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Trails in the Sky the 3rd

by Really Pants

Part 77: Defeat me. That is all.

-The Hermit's Garden-

In other words, me...
I believe so.
The Lord of Phantasma appears to be creating the trials you face from your feelings and memories. I can only ask that you are careful--the greatest challenges are clearly still to come.
The trial on the other side of the carnelia gate is bound to be challenging...
...but I wish you all luck.


-Beard The Lion In His Den-

I appreciate the thought but we don't need any explosive traps.


You expect me to believe that?!

that would be awkward


Not like this

Brigadier General...

Hmm... I thought the ordeal revolving around the Aureole was over. But it looks like that was premature of me.
I doubt even Ragnard saw this coming. What about you and the Gralsritter, Kevin? Did you?
Nope. It took us completely by surprise.
Although, I can't say for sure whether the bigwigs at the top of the Congregation for the Sacraments had any idea this might happen.
I do wonder...
Well, I suppose there's no point in debating that now, anyway.

Let's get down to business. As you know, I'm the third of the guardians.
If you defeat me, you can move on. If you can't, the road ahead will remain forever closed. Of course, you already know as much, don't you?
Indeed. We came fully resolved to deal with what we knew was waiting for us.

Defeating you will allow me to finally cut down my hesitations and move forward...
...and for that reason, I will hold back nothing!
That's what I wanted to hear.
Still, I wasn't expecting the two of you to get dragged into this with you out of the country.
I've been reading all the letters you send me... How are the two of you doing? Good?
Heehee. We're both doing great.
I'm glad to see you look well, too.
I'm not planning on letting age get the better of me yet!
Either way, this will be a good chance to show me how much you've improved since you left on your trip. I'm looking forward to it.
Of course!

-Silver Will (We Love Sora no Kiseki)-

Well, I think that's enough talking. It's time we got started.
As I'm sure you understand already, I couldn't hold back even if I wanted to. So, Richard, I have only one thing to say to you.
...Yes, sir.

Here goes nothing.

For my money, this is the toughest battle in the entire game. I only managed to beat Cassius the first time because I had two casters spamming Gaia Shield nonstop.

Lightning Flash strikes a huge area, but it's not quite full-screen. Party members can avoid it if they're far enough from the first target.

All right... Get ready!

*Do I hear... Y-E-L-L-I-N-G?*

Boom goes the dynamite.

He fucking says 'Boom goes the dynamite.' I am not making that up.

No, I couldn't tell you why I used Celestial Balms and not Zeram Capsules. It's a military secret.

You ought to know that Cassius can make himself even stronger and faster than he already is.

Armor Rend doesn't seem to affect defenses but inflicts AT-Delay, which you do not want to happen.

I definitely should have geared Joshua up for casting Zodiac and Athelas instead of melee.

Oh, and you know Estelle's old Pummel S-Craft? Cassius can just use that whenever, it's not like it's hard to do.

...Not bad...

-This Is Our Real Power!-

-Something Precious-

Ngh... I think all those rumors about his strength were underselling him...
*pant*...*pant*... We did it...
Congratulations. That was a well-earned victory.
So, Richard? Have you finally been able to clear aside your hesitations?
...I believe so. No matter where life may end up taking me, the swordsmanship I learned from you will always have a place and a use.
As such, I intend to keep following the path I have chosen for myself, pride in my heart.
Well said.
...Although, I can't pretend not to be a tad disappointed. If you'd returned to the army, I could've piled all my work onto you and Cid. Looks like I'm not going to be able to retire any time soon.
Haha... I'm afraid not.
But know this: As my final duty as a member of the military, I will resolve this crisis and return everyone to the real world. Have no doubt of that.
I'll be counting on you.
Don't worry about us, either, Dad. Me and Joshua will get out of here safely. We promise.
Yeah. We'll be just fine.
Oh, I'm sure you will.
When you get out of here, you'll have to try and find the time to pop back to Liberl from time to time, too. I'll be happy to see you.
Make sure to bring Renne with you, all right?
...No problem!
Haha. Look forward to it.
Regardless, my time here is short.
So I'll make this brief, Kevin. By now, you must have a fairly good idea who the Lord of Phantasma is, correct?
Yeah... I just need one last push to be completely certain.
I'll probably get that push in the next area, too.
I see...
It's not really my place to say anything more to you... so I would ask only that you not forget this.
No man is an island; no matter how much they may wish to isolate themselves from others, no one can live their life truly alone.


After what we have accomplished here, I'm not sure we have anything to fear.
Ahaha... Yeah.
Let's head back to the scenic route and check the final monument.
That way we can find out what the condition for opening it is.

-Beard The Lion In His Den-

The Divine Blade's Emblem grants 30 STR, 100 DEF, 50 ATS, 115 ADF, 15 SPD, 100 DEX, 5 AGL, and 1 MOV. I usually leave it on Estelle; it just feels proper.

Once you've kicked Cassius' assius and cleared this trial, the landing port will be free for the looting.

Where the Solar Seal grants 3 CP each turn, this item grants 5. Kevin's never taking this off.

You can also take the road leading away from the fortress, behind the portal.