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Part 7: The Remaining Path

Chapter 6: The Remaining Path

When we last left Allura, she was given her choice of two places that aren't an evil mansion that hosts the spirit of Satan to go to. She decided against both. Because she's incapable of making a good decision.

You might remember this little beauty from Kagero. The buzzsaw shoots out a wall, and drags whoever it hits with it.

Ah, so that's the name of this god-forsaken land! Good to know.

They somehow found out Allura was in this house, yet didn't hear that the king is dead. Let alone that she's the one wanted for his murder. Makes sense.

She doesn't mind being raped, so long as it's by someone pretty.

I'm going to use the term "serious like a rock" more often.

You'd think he would be fatter, but Deception logic sneaks into every facet of the world around them.

Now would be a good time to introduce another Dark Illusion. This is the belfry. Inside the belfry is a giant bell and a large mace that raises and drops every so often. Now if you hit the ball with something like a Smash Wall, it'll send it smashing into the bell, leaving a target circle and two large railings behind.

Once someone steps into the circle, the trap begins.

First, some hooks shoot out of the railings and latch onto the victim. You'd think it was going to pull of something out of Hellraiser, but you would be wrong.

Instead of ripping him apart, the hooks and chains shoot up a very long railing that was sticking out of the house...

Launching him into stormy skies...

Where a huge bolt of lightning strikes.

And finally, he's left to the will of gravity.

Right, because Allura is a kidnapper and a rapist and filthy and disgusting and stuff.

Not because they were evil or tough, but because they're peasants.

You see, Allura, when people don't have a lot of money...

Back to the main story

Oh no! Not that guy I only saw for a few seconds!

Clearly, Graines is a brilliant tactician.

And now is the fighty time.

We sure are getting a lot of devil worshipers trying to kill Allura here.

A perfect fit with all the satanists.

Yessir, the kingdom's elite squad right here.

Oh boy, not just a goth but a mallgoth.

Blah blah blah get killed already.


This was convenient. The ball not only took out the guy, but triggered the chandlier which hit the girl.

I guess you were all talk after all.

Ray sucks. You should have asked Venkman or Egon.

Pffft, whatever. Poseur.

"Let's go to the world of darkness! I'll, uh, I'll meet you there."

I don't know who you are.

Wheel of death! Whooooo!

Frightening and retarded.

Well, good luck with that. Allura will be staying here to feed more souls to the devil.

What. She's a frail little thing. I don't think she'll be good in a frontal assault.

Rachel sure doesn't want Allura to leave this house. Almost as if she has an ulterior motive.

When someone who has all kinds of magic powers and huge knowledge of the fiend, or a master thief with rad ninja skills asks you to go, you refuse. But when a prettyboy knight does it? Allura, you filthy slut.

So lonely.


Killings plus the belfry Dark Illusion here or here

Next time, we raid the castle!