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Trails in the Sky the 3rd

by Really Pants

Part 92: Unbelievable... How did that end up being recreated in Phantasma?

-The Abyss-

(The Abyss)

The Abyss is twenty floors long. Most of its floors are identical spiral corridors populated by various devils from earlier planes.

There still aren't any chest phrases.

After every four floors, there's something different.

We will always fight! We will never don't!

-The Crimson Stigma-

the skeletons have other skeletons inside them

Lucifuge casts White Gehenna, and can't be impeded.

Thanks, guys!

Just because it's not a top-tier art doesn't mean it's nothing to worry about.

-The Abyss-

Defeated the fiend!
Received Zemurian Ore.

The Abyss is where you get materials for your ultimate weapons this time around. The four fiends will each drop one chunk of it per playthrough. Damn sure beats collecting books.

You get a rest point after every fiend. You can warp out whenever you want, but the fiends will respawn and you'll have to start over from the beginning. To clear the Abyss properly, you have to take them all out in one go.

-The Crimson Stigma-

Dullahans kill you. That's about it. They can even kill you if you're wearing deathblow protection. Cheaters.

Bubba himself is much less of a concern.

(or would it be themselves? themself? whomst?)

If you ever find yourself in a jam, don't divide. It doesn't help.

Don't vomit bugs at anyone either.

-The Abyss-

Defeated the fiend!
Received Zemurian Ore.

Two down, two to go.

man remember when Bennu and Zigma were real scary

'Certain characters ♪' means Ries, Anelace, and Renne--i.e. the girls who wear ribbons.

-The Crimson Stigma-

Is that supposed to be 'Ahriman'?

how eeevil

This guy likes to cast Cocytus.

Unlike Lucifuge, impedes will work here.

One bat makes you larger; the other makes you small.

-The Abyss-

Defeated the fiend!
Received Zemurian Ore.

The final fiend will only show up if the others are dead.

Was it really that much trouble to write out 'ADF+400/DEX+50'?

There are a few different kinds of Gear Of Stuff +X that can randomly drop like this. I can't get much use out of these boots right now but they should suit Renne, Kloe, Schera or Ries quite nicely.

This Star Door marks the end of the line. You can use it to leave and return without resetting the fiends you've defeated.

Now what sort of fiend could be waiting at the very bottom of the Abyss? What abomination would preside over such a hellish adventurers' ordeal?

-Overdosing Heavenly Bliss (Zanmai)-

The Poms will wallop you and eat a little of your CP. The little ones will sometimes run away.

You need to stack every STR boost you possibly can to break through their defense.

Or just bring Kloe. Sanctus Nova cuts through Poms like butter.

-The Abyss-

Defeated the monster!
Received Zemurian Ore.
Received Shining Emblem.

Only +10 to most of the stats (and +1 MOV) but it also comes with a whopping +400 AGL and immunity to ailments.

And that's that.

-The Final Choice-

I-Is that Zemurian Ore you have in your possession?!
Unbelievable... How did that end up being recreated in Phantasma? How long has it been there? ...Was it perhaps there all along?
While I believe this is also true in the time period that you come from... that material's composition is said to be impossible to analyze by any known means.
Yet by a miraculous coincidence, the means by which to process it has been discovered. Should you wish it, I would be able to use the facilities of this garden to make a new weapon for you using that ore.

Celeste can forge teh z0r for any party member.

The Septenary Bow and Photon Sword have very high STR, but lower ATS than lesser weapons. You should decide whether you want Kevin and Ries to be best at bashing or casting.

Similarly, Renne and Olivier gain no ATS whatsoever from their weapons. You can leave them for later unless you get a whole lot of use out of their crafts.

On your first playthrough I recommend using one ore for a Houkiboshi katana. Let Anelace use it for a little bit, then give it to Richard.

Consider making one or two other weapons for your favorite party members besides Kevin and Ries.

The rest is mostly a matter of taste.

Should you find any more of that ore, bring it to me right away. I'd be happy to make a new weapon for you.