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Part 13: Mother

Chapter 11: Mother

When we last saw Allura, she had killed Jais and fled to another country to escape all this devil resurrection nonsense. But then the game went and forced me to ignore the logical path and keep on playing.

I made a guillotine. It lacks range, but it opens up a few more interesting traps for purchase.

How the hell do all these people know about her and the fiend?! Nevermind how to find her.

So go kill the people in charge! Allura's too stupid to lord over anyone.



After electrocuting these shlubs for a bit, Allura decided it was time to show off another Dark Illusion.

Quiet, you. I'm busy explaining.

This Dark Illusion isn't terribly complicated to set up. All you have to do is electrify the water around this wheel, and throw someone into it.

With the power of science and human sacrifice, the wheel starts turning faster and faster.

A big-ass hook comes out of a wall, or something.

The wheel eventually throws the victim onto the awaiting hook.

While an underwater pit opens up

With everything set, the castle decides to go fishing.


The robot fish doesn't bother eating the guy, letting him float back to the surface.

Oh stop complaining. You had a cooler death than most people.

After? After what?

You want to kill yourself too? Great! That'll make this so much easier.

That's not something we have in common at all! You lied.

Oh no, there's a whole four soldiers. However will Allura survive this onslaught?

At least Catalina was brief.

Vulcano. We had a Vulcano in Deception III, and he was merely stupid then. Now, now it's stupid and reused.

Oh jeez, he has that flat fish face. It's not a pleasing thing to look at.

He's like Batman, except he kills people for a living and doesn't dress like a bat. Okay, he's nothing like Batman.

You know that Albino from The Princess Bride? That's all I can think of when I look at this guy.

I suppose I should be glad she isn't a double or a boss that runs away after getting hit every other chapter.

Bring it on, chumps.

Allura's locked in this one room. There's only one solution to this problem:

Lots and lots of flaming rocks.

And I mean lots. It's all I used to kill everyone in this chapter.

Couldn't you at least make out a real word?

You can never practice getting smashed by boulders that are on fire enough.

But... but she's so pretty.

Do you think she's a woman now? No? EAT HOT ROCKS YOU CUNT BASTARD!

Never has this emoticon been more appropriate.

I had originally hoped to finish her off with a Dark Illusion, but then she kept running into my rocks.

Hertzog's too busy being a weakling after.

Oh no, Diabolo (name sounds like a Mexican wrestler). We are not having a musical number. Even then, you got the words wrong.

One last boob shot for the road.

Oh crap. I forgot about her. I guess we're going to check up on our evil handmaiden rather than hunt down Hertzog.


Rock killing bonanza plus robot fishing here or here

Next time, Allura returns to the Mansion of the Slightly-Damned.