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Part 8: Respective Thoughts part 1

Chapter 7: Respective Thoughts part 1

Previously on Trapt, Allura and some guy named Jais decided to storm the well-guarded royal palace by themselves. Let's check up on their progress.

Instead of a new trap, I unlocked a room in the palace. You'll see why soon enough.

Run away... Far, far away...
Collect more souls? Well, if you say so!

We are apparently joined by cast members from Final Fantasy X.

With some kind of ancient Egyptian beard thing going on.

I'd hate to agree with Allura, but she has a point.

But... but they fled in the same direction the knife came from. Hell, even if it were true and Catalina ordered Allura arrested to save her, why would she send death squads to hunt her down? If you're going to lie, at least make it plausible.

I'm not even going to dignify that with a response.

Look at this face. Would someone who looks like this lie to you?

Except for the devil. I believe in him because he'll kill me if I don't.

They got me. This was all just an elaborate trick to waste my time documenting pointless dialogue and killing a couple of weird-looking she-pharaohs.

Let's just pretend that 's realism part isn't there.

The royal graveyard has a lot of smashable shit in it. Like this pillar.

Also of note: Allura's mother's grave also functions as an iron maiden. How practical.

And in she goes.

That's nice. Too bad he's busy being dead.

Good thing you're going to be fighting a girl then, huh?

You lie. Stop lying. We all know Allura's going to be the one taking down all the guards while you mysteriously vanish from the castle.

See? Some big fucking help you are, Jais.

I'll be doing him a favor.

JESUS CHRIST! Do they have to make these huge demon armor guys all the time?

There's Stockholm Syndrome, and then there's stupid.

Anyway, I lead them into the throne room, where many a deathtrap is to be found. Like this reusable chandelier.

Or this armor spike fence... thing... I'm sure it has a valid use somewhere.

More importantly, above the door is a giant lightning gun.

And a pillar to finish this jerk off before the electricity wears off.

No, what I wanted was to finish this game. But you people keep stretching it out.

And now the clock room. There is another Dark Illusion inside here.

To trigger it, you first have to hit the pendulum with something heavy. Like a wall or another pendulum.

Then you have to make sure your victim is standing in this yellow square. Bear traps aren't a bad choice. Finally, you hit a switch on the side of the bridge with the square. Best to use a trap to hit it, because you won't have enough time to run into it on your own. Once you activate everything...

The square launches up a bit. Not far enough to hurt the guy or anything.

Just enough to get in range.

The clock pulls off its best Scorpion impression.

Once the dude's stuck, the hands start to move towards him.

This is gonna hurt.

Because the game has no gibbing models or animation, the guy just drops after the hands crush him.

And finally, it releases some doves.

Last couple of people get ground up by steam vents and clock gears in no way that makes for good screencaps. Man, this update is getting long. We're not even halfway through the chapter yet. So more political intrigue and way too many more soldiers to kill later on.


Check out da clock tower n'shit here or here

Tune in next time for the exciting second half of Chapter 7! With guest stars galore!