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Trails in the Sky the 3rd

by Really Pants

Part 85: Fate truly is a funny thing.

-The Black Ark-

Renne gets so much extra dialogue on the Ark that I'm kind of wondering if the trial originally required her rather than Joshua.

So much for the Crimson Ark... Now it's all black like a nasty crow.
Heehee. Maybe it ate something burned and changed its color?
W-Well, I see why they called it the 'black ark' now...

He's same old, same old.
...Apparently, we're quite an easy target.
Seriously... He hasn't changed.

(Poor thing's gotten himself caught up in a spiral of negativity.)
(Oh, boy...)
(What a loser.)
(I can't help but feel kind of sorry for him...)
(I can't help but feel kind of sorry for him...)
(I can't help but feel kind of sorry for him...)
He's definitely displaying all the symptoms of deja vu.
(Oh, dear...)
(*sigh* Oh, dear...)
(What a weakling.)
(Poor thing's found himself caught up in a spiral of negativity.)
I don't think you're wrong, though.
After all, this is a world on a higher plane that's beyond any technology the society has. I bet the Thirteen Factories would be over the moon if they had someone to tell them aaall about it.
You really think so?!
Wait... You're...
L-L-L... Lady Renne?! Why are you...? I mean, what brings you here?! You didn't come here to finish me off because you think I've betrayed Ouroboros, did you?!
Oh? I wasn't aware you'd betrayed Ouroboros.
Heehee. Dealing with traitors isn't usually part of my job.
I can make a special exception for you if you want.
I didn't betray anyone! I promise!
That's enough, Renne...
C'mon, Renne. He's already a sad enough sight as it is.

Heheh. Why didn't you just say that in the first place, you big dummy?

Well, there he goes.
Perhaps we shouldn't have let him run free.
I-I feel like my brain just switched itself off to avoid having to process what just happened.
I think I can see why Campy's taken such a liking to him.
Hmm... Perhaps we ought to have restrained him ourselves.
*sigh* He really is a special one...
What was all that about?
What was all that about?
There he goes...
He certainly knows how to make an exit.

-Something Precious (Evolution)-

Heh. Those two are as soft as ever, I see.
Heehee. They seem like such nice people.
Haha... Those two are as soft as ever, I see.
Heh. Those two are as soft as ever, I see.
Heh. They never were cut out for a life of crime.
They seemed like more people who're too nice for their own good.
They'd probably give Estelle a run for her money.
They seemed like a couple more people who are too nice for their own good...
Possibly even more so than Estelle.
Haha. Yeah.
I am here, you know...
Still, at least Josette should be able to rest easier now.

-Fateful Confrontation (Zanmai)-

I can barely wait to get started.
The pleasure is all ours, we assure you.
Fighting both the Black Fang and the Angel of Slaughter at once is going to pose an interesting challenge.
But I ain't one to back away from a tough fight. In fact, I crave 'em. So let's go!
Teehee. I couldn't agree more!
*sigh* Do we have any cards left we can whip out to avoid this?
Three Ouroboros members at once isn't what I'd call a fair fight. Or even a winnable one...
Tut tut! Surely you jest, Estelle Bright.
You've grown wonderfully since our last encounter, and I'm sure you know as much better than anyone.
I'm actually looking forward to fighting you again, girlie. Don't let me down, now.
A-Ahaha... Wow. Way to put the pressure on, you guys...

The Goddess must truly favor me.
Umm... It's...been a while, I see.
Heh. I'm pleased to see you haven't changed.

-Something Precious-

Y-You're messing with me...right...?
Really? I'm with Luciola.
Do you really have to go?
It pains me to say yes, but we must. What about you? When will you be returning to Ouroboros?
You needn't feel rushed to find your way again. Take as long as you need.
No one can restrict the actions of we Enforcers. Not even the Anguis.
If you do become our enemy, I'll be lookin' forward to a hell of a fight with you again.
And if you come back to us...I'm up for givin' you some training if you want it.
You'd be able to master my Zero Impact in no time flat.
Heehee. I'll give it some thought.

-The Hermit's Garden-

I wanted to play more!
I sure as heck didn't...

...Don't worry, honey. I'm a big girl. If I wanted to find her that badly, I would've already been doing it in this past year.
Heehee. I'll be just fine on my own now.

*sigh* I wonder what he's even doing in the real world these days.

-Silver Will: Super Arrange-

I, too, intend to fight so that we may see tomorrow.
It's time to pay you back for your role in the coup d'etat.
Heh. Same here. I've still got an unpaid debt to this guy, too.
I'm going to help you, too!
You have my sword, so that we might once more drive away the shadow that threatens Liberl!
Heehee. I'll be more than happy to fight alongside you.
I wouldn't be much of a big sister if I didn't back you up here, would I?
I-I'm not really sure what's going on, but I've obviously got your back!
Haha. Glad to see you so fired up.
Haha. Don't forget about me. I'll back you up all the way!
Heh. That's the spirit.
I shall stand by your side and support you--for love!


I can't say I ever expected to have the chance to meet you again, either, Colonel Richard. Fate truly is a funny thing.
I quite agree, 2nd Lieutenant.
Still, I'm happy to have been able to come and fight you. If nothing else, at least I now finally know what you're truly capable of, and not just when you're holding back.
Haha. I hope you won't walk away disappointed.
I certainly wasn't disappointed with your skills. You learned from the Divine Blade well.

W-Wait... What are you both talking about? And I still haven't had the chance to ask you...
...My apologies, Ries Argent. I know what you want to ask, but the rules I am still bound by forbid me from answering.
You'll have your answer soon enough. You can rest assured of that.

You're actually swinging that heavy blade of yours with a fair bit of skill now.
Haha. I don't think I'll ever get used to hearing compliments come outta your mouth.
Still, I've got a long way to go as a swordsman, just like I've got a long way to go as a guy.
I'll keep at it, though. Bit by bit.
...That definitely wasn't the response I was expecting.
Heh. You were once so reckless, but now you have all the composure of a man who's settled down and started a family.
Th-The hell's that supposed to mean?
...Now I see why, too.
Wait a minute! What IS that supposed to mean?
As for you, Tita Russell...I'm pleased to see you seem to have found a path of your own, too. I'm looking forward to seeing how well you can compare to the Thirteen Factories.
I-I'll try my best!
Th-Though I feel like my reason for working on the Orbal Gear is kinda selfish...
Heh. Deep down, everyone is selfish to at least some degree. That's nothing to be ashamed of.
Just follow your heart and do what you believe in.
...Thank you.

It really does feel like the Impregnable Fortress, not the Black Ark, is the focal point of this chapter. Cassius is a tougher fight by far, and he's got some words of wisdom for everybody. I'm actually a bit disappointed at how few party members elicit a special response from the Ouroboros crew.