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Part 12: Those Who Seek Power!

Chapter 10: Those Who Seek Power

When we last saw Allura, she had finished killing a kajillion castle guards. Now would be a perfect time to have a little chat with commander Hertzog.

Electric rod. There's a lot of water in this castle, so this will serve me well.

That isn't quite what I expected a prince to dress like.

OH GOD HIS FACE! I think they wanted to make him look Asian, and ended up scanning some poor ugly sap's face.

And now he's decided to kill Allura because he loves her. By himself. Oh yeah, this will turn out well.

A few dozen electrocutions later...

Hands down, this has been the dumbest side story I've had to do.

Sacrifice it... to the devil?

She can, but only when they try to rape and/or kill her. I think the population of this kingdom must have dropped significantly since her little manhunt began.

You know what? I don't care about this stupid story enough to make commentary about Hertzog's dumb-ass plan. So instead I will talk about my cat.

She was the runt of her litter and had a problem with anemia before I adopted her. As such, she's half the size of a normal cat and a little brain damaged.

Because she's so tiny and retarded, almost everything she does is cute. From hissing at flies when she can't catch them to giving me running headbutts as a sign of affection.

I kinda wish Trapt existed before she was born, so I would have thought to name her Allura.

You finished yet, Hertzog? No? Dangit.

What. He wanted to get shanked and his daughter sent to a cursed house of the devil?

No it's not! You were just getting to the important stuff! I don't want to wait until the end of the game for all the plot to get revealed! Do it now, Hertzog!

BULLSHIT! I did not make her kill some 100+ innocent people just to not learn the truth. Okay, maybe I did BUT STILL!

Come onnnn! Tell meeeee!

You sure have a funny way of not trying to kill her.

Oh well, I have a choice now. Allura can either stay here and possibly learn the truth and revive the devil, or she can run away and become a stripper or something. I think we all know what I'm going to choose.

What's this "we" business? You can stay here and fight waves of people. Allura's going to Palm Beach.

So... he's going to try to kill Allura to make sure she stays. I don't think there is a single sane person in this entire kingdom.

Bring it on, prettyboy.

I kinda forgot to take a screencap of his profile. His name is Jais and he served General Graines. There, now you don't need the profile. He is also immune to almost every trap. I mean, he'll walk around rocks and bat away arrows and walk right through vacuums. So I have only one option left to kill this jerk.

Why would you want her to Urgh?

The end. Allura gets to sit back and relax in some other land, while this shit hole of a kingdom burns to the ground. It's everything I wanted and more. Well, I hope you all enjoyed Trapt!

Okay fine I'll go back and do what the stupid fucking game wants me to do. God damn it, I just want to go home.

And of course more soldiers swarm her the instant she makes her decision. Some decision. Either keep killing billions of assholes or get a game over.

So why isn't she fighting with Allura and Jais? Because this is Deception and it hates you.

I think that's the exact same model they used for that Asian prince, only with a cheap mask blocking his ugliness.

He's like Batman, except with lightning.

I didn't even know assassin schools had an honor roll. You learn something new every day.

If you're keeping track of the number of people who died by rocks, here's the current total: All of them.

Even this guy. It may look like he's being burnt to death, but it was actually a giant rock.

Hey, anytime.

Death by falling ROCKS

She isn't, the rocks are. I'm the king of rock. There ain't none higher. Sucka MCs do call me sire.


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