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Part 17: The Broken Throne

Chapter 15: The Broken Throne

Last time on Trapt, Allura had the option of killing her evil maid and decided to do so, thus destroying all life on earth. Let's pretend that didn't happen.

That's a familiar looking backside...

"Hi, I'm Allura!"

"Do you live down here? I've never been in this room before until now."

"Oh, that's nice."

"No, I don't think I'd like some incest."

"Now we have to fight?"

But... but her name is right there at the top of the screen.

So the fight against Millennia sucks. She uses traps. Your traps. Once you set something, Millennia will use it the moment you get close. She also does this matrix teleport dodge thing most of the time, and has a bitch-slap that freezes you. This took me an hour at least.

"Are you ok?"

"I have to go fight the devil now. It was nice meeting you."

Stabbin' time!

That is the least appropriate response I've ever seen.

Suddenly, the building starts shaking.

How do these people keep getting in here?!

She was crushed by a stray rock like Wile E. Coyote.

So no matter what I chose, Rachel dies and her soul brings back the fiend. Good to know!

She made it this far by being an idiot, so why stop now?

Somebody needs a manicure.

The fiend took offense, and show Jais with a fireball.

"No! No more hugs!"


Raining blood. Sure. Why not?

After his little shower, the fiend goes from monk to a pretty version of what he was in Deception 1.

No Allura, he isn't hitting on you. He means he want to literally eat you.

He has little booties with ribbons on them.

Millennia didn't put up much of a fight. Oh well. What's the worst that can happen?

Um... other than the fiend taking over her body.

"Hey Jais. How's it goin-LET ME FEAST UPON YOUR SOUL!"

It's like the end of Thriller, only without those weird cat eyes.

New trap!

But let's pretend that Allura didn't die so quickly.

There's a trick to killing Malphas. He's normally invincible, however there is a Dark Illusion you can trigger to put an end to that. First you need to destroy the four spiked pillars at the top of the chamber. A push wall and a heavy rock should do the trick.

Now all you need to do is lure Malphas onto the pentagram in the center of the glowing purple rectangle.

The ghosts of the 12 guys who sealed the fiend rise up, and they're a little annoyed.

They turn into beams of light which turn into swords, which then form a ring.

The sword ring spins, and lasers rain down on Malphas

He doesn't like that much. The swords then drop on him.

And the sage guys appear at the hilts, and give him one final slash.

Now he can be hurt. But he can't get stunned by anything, so the whole fight is one long boring game of running in circles and hoping I can hit him with a buzz saw or two.

Finally, he dies.

Some spikes shoot out of his heart or he's bleeding upside down or something. I don't know.

Uh... okay...

"More" implies you were able to do anything but be an annoyance. You're useless, Jais.

Oh god, you're still going on about that? Look, I don't think there's much of a kingdom left to rebuild. Allura kind of single-handedly killed every last person in the land.

Fine, whatever. She's queen now.

Allura doesn't look very pleased with that. Maybe she was thinking of a math problem and panicked.

HAH! I fucking told you! Allura killed everybody. There isn't a single person left alive in this god-forsaken kingdom.

...Except that guy.

"Maybe I should have someone clean up these bodies..."

THE END! It's finally over, and we get no closure whatsoever. My life is a waste.


Watch the fiend rise here or here

Watch Malphas get smacked around by ghosts here or here

Watch Ending B here or here

Watch Ending C here or here

Bonus Content!

Your Ark, Warl and Traps carry over on every playthrough. After you rack up 100,000 Ark, you can unlock Reina's outfit. With 400,000 you get Millennia. These outfits change how Allura looks in both battle and cutscenes.

As you can see here.

There's also a lot of really goddamn expensive traps that you can eventually buy.

The eternal foot of crushing.

The evil kick

And the evil upper

And here's the ending traps in action:

The death hammer drops from the ceiling, and swings around a big mace.

The death pillar is just a pillar. You make it grow out of the ground, and can knock it over like any ordinary pillar.

The death hammer is just :black101: incarnate.

Watch them traps in action here or here

And that is it for this game, and the series. I hope you've enjoyed watching me kill people with over-elaborate deathtraps in the name of evil for so long. Despite my complaining, I've had a lot of fun doing LPs for these games. I do want to meet whoever wrote their stories and punch them in the neck, though. But that aside, this has been a great experience and you've been great for sticking with me for this long.

'Till next time, kids. :drac: