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Trails in the Sky the 3rd

by Really Pants

Part 91: I wonder if this is a coincidence, or maybe even the will of the Goddess?

-The Final Choice-

For this part of the game, you have no restricted party slots. You can choose any four characters you want.

The area Kevin and Ries fell into is not the only part of the seventh plane that exists; I have discovered another, much more vast area there. I also have reason to believe that it's filled to the brim with devils, as well as highly dangerous.
Sounds neat.
Nonetheless, I've placed a monument down there to serve as an anchor should you wish to explore. You should be able to warp there using the cube.

[The Abyss] is now accessible.

The primal ground beneath Aster House has been sealed up again; there's no returning to the area Kevin and Ries were just in. Hope I didn't miss any chests!

Her negotiation and problem-solving abilities were highly regarded in life...
...but that probably just makes her all the more deadly as our foe.
I don't think I can afford to rest on my laurels. I should do some more training before we leave.
Hi there.
We're just about in a state where we can get the Arseille moving once we're ready.
But we aren't going to be able to resupply once we depart, as I'm sure you well know. There's no telling what we could encounter on our way to where the Lord of Phantasma awaits, either, so be sure to rest while you can.
*sigh* yes mom
That's a valid point. I don't think we can discount the possibility there may be foes inside the Arseille.
After reaching there, Major Vander and I will assess the situation before the rest of us step inside. Once those checks are complete, we'll check the state of the main engines before attempting to activate the ship itself.
As for the personnel on the bridge... Hmm...
We shouldn't face any major obstacles in getting the Arseille up and running.
Still, we will be heading into completely unfamiliar territory by journeying outside the planes. Anything could await us.
Be sure that you are fully prepared before we depart.
*sigh* yes other mom

D-Don't talk to me... Please... I'm too tired to move another muscle...
J-Just leave me alone!
D-Did you not hear me? Don't talk to me!
Ugh... Are you making fun of me?
You are, aren't you?!
...Come on! Get it together!
Start getting ready to go! Now!
If you're just gonna loaf around here, we're gonna leave you behind!

No matter whose will it was that I was summoned to Phantasma, I've gained truly invaluable experiences here.
Now all that remains is for me to make the best use of them I can in my life going forward.
Still, this library truly is an astonishing thing...
There's so much fascinating material here, I'm not sure where to start... I'll have to try and commit as much of it to memory as possible while I'm still here.
(Th-That's some real dedication...)

...And so the end is finally upon us.
Part of me would rather remain here than return to the no-doubt mountains of work that eagerly await my return, however...
Not to worry, Olivier. No part of you even has a choice in the matter.
I'll drag you back to the real world by your ears if I must.
How could you, dearest Mueller?! Must you always be so cruel?!
Heh. Despite being dragged here against my will, I have to admit that part of me will be sad to say farewell to this world.
...Perhaps I should try to add Celeste to my list of conquests while I still have the chance.
I'm sure Aidios will forgive me.
I can smack you at any time, you know. If she bans you from the garden, you'll only have yourself to blame.
You really are too fearless for your own good...
Haha. Maybe she'll use her power to throw you outside the planes and let you fend for yourself.

...Heh. I wonder if that's really true?
Huh? ...What's up, Schera?
You know you left one of your cards on the table, right?
Oh, I know.
It's been a while since I had such a good result, so I've decided to leave it there in honor of the occasion.
Wh-What kind of occasion?
Heehee. I suppose I should start getting ready soon, too.
They won't be calling me the Silver Streak anymore if I start getting rusty, now, will they?

(Wow... She's so focused.)
(I'm gonna have to start training harder if I don't want my rival to be soaring ahead of me!)
I'm just getting warmed up!
I can do better than this!

There's something shining in the water.

You who fight with deep resolve...

Return when you have chosen your path through three hundred battles.

Which path you take is yours to decide...

Whether it is the path of the brave, or the path of the cowardly.

Here's where you get your reward for fleeing or not fleeing from 300 fights.

Received Mirror.

The reward for never fleeing has saved me from Cassius' Phoenix Wave in prior playthroughs. Mirror has pretty nice elemental values too, but it's probably a little too risky to slot on a frail caster.

300 flees gets you this instead:

Received Reflect.

Mirror's magical cousin. The benefit comes into play less often but the drawback is much safer, as befits an accomplished coward. We do have some pretty serious magic in our near future.

Hahaha. True enough.
You know...I might as well tell you this now. Right now, I'm pretty damn jealous of you, Joshua.
...You are?
When you think about it, we've walked fairly similar paths in life, right? But while I'm still feeling my way around in the dark, you managed to make it back out into the light again.
I didn't really feel this way when you were finally free from the Stigma and able to move on and all... but now? That's a whole different story.
...You know? I think I know why, too.
It's probably because before now, you'd given up on ever being able to come back to the light. Except now, you want to believe you can again.'ve got me all figured out.
Haha... Pretty pitiful of me, huh?
Maybe, but there's no harm in that.
Before that, though, we've got to get out of this world. But as long as we believe in ourselves, I'm sure we can manage that.
For sure.
The Lord of Phantasma keeps referring to us as pieces on a game board.
And it's obvious enough that unless we all work together, there's no way we're getting out of here. Especially with how fixated she is on playing by the rules she's established.

You're supposed to be getting ready, not stuffing yourself full of food when you think no one's looking.
I-I'm doing no such thing!
This is purely a taste-testing exercise.

Five years ago, Kevin and Rufina did all they could to help me and save me from danger.
They might have regretted the outcome, but that doesn't change their intentions--or how important they both are to me.
That's why we need to defeat the Lord of Phantasma. Together. For Rufina as well as anyone else.
Yeah. You're right.
What're you doing here, by the way?
E-Ensuring the army has enough in the way of rations is key to any operation. That's what I'm doing. ...Laugh, and I will whack you.
It's gonna be a long journey, right?
So we'll probably get hungry on the way. And if we don't have any food with us, we're gonna be in biiig trouble!
...I like the way you think.
Umm... Celeste says she's not going to need any, so that leaves, like, what? Enough food for 16 people, I guess?
I'm sure Gilbert doesn't need to eat
...I think you should bring enough for 18.
I need about three people's worth of it.
F-For real...?
Okay, then!

Heehee. I've wanted to have a ride on it for ages. The view from the deck sounds like it's amazing.
With the Arseille's speed, I don't think it'll take long at all for us to break out of the planes.
Mom was actually able to raise its top speed with a few improvements the other month, too, so that'll be a huge help.
Huh. Really?
I hope I can meet your mom someday.
Heehee... I'd love you to meet her, too!
I'll have to introduce you to both my parents one day. I know they've been looking forward to meeting you and Joshua!
Come over any time when you get back to Liberl!
R-Right! If I wanna get back to Mom and Dad, I've gotta give it my all!
I can't wait to ride on the Arseille!
Teehee. This is going to be such a wonderful trip.
We're not going on a picnic, you know...

SC's Liberl News run is added to the shelves at this point, along with the special from Star Door 3.

And if you've successfully clicked on every hotspot read every assembled book series over the course of the game...

Received a single Esmelas Circlet.

I think this one actually does block ailments, unlike the Sapphirl Necklace? I'm not sure now, though. It also grants 50 STR/DEF/ATS/ADF/DEX, 10 SPD/AGL, and 1 MOV so it's not bad to have either way.

The hell kinda question is that? I'm not her dad.
Besides, she's with her friend right now. It's fine.
...What? You got a problem?
There's no need to be so flustered, dearest. ❤ Your feelings are nothing to be ashamed of.

She's not a kid anymore, so I'm sure she'll be fine without me.
If she needs me, I'm always there, but I know she can otherwise handle herself.
Oh, my... ☆
I'm still the only one who thinks this is fuckin' weird I guess
What's with that starry-eyed look?!

It's probably best to assume there won't be anywhere for us to buy new equipment, either.
You really think we won't find tons of salesmen in Gehenna?
It's only thanks to the power of this garden that we're able to buy new equipment and goods, or synthesize new quartz for our orbments.
After we leave here, there's no guarantee we'll be able to do any of those things. Make sure you've got everything you think you'll need before leaving, okay?
*sigh* yes dad
Sounds like this is it. The end's finally in sight.
Better train myself up as best I can--I'm gonna need it.
From here on, we ain't gonna have time for standin' still. We've gotta push on, on, and on.
So make sure you train up while you can, okay?
*sigh* yes other dad

Even after finding out it was all my fault, you stuck by me and agreed to keep helping.
So I've got something I really wanna say to you all...
...but it can wait until we all get the hell out of here.
I'll keep it to myself until then.
We've only got one chance to get out of here safely. We can't blow it.
So let's make sure we've done everything we need to before taking off from here.
As long as we're absolutely sure we've done all we can do, we'll be just fine!

It's interesting that there should be sixteen of you, too.
After all, there were sixteen central members in our group back when we were working to seal the Aureole. I wonder if this is a coincidence, or maybe even the will of the Goddess?
As soon as you're ready to go, come and let me know.
I intend to use the garden's power to aid you in making the white wings fly again.