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Part 15: Protector

Chapter 13: Protector

When we last left Allura, she was killing dozens of soldiers who had swarmed her house like little armored cockroaches.

Volt rock, bitches. I'm hitting the good stuff now.

Also, a returning classic from the first game: The volt cage.

"I am Allura. I kill people because some guy told me to."

"Sorry. I haven't bathed in weeks. The last time I tried, I had to fight off two axe knights hiding under the towel rack."

2 hours later...

If it were me, I'd retire from the battlefield and become a banker or something. But this guy...

At least he came to the right place.

They can't even get zombies right in this game.

Glad I could help!

And he left to... I don't know. Go open a bar or maybe hide in a cave. Use your imagination.

Somehow, Hertzog's army still has enough members left to harass wizards.


"Are you sure?"
"Am I sure what?"
"That she's a wizard. Maybe they used some special effects."
"Special effects?! You d-just shut up and stab her."

Allura's a little teapot

Short and stout

When she gets all st-OH GOD LIGHT

The crotch shots never end.

He'd make a dentist joke, but dental care is no laughing matter in this kingdom.

Can I hate your beard?

Can Allura defeat a small handful of magicians? Let's find out!

A big ol' slut.

Forget Goatbone, I want to name my child Smerald now.

Notice how almost all the wizards he works with are young girls in revealing clothing? The dude wears baggy robes for a reason.


Volt rock rules. It has the recoil of the iron ball and the electricity of something electrical.

It's a shame I can't use the volt cage to eat souls this time.

The wheel of death is impractical, but oh so much fun.

I actually have a real answer for this! According to most laws of magic, names hold power. Your name is so dumb that it sucked out any power you might have had.

That orange blur behind Allura is a woman set on fire and knocked into a wall.

So you were going to seal up Allura? Let's see you do that now. Go on.

You can fly pretty far, but I see no sealing.

Awesome. The world is truly awesome because I am going to make Allura destroy it with the power of the devil. There's just one last huge cluster of loose ends left to tie up.


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