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Part 14: The Ties that Bind

Chapter 12: The Ties that Bind

Last time on Trapt, after killing at least half of the people in the kingdom, Allura got homesick.

I have a snowball. If I buy two more, I can make a giant snowman (No I can't )

Da fug. Why is a fat albino in my house and why is he talking about butterflies?

It sure would be awkward if Allura came in right about now.

So naturally, she does.

So he's basically the Deception series' equivalent of Joseph Mengele.

"Aw thanks! I like it when people say I'm pretty an-HEY WAIT YOU'RE A BAD GUY!"

Well, it's slightly more interesting than 15 or so castle guards.

Plus, I get to dust off the old Dark Illusions.

He looks so grumpy about being shot out of a giant railgun. You'd think he would be shocked, or at least enjoy it like a rollercoaster.

No... no, I'm pretty sure I just did.

Then for no reason, this guy comes in and blabs on about the devil worshiping cult he and whoever sacrificed Allura belong to.

We haven't talked before, period. Get with the exposition, blondie.

Yes..? YES?


Although you'd have to be a little dense to not figure out who it is.


And then he casually walks away. Allura, you suck. You really, really suck.

Remember those 15 castle guards I mentioned? I wasn't making that up. We're taking them on right now for the main story.


They somehow thought that Vulcano wasn't enough of a shitty name, and decided to reuse it. What's worse, I think they did the same thing in Deception III. Why can't we just get some guy named Steve?

YES! Excellent! Thank you!

Oh christ it's the baby head again.

Someone shrunk an elephant and gave him an axe. And then taught him how to cook eggs.

You'd think someone that rich would be able to afford better-looking armor.

Snakes are well known for their vindictiveness.

I just know I'll have to face someone like Cometo or Moongear later on. Or Volcanumeteorico.

Goth goth goth goth goth Hot Topic goth goth Jhonen Vasquez goth goth goth Marilyn Manson gothitty goth goth.

That seems out of place for an elemental mage. Maybe they left out the part where she had a traumatic experience with an ice cube as a child.

Yeah, sure. Whatever. Give me your warl and die pointlessly.

It's almost like Katamari Damacy, except everyone dies.

Meanwhile, back in exposition forest...

Just as predicted, he old man makes a return just in time for another upcoming battle.

Either he talks to trees, or he's speaking to the ghost of Old Norman. But enough of that. We have more soldiers to kill.

I sent this guy flying off on a giant toothpick.

They don't do much damage, but I love them snowballs.

I also love giving my foes a gruesome fisting.

I hope that pillar was just there for decoration.

Ah, evil music box. How many lives have you claimed? Not as many as my rocks, but still quite a few.

This thing is almost a Dark Illusion. Once someone touches this one part of the floor, they get impaled by spikes, then the floor rises into a couple of pendulums.

That is just awesome.

And my snowballs are so cool, not even a wall of lava can melt them.


Killing times here or here

Next time on Trapt, it's a wizard convention.