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Part 6: The Martyr

Chapter 5: The Martyr

In yesterday's exciting edition of Let's Play Trapt, Allura met a she-wizard and was about to learn more about the fiend and her need to kill as many people as she possibly can.

With a lack of new traps being available to me, I broke down and decided to unlock a new room.

And I also bought this happy fellow, which just led to another new wall trap that's just like it.

Not much of a side story, is it? Oh well.

Dragun. I don't know what to say to that. This has crossed a line that I never even knew existed. Dragun sounds more like someone who posts in his livejournal about how he is really a giant magical lizard inside and how the outside world persecutes him for it.

Oh boy. And I thought Dragun was the worst I'd get today. Someone in this world decided to name their child after the slimy wriggling offspring of an insect.

I decided to break in my new torture room by ridding the world of some more poorly-named people. Dragun was launched into a neat little row of electric chairs.

While Larva was impaled on my wall javelin thing, and knocked into the lava wall a few times.

Your name is Larva. If I were you, not only would I accept death but I would welcome it with open arms.

Back to the real story...

Okay, so someone made a deal with the fiend to give Allura killing powers. Why? No clue!

Neat! I want to see that happen.

Whoa! No! That is not a good idea. Let's not get all stabbity here.

There we go. Better to just leave Allura to her duties.

That sounds like it would take effort. I don't like effort.

He also has a beard. People with beards are always trustworthy. Like... like Charles Manson.

Gee, Rachel seems kind of intent on keeping Allura here. I WONDER WHY


Who should I let Allura go with, guys?

Just kidding. They don't give me the choice, since that would let Allura possibly do something clever.

Look at that face. How could she possibly be evil?

Well, sure! I love splitting up.

Meanwhile, on the front yard of the damned...

Um... I guess I have to kill a bunch of crazy people.

God, I love that trap.

This is a fun trap, too. First, you knock the guy into a spiked wheel on the wall

The wheel then goes rolling down a track

And into a row of electric chairs.

Someone let a child into the torture room! Don't worry little boy, I'll show you the way out.

...oops. He tripped. Into a spiked pillar. And got a good ricochet going. Deception Series Dead Child Count: |||| |

And finally, the old guy was impaled and sliced at the same time.

I hope your son wasn't the little flying boy.

Ooh, company! I'd better get the tea set out and find out what the hell that guy wants. Which we will next time.


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Next time on Trapt: Dark Illusions and a getaway.