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Part 9: Respective Thoughts part 2

Chapter 7: Respective Thoughts part 2

When we last saw Allura, she was killin' things inside the royal palace. There's still plenty more to do so let's do it.

I wonder what he means


Allura, this is not how we react to advances like that.

His hat looks like a condom.

Into Allura's mother's grave with the both of you!

This is a lesson I have learned many times in my life.

And another ball crushing for good measure.

When I have my castle built, I am going to make damn sure that every door comes with a lightning crest shooty thing.

Uh, sure... the heavens... yeah...

Enough killing. Now it is time for a trickle of plot to leak through.

Well, he did have Graines with him. Sorry. There I go trying to fit logic into a Deception game again.

Dude, everyone's seen it by now. It's not exactly a well-kept secret.

If it didn't matter then why did you say it!? Stop making me waste my time, Finnegan!

Who talks like that? "Why was the king, who was killed by you because you are the secret assassin who killed the king, the same king we are discussing and princess Allura's father, without guards?"

Please try to keep up, Allura.


Her back seems free of any stab wounds.

Oh boy. Is this the part where you two shout across the room and act like you're in Star Wars?

Yeah, I guess it is that part.

Well when you put it that way, how could he refuse?

I guess that's how.

I wonder if Allura ran away like she was asked to?

You dumb cow.

But... but if he lost his job, then why is he a knight now? Becoming a knight isn't the same as becoming a cashier at a gas station.

His swordplay is so bad, he uses an axe.

She also appears in soft drink commercials. Friska spells refreshment!

People loved her for talking like a hillbilly, and now that she isn't single she is changing that.

My iron ball turns people into pretty human torpedoes.

Um... kay.

Hard to make out through that stupid blur the game adds, but she has been flung into the waterwheel. Which is covered with spikes for some reason.

No, I'm pretty sure you have to be an evil incarnate to make shit like that.

And I don't want to play this game. We all have our little crosses to bear.

Thr throne is electrified. This is because all chairs need to be electric chairs. I have thrown a knight into the electric throne.

Thus ending his generation, or something. Who cares, this chapter is finally over.


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