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Part 5: Episode 1-5: An Aging Hospital

…I cannot deny the energy I feel emanating from the spirits of those who are ill, and from that which dwells deep within me. I soften my eyes. I relax my ears. I quiet my mind and allow the energy to permeate my very being. The spirits raise my skill to a higher plane…

Valerie: It's no use. I don't understand any of this. It says "the five-pointed star is a symbol of life," but it just reminds me of a piece of Okra in a bowl of gumbo. I guess the Healing Touch just isn't for an ordinary person like me…

Okra is pentagon-shaped, but seriously: what?

Episode 1-5: An Aging Hospital

Marcy: I guess it can't be helped. This hospital isn't exactly new.

Hoover: Well, this door isn't used very often, so it shouldn't be a problem.

Marcy: I suppose we should still call and have it repaired. Sir? Is something wrong?

Marcy: Director? Director!

Is it normal for Japanese people to just fall unconscious on the spot when they get sick? Because that happened like half-a-dozen times in Second Opinion, too.

I thought this was a cool one: an amylase is an enzyme in human saliva that breaks down starch into sugar. That's why starchy foods taste a little sweet in your mouth.

Markus: Your white blood cell count is fine, and I don't see any problems with your immune system.

Elena: That's good to hear.

Markus: Heh, just let me know if you think you're recovering too quickly. I can change some of these numbers and extend your vacation.

Elena: No, that's okay doctor. I'd like to return to work as soon as possible. Although, once I've fully recovered, I do have another favor to ask.

Valerie: Markus! The director just collapsed!

Markus: What!?

Valerie: I've stabilized him with an IV and a blood transfusion, but he needs to be operated on right away.

Markus: Why did he let his condition get so bad?

Marcy: If only he'd taken better care of himself. He kept all his worries and troubles bottled up inside.

Valerie: Standing around wondering why won't do him any good. We need to focus on the procedure.

Tumour actually means "swelling," which is one of the cardinal signs of inflammation. The other four, without the medical terms, are redness, increased heat, pain, and loss of function. Inflammation on internal organs may not exhibit all of these. For example, pain can only occur where there are nerve endings. Hoover's tumours(rapid, unchecked cell growth) are causing inflammation, which has tumour(swelling). Got that?

Marcy: The CAT scan we took earlier has confirmed the presence of multiple tumors. The objective of this operation is to extract those tumors.

Valerie: It's progressed this far. I'm worried there may be other complications.

Markus: I'm worried about his condition. He's not young, and this operation will be stressful.

Marcy: You're the only one's who can help him.

Valerie: Don't worry. You can count on us.

Markus: He's in good hands.

Markus has the Healing Touch, which makes him the idea choice for this. That said, I want to balance out the choices, and I'm a daredevil with nothing to lose. So, today's surgeon is…


This one didn't really go very well. Actually, it was shockingly bad, but it turned out entertaining, and I think it illustrates a few things. I look forward to the hard operations, where just doing them is impressive.


Viddler Backup

We've seen tumour extraction, but these inflammations are new. Luckily, you have some blue medicine to fix it. Watch out that you don't inject it into normal skin, or you'll get a Miss. It takes more for the larger ones, naturally.

There are two tumours to remove in this section.

This incredibly abrasive tutorial later pops up to tell you about the other feature of the ultrasound, which has also been modified from Second Opinion.

And so our heroes discover that there was even more inflammation about an inch to the right. These things operate under the classic videogame principal of "they don't work until you notice them," so vitals will start to plummet at this point. You need to keep vitals above 55 for the bonus, so watch them.

This is a great time to use the Healing Touch if you're Markus, by the way. There are three more tumours to find.

All you really need to do is keep working your way around until you've treated everyth-


Right, where was I? Oh, right. You can finish once you've removed all the problems.


I was so focused on keeping vitals up that I took so long. You really only need to worry about them once they drop below 65 or so. That little slip-up I made cost me the chain and miss bonuses.

Basically, your only concerns are missing with the syringe, and the vitals. It's a lot easier to finish quickly with Markus, as well.

A shameful rank for a shameful run. This is an operation I'm pretty good at ranking, too. I think this shows how easy it is to slip up.

Markus: You should be up and around in about a week or so, but…

Hoover: But it's unclear whether or not the procedure was successful, yes? My mother also suffered from tumors. It appears the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Valerie: Sir, I strongly suggest you take some time off to recuperate. Prehaps you could undergo treatment in a warmer climate.

Hoover: I appreciate your concern, but I've already made up my mind. AS you know, I've been planning to close this hospital for some time now. You two should return to Concordia. Say, have you heard. They're opening up a new University hospital in Fairbanks. Knowing that a top-rate facility will be located nearby makes my decision much easier to live with. This hospital and I have grown old together. I believe it's time for both of us to retire.

Next time: The conclusion to chapter 1.