His Excellency's way in the battles ahead. You'll be facing the strongest warriors in Liberl. He doesn't need you stopping him from fighting at his best.
Way ahead of you.
Kanone... It seems there's still something important left for me to do after all.
However, I believe that by clearing the trials ahead, I will finally be able to do it.
It's thanks to you that I feel ready enough to face those trials head on. So, thank you.
Y-You don't have to thank me...
I don't think there's anything more I could say for you right now.
All I'll do is pray that you safely overcome the trials before you and return to the real world unharmed.
Thank you. I will.

Received Command Center Key.

Anyway, let's shuffle on to the heart of the fortress.
That's the key to the command center, right?
That's correct. It's the building directly in front of you when you enter the main courtyard from the entrance.
This key should allow us to gain access to it.