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Trails in the Sky the 3rd

by Really Pants

Part 75: Don't hold back! Show me what you've got!

-Beard The Lion In His Den-

This building is the command center.
Wow... Was the army compensating for something with this thing, or what? Looks like there's about three floors to it. That right?
The building is deliberately designed to be confusing so as to thwart intruders as well. The staircase to the second floor should be on the other side of one of the doors within.
That makes sense.
...All right. Shall we continue?

Richard unlocked the door using its key.

Everyone! These trials will be like none that we've ever faced before.
Yet there is but one clear path for us to take.
So I must ask: are you with me? It is only when we fight together that we can overcome the great wall that stands before us...and attain victory!
Everyone: Yeah!!

This command center is a pain in the ass. You want to head left first.

I hereby sentence you to SO MUCH DEATH

One of the best recipes in the game, and it's prison food.

That's it for the west wing of this floor; now we can check out the east.

Two empty closets? Really?

This one wasn't quite good enough to serve in jail, but it's damn useful all the same.

The path forward is through this door, just to the right of the front entrance.

It's absurd for this place to not have a map.

better just be coffin up my loot

So sorry! I didn't even think it was occupied. Go ahead and wash up.

I heard the girl made the boy wear a dress, even.

for fuck's sake

Take the right-hand door first here.

Then the middle.

better just stop keeping my loot cupboard up

And finally the left.

First the Happiness Stone, and now this. Somebody's asking for an intervention from the ghosts of Christmas.

I've got better stuff so this crusty Crest Charm can wait for a wash.

I'm cutting out at least half of these damn hallways btw


General Morgan?!

What is the meaning of all of this?!
I get dragged here by some bizarre masked hoodlum, stripped of my free will...and am now being used like some sort of puppet! This is humiliating!
I've never been so damned infuriated in all my years!
Haha... Looks like he hasn't changed a bit.
Well, I suppose getting angry won't do me any good.
You all have my sympathies for the situation you've been forced into.
Above all, brings me great shame to think that Her Highness Princess Klaudia became a victim of all of this...
I'm disgusted with myself as an officer for being unable to prevent it.
Please do not worry about Princess Klaudia, Your Excellency.
I will protect her and ensure that she leaves here safely, even if it costs me my life.
I wouldn't want you going that far, Julia...
Well, that brings me some comfort, at least.
...Richard. I have plenty I want to say to you, and a lot I could say to you...
...but I'm not sure I'm the best person to do so, so I'll let you off for now.
...Thank you, General.
Regardless, I think we've wasted enough time talking.
There's no avoiding a battle between us--we may as well get started on it.

A-A halberd? Aidios, I'm not sure when I last saw one of those...
Don't underestimate his weapon! In his hands, it is extremely deadly! Before the mechanization of the army began, that halberd claimed the lives of countless foes on the battlefield!

-Till the Night of Glory-

But if you struggle against an old man like me, your odds of success in the trials ahead are grim indeed.
Don't hold back! Show me what you've got!

As clouds bloom.
Fallen warriors gather in the evening gloom, but I present to you your doom!
*disciplined yelling*


Probably should've spread everyone out in the Tactics menu before I started. Oh well.

General Morgan handily brutalizing my dudes AND my image sizes

Bear in mind that Morgan is operating under heavy debuffs from Kloe here. He is a beast.

-Beard The Lion In His Den-

Haha... Well, that's something of a relief...
Perhaps you might be able to pull off a miracle with that strength...
Then our final foe is who I fear it is?
Indeed, it is.
And now matter how strong he may be, he is human like the rest of us; no man is invincible. Pour everything you have into the battle, and you may yet be able to defeat him.
Haha... Still, I'm a little disappointed... The thought that he may actually be defeated in battle and I won't be there to see it happen is a frustrating one.
Should we ever meet again, I'd like to know how the battle went.

Well, it sounds like we're in for the fight of our lives.
That it will be...
I suspect this was always an inevitability. ...Especially as long as I am here.
I may not be in any position to ask, but I'd appreciate it if you would all lend me your strength.
This battle should allow me to finally put the past behind me so I can truly move forward...but I can't win it alone.
Haha... After a plea like that, how could we refuse?
I would be honored to have the chance to fight him.
He was the one who taught me the basics of combat at military academy... I would very much like to show him how much I have built on them since.
I have no idea how well I can hold up against such an esteemed figure...
...but I have no intention of running away from this challenge. I intend to face it head on.
...Thank you, all of you.
Our next opponent is perhaps the strongest in the land. No underhanded tricks will work against him.
Our only hope is to do as the general said and pour everything we have into fighting him. May the Goddess smile upon us!