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Part 5: The Shackles of Fate

Chapter 4: The Shackles of Fate

When we last saw our heroes, they were being surrounded by soldiers serving Finnegan. Who may or may not have whiskers on his chinnegan.

We will hold off that assault to bring you this side story diversion.

I bought a smash wall, which sends people and things flying upon impact. This will come in handy a few times.

Allura never loses that look. It's amazing.

I don't doubt that. At any rate, the girl charges.

None of that backstory has anything to do with Jais or Allura. Hell, we only saw Jais for a second when he was with Graines during Allura's getaway. So why is she attacking Allura? I'll never know.

One Dark Illusion later...

Also an end without any resolutions. Speaking of a lack of resolutions, let's get back to the main story.

They can't be that good a group of assassins. We're only on level 4, after all.

Ada and Rachel take off through the front door, leaving Allura all alone to take out the elite royal assassin squad.

Who come in through the same door the girls left. They either didn't see the girls, or are incredibly apathetic about their jobs. I hope it's the latter, just to make this stage easier.

Bart was not a very good portector.

Blizzardo. He happens to be an ice mage. With a name like that, there wasn't much else he could do. It would be like naming your child Accountor or Housebuildo.

Case in point: This guy's a carpenter, but he's stuck doing assassinations. If his parents named him Housebuildo, he wouldn't be in this situation.

I'm so glad I can help him out of his robbery slump.

Elmer has problems. Let's leave it at that.

You'll put what into the ground? Housebuildo would know what to put into the ground.

One blurry rocking later...

I really like how much air people get off that pendulum.

I hate you and your stupid, stupid name, Blizzardo.

I can't tell if he's trying to find his contacts or moon me.

This room is bothersome. There's a Dark Illusion in here that only triggers if I can knock a stone head down one set of stairs, then bank it down a second into a giant statue all while an enemy is standing in front of it. That failed, so plan B was to flip a switch to activate the headless statue's rocket fists. There's one sentence I never thought I'd write.

You... you don't dig with a hammer.

Meanwhile, on Allura's damn lawn...


Stupid women. Always having their intuitions and secrets and cursed demonic hands.

Oh, hi Rachel. What are you doing being laid up on the ground?

Before Rachel can come up with an excuse, we get yet another visitor.

Oh bloody hell. She's one of those huge speech giving people from the start of the game.

What a silly spell. You're silly. That's silly.

Allura fell again. Girl's so stupid she can't remember how to stand.

Finally, we'll be able to get an explanation!

Of course, this can't happen. So meanwhile...

Hertzog's all like "Bitch, please" to the queen before she can make a stupid plan.

GASP! A twist nobody in their right mind could give a shit about!

Catalina sure seems to know a lot about the fiend. I wonder why...

I don't think the fiend cares about your little revolution, dude.

I know what those words mean, but they make no sense put together like that.

Where did my subtitles go!?

Oh god damn it, I hate secret plans.


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