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Part 3: The Soul's Price

Chapter 2: The Soul's Price

We back. For those with short-term memories, Pretty Protagonist Princess Allura was framed for killing the king of whatever country this is and fled to a haunted house, where she was given a cursed arm and asked to kill people to feed some evil voice souls. She agreed because she is a moron.

This is our mid-chapter menu. Two things of note are Trap Elements, which is where you make new traps, and Side Story, where you get an optional mission to collect some more precious warl. The manual claims you'll also gain more insight into the plot, but it LIES.

So let's make a new trap. The system works like it did in Kagero; you unlock new trap types by buying combinations of existing ones. You can also buy keys, which unlock new rooms within the house. They are expensive as all hell, though.

For now, I'm just going to stick with an upgraded rock.

And here is our first side story!

Yes! Please, help. I need a strong body to collect warl for me.

Oh. I guess that would work, too.

Dumbass Allura didn't even know she's engaged. You dummy.



Now you've done it. You pissed off a retard with the powers of the devil.

Bear traps didn't work, so I had to resort to magnets. This isn't a problem, since my new rock is made out of iron anyway.

I'm so glad the game makes everything blurry when a trap hits. It adds to much to the game's aesthetics.

Oh god the warl! Must get! Iron ball in way! Me sad.

...a wonderful person and pretty and talented and in no way a patricidal maniac?

What an odd thing for someone who was trying to kill you to say. At any rate, on with the main story.

Oh, hey. You're alive. Nifty.

Rachel proceeds to collapse as these two waltz into my house.

You'd think that with the Fiend's Arm being common knowledge, that it wouldn't be too hard to find out who the Fiend is. You would think that because you don't understand Deception games.

That's... that's kinda creepy. And they misspelled Ellen.


"Hi guys!"

I launched him into the flame. He became a the Human Torch for a few brilliant, fleeting moments.

And now, I'm going to show off the best feature Trapt introduced: The Dark Illusions. Dark Illusions are very elaborate room traps that do massive damage in a wonderfully gruesome fashion. You have to go through some hoops to activate them, though. In this case, I shot an arrow at the candles on each side of the stairs.

Once someone stands on the big red square between the stairs, the music box starts.

A big clamp flies out and drags the victim into the machine, playing a lovely tune as the gears churn him around.

And at the end it spits him out a hole near the top of the room.

You got beat by a girl because of Dark Illusions!

And an old-fashioned rocking for good measure.

She really doesn't like Marcus, does she?

Hey look! Another half naked woman! This house must be infested with them.

I'm not even going to ask how Rachel knows this, or how she only managed to recover immediately after I killed all the intruders.

Meanwhile, in Evil Bitch Castle...

It's almost as if she planned it!

Oh, you skank.

Her evil slut powers apparently do not affect Hertzog.

Thus begins the usual long chain of subordinates I'll no doubt have to kill over and over before killing Hertzog and finally Catalina. If the game were a little more logical, it'd be over within 3 chapters. But that's foolish of me, trying to bring logic into these games.


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Next time, Allura has to kill 11 people. In a row. Sweet christmas.