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Part 8: Episode 2-1: An Icy Welcome

Episode 2-1: An Icy Welcome

Valerie: Oh, good morning, Markus.

Markus: Morning. What are you doing out here? Aren't you going in?

Valerie: I got stopped because I forgot my ID. I told them to call Billy at the reception desk, but he doesn't work here anymore.

Markus: Well, it's been three years. I can't say I'm surprised. I'll go straighten things out.

Valerie: Thanks.

I think I said the nun was my favourite character earlier. That was a lie. This guy is my favourite character. It's like grew a body.

Markus: Hey, Dr. Rousseau. It's been a long time.

Rousseau: Hello, Dr. Blaylock. How was Montgomery Memorial?

Valerie: Um, well… It was certainly challenging.

Rousseau: I have to admit I was quite envious when I heard you were going. I mean, who wouldn't want a chance to get in touch with nature? *chuckles*

Markus: I heard that you became Chief Surgeon. Congratulations.

Rousseau: Thank you. Of course, that was six months ago.

Markus: Sorry, I've been a little out of the loop.

Rousseau: Ah, think nothing of it. I understand completely. After all, you were quite far from civilization. By the way, Professor Wilkins is expecting you two. He's in his office on the 5th floor.

Markus: All right, we'll go see him.

Rousseau: I wonder why they asked you to return, seeing as how you've made little progress on your research. This hospital must be busier than I thought. I hope you two live up to your reputations. Well then, if you'll excuse me…

Valerie: …I see he's still as charming as ever.

Markus: At least you know what to expect from him.

Finally, we meet the professor, and he, too, looks ridiculous. Incidentally, he's voiced
by Michael McConnohie, one of those ridiculously prolific VAs who also gave us "Skills for kills, Agent."

Wilkins: I have been waiting for you for quite some time.

Markus: Yeah. It took me awhile to decide. Have you been bedridden?

Wilkins: This disease can be debilitating, but the symptoms haven't progressed that far just yet. I'm in better spirits than I look. In fact, I even make the rounds occasionally. Of course, that's only for the time being.

Valerie: What's this disease you're referring to?

Wilkins: Relax, my dear. The symptoms have temporarily subsided. Once I've made the necessary arrangements, I'll explain the situation in greater detail. After all, this is a confidential matter, even within these walls.

Valerie: It's a secret?

Wilkins: Yes. You could say I'm both a patient and a research subject. For now, I'd like you to resume your normal duties. I'm sure Rousseau will find something for you to do.

Markus: Yeah, I'm sure he will. Well, we'll get to work, then. Call if you need anything.

Wilkins: Markus. You went against my orders and ran off to Alaska. But in the end, you were forced to return here. I won't reproach you, as long as you accept your fate.

Markus: Is that what you want me to do?

Wilkins: Indeed.

Well, that didn't make any sense. Moving on…

Valerie: Hello, Elena. Are you starting today?

Elena: Yes, I am. I actually just returned from a brief vacation.

Valerie: I need to hurry up and get back into the swing of things here. It's hard; there are so many new faces.

Markus: Valerie, are you in? We've got an operation to perform.

Valerie: Are you serious!?

Markus: Rousseau took the liberty of volunteering us. Nice guy, huh?

Valerie: Alright, I'll go prep. Elena, can you assist?

Elena: Definitely! I'll start setting up right away.

Great. Now we have to do WORK.

Tumours again! This time, there's pus. Pus is a byproduct of the body's immune response to some bacterial infections. It's also totally gross.

Elena: Allow me to begin the briefing for today's operation. Well, um…

I couldn't resist posting this one.

Markus: Please continue, Elena.

Elena: The patient is suffering from a putrefactive lung abscess, due to Staphylococcus aureus.

I'll tackle this bit-by-bit. Putrefaction is the breaking down of protiens. Pus is also formed of proteins being broken down, and an abscess is a collection of pus. Staphylococcus aureas is a type of bacteria, and the most common cause of Staph infection. So he has a bacterial infection., causing pus build-up.

Elena: Both the X-rays as well as the CAT scan support this diagnosis. You have two objectives for this operation. Look for a shadow using the ultrasound, make an incision, and drain the pus. And, of course, excise the tumor causing the problem.

Valerie: Is there anything you'd like to add, Dr. Rousseau?

Rousseau: Oh, no. I'll merely be observing.

Markus: We'll try not to disappoint you.

He says we, but we both know there can only be one, today we're going back to…



Viddler Backup

This time, the tumours will be marking their location by producing pus. It's bad for vitals and score to let that happen, especially since it results in inflammation if left alone. Removing the tumours will stop it forming, though. There are two to deal with initially. They form more pus after making an incision, which you'll have to drain along with the cytoplasm to get rid of the tumour.

After the first two, the ultrasound becomes active to move around with. There's one tumour above, and three more below. Go for the lower one's first, so minimize pus.

This is the best time for you to activate the Healing Touch manually. To do that, you hold the Z button on the nunchuck, then hold B on the wiimote and draw a five-pointed star. There's a tutorial for you to practice doing this in. Being able to pull off a quick and accurate star under pressure is important.

Anyway, you should remove all the tumours in an area, possibly applying the patch, before you gel, just to move as quickly as possible. Be sure to do the gel before moving up to the last one. The key to this is speed and efficiency, since you want to minimize pus. Markus' Healing Touch should make it possible to prevent any inflammation. Valerie's will prevent you from having to worry about vitals, at least.

You need to have a time higher than 3:20, so I was safe to pump vitals a little here.


50 seems like a lot, but it can go fast, and dealing with some pus takes time that will allow even more to form.

Finally, a good rank.

Markus: Surprised?

Rousseau: Well, you could've suffered from frostbite. *chuckles* Ah, yes. I must explain our new post-op procedures. Things have changed since you left. The charts need to be submitted to the clerks on the 2nd floor. And surgeons are required to attend a case review session every Tuesday morning. We won't be needing you there just yet. I'll call you when it's deemed necessary. Well then, excuse me.

Valerie: …Thank you.

Next time: The blatant recycling of ideas.