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Trails in the Sky the 3rd

by Really Pants

Part 98: That Lord of Phantasma really does know how to shake things up.

-Castle of Illusions: Phantasmagoria-

Leave it to Renne! ♪


Let's GO!

Got it!

You don't have to worry too much about grinding levels in the Abyss before you commit to the endgame. The XP is just as good here in Phantasmagoria.

Equipment won't be a major issue for long, either.

Arrow Angels can delay, impede, poison or petrify.

Turns out bullets are stronger than arrows. Who knew.

Rod Angels will cast arts, or doink you on the head to inflict confuse.

Phantasmagoria's chests are extra-considerate. On top of all the well-wishes and moral support, they'll always give you exactly the right weapons & armor for your current four.

You call that an explosion? My grandmother could explode better than that.

Getting a job as a steamer trunk? I could see it catching on.

Chest panes are something you should always be cautious with.

Phantasmagoria's got monoliths that work just like Celeste's, except you can't use them to teleport.

You've still got full access to remote support as well; I just forgot it entirely.


Josette's actually a real terror with that Zemurian iron.

Sleipnirs are one of the lower orders of angel-tank, traditionally ranked subordinate to the M-1 Abrahams.

But I'm still a winner!

It's okay! We can still chest-bump!

Red carpet means you've reached the end.

-The Way of the Heart-

Oh... I suppose this must be the end of this wing.
It looks that way, at least...


This sound feels kind of familiar...
That Lord of Phantasma really does know how to shake things up.


A-A golden Pater-Mater?!
It's Gordias Type-0. It's basically the prototype that went on to become Pater-Mater.
It's Goldias.
It might be even stronger than the real one, too! ♪