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Part 4: The Sinful

Chapter 3: The Sinful

Previously on Trapt, we saw Allura feed some guy to a giant music box and that female ninja from Tenchu showed up.

I bought me a Smash Floor, which seems to be the only floor trap I can buy for a little while.

Did you say hidden treas- HOLY SHIT WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOUR FACE?!

He's got some kind of freaky giant baby head thing going on.

Yeah fine I guess I'll kill you guys, but holy shit that head.

Didn't I just kill an Allen a couple of chapters ago? Or was it Alan? Regardless, that's just sloppy work to put two similar names in like that.

I can not take that kind of a face seriously.

Baby stepped into a bear trap

Then baby and copied name played with my ball until they fell down

Aww, baby's trying to talk like he's people.

Eh. If you actually became a castle guard, you'd end up forced to hunt down Allura and end up exactly where you are now.

I wish that one guy didn't have a giant baby head. Oh well, on with the main show.

Oookay, so I've got some lunatics to deal with already.

Hahahaha you magnificent pussy.

Aladdin. A thief named Aladdin. Who has a complex about women. Think he's a goon?

Oh good, I was worried I wasn't going to orphan any kids in this game.

That is not how pirates dress. Elvin pirates? Maybe. I didn't think elves could be pirates, yet here we are.

These games sure like the number 99. Is it a Japanese thing?

At least she's out to spite both her parents instead of just her father. So many daddy issues from the last game...

VAGLUMO! We're only at chapter 3 and already names are being reused and made by putting cats on keyboards.




Back in spookyhouse...

Not as easily as you think. You have to make them walk into one spot and they never do and then they start shooting arrows and then your warl goes into the walls and it's just not pleasant.

Another brilliant response!

You could leave the house, but that would require thinking. Best to just hang around killing people to feed the voices in your head.

Oh hey! That's convenient.

For a big dude, he sure flew well.

He died on his feet. No idea why.

You might want to look behind you

Too late

Would you believe it was suicide?

One big-ass obelisk tied to a chain later...

Maybe if you had three wishes.

Don't make it bad. Take a sad song, and make it better.

Remember to let her into your heart

Then you can start- oh, sorry. I got carried away.

If the black costume didn't give it away, Rachel might possibly be evil.

And none make it back alive. So you might want to just turn around and walk home.

Or you could all march to your deaths. Second wave of attackers coming through.

If you look towards the end of the room, you'll see a flying wizard.

That obelisk is fucking rad.

They told him it would be a pillow fight and then everyone gets hot cocoa at the end.

All one thing you were told to do at once? Wow!

If only you didn't try to do so much at the same time.

After killing almost a dozen people, she suddenly gets freaked out by seeing a dead body.

Or longer. The less you people talk, the less work I have to do.

Wonderful. More soldiers. They don't let up, do they?

But this epic battle will have to wait, because holy christ I'm sick of killing people today.


Killin' times here or here

Next time: Finnegan's follies and more stupid plot twists that nobody in their right mind would care about.