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Part 11: The Road to Destruction

Chapter 9: The Road to Destruction

This time we're going to start with the video, because by gum I need a little motivational music.

Watch something like 20 people die here or here

I purchased two new traps. First being a big-ass saw that drops from the ceiling

And the second being a big honkin' flaming rock of love.

This is a brilliant military strategy and you should all take note: When you capture an enemy base, send out almost all your soldiers to kill any fleeing enemies.

Just like how he was going to hunt down Finnegan while Allura looked for something, then she was the one who ended up having to fight him. Jais, you are useless and you suck.

During her trip to the dungeon, Allura runs into some guards and proceeds to give them a synopsis of the entire plot of the game up to this point.

Oh hey neat. They're communists. I always love politics mixing into my video games, much like chocolate and peanut butter. Or Jack Daniel's and Coke. Which I need lots of to play this game without wanting to tear apart my PS2 with my teeth.

Oh yeah? Well I'll- wait what? Fertilizer? Is that the best you could come up with? Fertilizer? I hope you're not their speech writer.

At any rate, this chapter has a million billion people to kill. So I'm gonna skip most of the socialist soldiers. Their bios were all more or less "Works for Hertzog", so you're not missing much. Here's some of the others

I would have never known she specializes in fire magic, what with her title being Fire Mage and her outfit having flames all over it.

Following Celena is... Helena. Is it really that hard to name people?

I know this isn't the first Brigette I've come across.

Sounds like a male name, yet clearly a woman. I'm not going to dwell on this one.

I bet he just hasn't met the right girl. Don't give up hope, Valentine.

Well doesn't this make them quite the odd couple.

I think Allura can bring his sister back. And by that, I mean kill him and use his soul to feed the fiend.

He should open a bakery and call it Damn Cookies.

Whew. Now to make up for all the goddamn people I have to fight, they gave me a few Dark Illusions to utilize. For this one, I have to flip a switch nearby to activate a cannon, and push someone off the stairs into said cannon.

Once they fall in, the fun begins.

A plate in the floor slides, revealing a stained glass window.

The victim is then shot into the ceiling

Where they drop through the floor window

And land in some room I can't reach.

Well when you put it that way, I have only one answer.


That is probably the worst possible thing to do when your set path leads to reviving the devil and destroying all life on earth.


They're good for giving me lots of warl, and... well, that's pretty much it.

You haven't been paying attention to these games, have you?

Wooooo fire rock!

Here's another Dark Illusion. First, Allura has to set these four gas vents on fire, making flaming pillars.

Then she has to activate this electric trap while someone's inside it.

Finally, she has to run to this zipline at the top of the stairs before the electric fence stops.

Allura's been watching the X-Games all morning, and she's feeling pumped.

Swinging down on that convenient line, she makes a detour to kick a fire pillar and ignite her boots.

She then lands flaming feet first into the victim

Knocking him into a wall of spikes. That has to be the most hands-on trap I've seen.

And then more hot hot cannon action. You can also use it without the dark illusion. As a normal trap, it'll shoot someone into a fireplace.

I've also made a nice little combo spot here. First I grab 'em with the vacuum floor, then I drop the flaming rock

Once they're on fire and smashed, I send them flying away with the smash wall.

It's really quite satisfying.

The boss is here, and he looks angry. However, this chapter is over.

Coming up next time, Allura confronts Hertzog and battles a mystery guest.