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Original Thread: You put a bear trap in my kawaii body pillow: Let's Play Trapt



The thin line of right and wrong is sometimes a very easy line to cross, and for this LP we shall be crossing into the grey area known as Trapt (or TЯAPT but I'm not going to call it that or Kagero II: Dark Illusion). So starting back in 1996 Temco came up with a rather interesting idea for a game called Deception; Deception had you in the role of a protagonist with no direct means of defense and instead the player would have to set up grizzly traps to take care of whatever foes happened to threaten them. While a pleasant change of pace for a game, the series was never that popular and by the time it came out for the PS2, Temco decided that maybe it might be good for a rebranding of the franchise. Sadly they managed to rebrand it with a horrible name and the game kinda slipped through the cracks of time. But that's why I'm here to bring you this little slice of fun and anime carnage.

Onto the plot of the game itself, we play a frail anime princess in the made up land of Fronenburg. Apparently the land is in a state of upheaval and the king is apparently not doing his job very well of paying attention to the kingly matters. Things just seemed to have down hill after the Queen died and the King decided to remarry a rather scary, domineering woman named Catalina. So with all the turmoil and strife, how could things possibly be worse? Well, we shall be finding out about that soon enough.

Princess Allura is the wayward and frail main character of our story. This poorly dressed anime princess has suffered quite a few loses in her life recently and as such she's been pretty stressed out. Thankfully she has a means to let loose her stress, even if it means murdering a few poor souls in the process.

King Olaf is the silent steward of the country of Fronenburg and as such has been ignoring the country on the whole. Sadly we won't be learning too much about the king as his part is fairly small in the game  since he's murdered in the opening cutscene .

Queen Catalina is the king's new wife after the mysterious death of the original queen and she's definitely something of an odd bird. Cold and domineering, she tries to push her politics and power into everyone's face while the king remains silent to her machinations. What could she be hiding?

Rachel is Allura's hand maiden and someone we can assume is fiercely loyal to Allura. Not much else is known about her but it seems that she's going to be playing a major role in the story as she helps Allura in her flight from the castle, and that Allura seems to care about her quite profusely.

General Graines a steadfast and intelligent general in King Olaf's army, he feels a strong passion for his country and takes notice of the atrophy of both his king and country. He also seems to be a man of good intentions in a land of people with wavering morals.

Knight Jais is the right hand man of General Graines and as such can be assumed to be a true and chivalrousness knight of the realm. He also may or may not have a thing for Princess Allura, but I'm sure we'll be seeing more of him later.

Ada is a mysterious thief who suddenly appears in the royal mansion; is she merely there to steal the treasures of the mansion or does she hold some other dire secrets. We'll have to wait and find out.

Lord Hertzog is one of the lower but more ambitious members of the king's court and as such has aspirations for the country on the whole. But what will this lord do to gain power and what dastardly tricks does he have up his sleeve to overthrow the king's power.

Knight Finnegan is Lord Hertzog's right hand man and quite possibly just as evil as his master, but that will be for us to find out later. Needless to say he does look pretty much like a villain.

Now as a means to defend our poor anime princess, we're given a number of different gruesome and/or bizarre traps to use on our foes. Now we don't have access to all these traps at once, nor can we put down anymore than one trap type at a time. So whenever we start a new chapter we'll have to choose our traps wisely, and just as a point of reference I'll be listing the traps here as we use them.

Mega Rock (8 second charge, 60 damage): Giant falling rock.
Vase (2 second charge, 1 damage): Covers head and blinds.
Pendulum (5 second charge, 45 damage): Blade on chain.
Iron Ball (10 second charge, 65 damage): Giant iron ball.
Washpan (3 second charge, 10 damage): Infuriating washpan.
Oil Vase (5 second charge, 1 damage): Blinds and covers in oil.
Snowball (9 second charge, 20 damage): Snowball envelops foes.
Huge Saw (6 second charge, 30 damage): Saw cuts into enemies.
Guillotine (6 second charge, 25 damage): Slices the enemy.
Punisher (5 second charge, 10 damage): Giant saw shreds foes.
Falling Needle (10 second charge, 45 damage): Falling spiked ceiling.
Volt Rock (10 second charge, 70 damage): Giant electrified rock.
Mega Yo-yo (10 second charge, 55 damage): Falling bladed yo-yo.
Evil Stomp (10 second charge, 50 damage): Devil stomps on foes.

Spring Floor (4 second charge, 5 damage): Launches enemies.
Blast Bomb (3 second charge, 30 damage): Sends enemies flying.
Bear Trap (4 second charge, 20 damage): Immobilizes the enemy.
Thunder Jail (6 second charge, 30 damage): Electrified cage.
Smash Floor (7 second charge, 15 damage): Launches even further.
Rising Floor (7 second charge, 25 damage): Tosses foes upwards.
Banana Peel (1 second charge, 1 damage): Cruelly trips foes.
Vacuum Floor (4 second charge, 1 damage): Sucks the enemy in.
Catapult (10 second charge, 20 damage): Fires foe like bullet.
Death Pillar (7 second charge, 35 damage): Devil's pillar appears.
Hanging Chain (5 second charge, 15 damage): Tie up the enemy.
Quake Bomb (8 second charge, 10 damage): Earthquake stuns foes.
Spark Rod (5 second charge, 35 damage): Electrifies floor.
Devil Upper (6 second charge, 20 damage): Devil uppercuts enemy.
Delta Horse (6 second charge, 45 damage): Hits from below.
Hellfire (7 second charge, 55 damage): Launches foes airborne.

Push Wall (4 second charge, 5 damage): Pushes enemies back.
Magnet Wall (5 second charge, 1 damage): Draws foes towards it.
Arrow Slit (3 second charge, 25 damage): Fires a speedy arrow.
Smash Wall (5 second charge, 10 damage): Sends enemy flying.
Triple Arrow (5 second charge, 15 damage): 3 arrows are fired.
Guilty Lance (5 second charge, 25 damage): Wall spears spring out.
Cold Arrow (4 second charge, 20 damage): Ice arrow freezes foes.
Buzzsaw (4 second charge, 30 damage): Saw cuts and pushes.
Maiden's Hug (6 second charge, 50 damage): Iron maiden hugs foes.
Javelin (4 second charge, 35 damage): Electrified spear.
Rolling Bomb (6 second charge, 55 damage): Explodes on contact.
Fireball (4 second charge, 35 damage): Rolls along floor.
Boomerang (4 second charge, 25 damage): Cuts foes and returns.
Evil Kick (5 second charge, 20 damage): Devil punts enemies.
Press Wall (8 second charge, 60 damage): Big wall crushes foes.
Death Iron (6 second charge, 45 damage): Electrified iron bomb.

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