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Part 10: Episode 2-3: Dependable Pair

Episode 2-3: Dependable Pair

Woman: Excuse me, miss. May I ask you something?

Valerie: Oh, are you here to visit a family member? The entrance is-

Woman: No, that's not why I'm here. I have an appointment wit Dr. Rousseau, but no one's been able to get my message to him.

Valerie: Then let me call for his secretary.

Woman: I'm sorry to inconvenience you. Thank you, though. You're a doctor here, aren't you?

Valerie: Yes. My name is Valerie Blaylock.

Woman: Is professor Wilkins busy? I was hoping I would get a chance to meet him.

Valerie: Yes, well, the professor is… very busy. I rarely see him myself.

Woman: I guess it can't be helped. I'd still like to meet him one day. Ah, that must be Dr. Rousseau's secretary. My name is Irene Quatro, I'm the director of Caduceus.

Valerie: The organization under the direct control of the Department of Health and Human Services?

Irene: Thank you very much for your help today. I appreciate it.

Markus: I'm sure he hasn't forgotten. He must have his reasons.

Yeah I kind of doubt he's forgotten about his imminent death.

Valerie: He sure is taking his time, considering the trouble he went through to bring us back here. Oh, by the way, this morning, I met someone that was here to see Rousseau. Take a guess who.

Markus: His mistress?

Valerie: Come on, be serious.

Markus: I know him better than you do.

Woah. Markus actually did a good job on the delivery that time.

Valerie: Well, it turns out she's the director of Caduceus. She oversees all the medical research institutions in the US!

Caduceus, named after the well-known medical symbol of two snakes coiled around a winged staff, is a major player in the Trauma Center series. Under the Knife featured the Japanese branch, and Second Opinion also included the European branch. The localization for the original games insisted that everything was happening in America, which probably caused the American Atlus team no end of grief when they found out New Blood would actually take place in America and they'd have to sneak around the change. This will be an issue later on.

Valerie: Actually, she seemed more interested in speaking with Professor Wilkins. I wonder how she knows about him? Isn't it strange?

Markus: It sounds like trouble if you ask me.

Elena: Dr. Vaughn! Dr. Blaylock! We need you in the O.R.! Three people were hit by a car! Two are in critical condition! Dr. Rousseau began treating the one who was in the worst state, but he left to treat a different patient and ordered you two to take the ones in critical condition!

Markus: We can't afford to waste any time! His life's in jeopardy!

Glazius posted:

Ooh boy, sunny California. Surf, sun, and lots of car accidents.

This prompted me to look up the numbers and holy hell you aren't kidding.

Anyway, costae is latin for ribs.

Elena: The patient is Ricardo Garcia, a 35-year-old male. He was in a car accident. He has injuries to the abdomen, including a few broken ribs and a pierced spleen. We have several objectives: We need to treat his lacerations, repair his broken ribs, and attend to his spleen.

Markus: This'll be difficult. No wonder Rousseau took off so fast.

Valerie: I'm sure we can handle it.

Elena: We've analyzed his blood type and done the necessary screening and cross-matching. We've also got an ample supply of blood on-hand. All you need to worry about is the operation.

Both doctor's are fine here. Valerie might even have the advantage. Nonetheless, I'm be using…

This guy!

Rousseau started this one for us, remember.

This one's actually pretty difficult. I actually failed once when trying to record. The screenshots are taken from a recording for which the sound was shot, so it'll be a bit different from the video. I did a little better in the screenshots, too. I'm bad at this operation, for some reason.


You have to use the defibrillator a couple of times in this operation. There's a bonus for "less than 3" shocks, meaning you need to do both perfectly.

These large gashes are new, but appeared in the previous games. You need to close them manually with the forceps before they can be sutured. Other than that, everything here is something you've seen before. You need to worry about a couple of points, though. First, your maximum vitals are very low. Second…

New lacerations and blood pools will be exploding out of the patient, triggered when you remove bone fragments or drain other pools. These will do damage when they appear, so it's imperative to keep vitals up at all times.

I always get a miss on this one. Always.

Hopefully, this image gives you an idea of how the fragments fit together. After placing it, the team realizes that they're missing a piece, and then his heart fails, forcing you to use the defib again.

Then this happens. This is meant to force your Healing Touch.

These wounds will drain vitals extremely quickly, and loads more will pop up as you treat them. As I said, Val's HT might be better here, but either one should be fine if you're careful.

Once everything's safe, pluck out the last fragment and put it back, then gel everything. You're done.


This shot's from the screenshot run, which is a little better, but not much. That one miss I always get kills my chances for a chain as well, and the defib bonus is something I only ever earn when, say, doing test runs before recording.

Still, I have a few operations in mind that are real candidates for at least one XS.

…Has she just been lurking there the entire time?

Markus: I'm sorry, you are?

Irene: I'm Irene Quatro, from Caduceus. Nice to meet you. I heard there was an emergency, so I changed into my surgical gown, but I see that wasn't necessary.

Markus: Valerie, is this the woman you were talking about?

Valerie: Thank you, ma'am. It's an honor to receive such praise.

Irene: A doctor with the Healing Touch… it's been a while since I've been surprised like this. If the opportunity arises, I'd like to see it used again.

Valerie: I'd be happy to show it to you.

She is sucking up so much.

Irene: This is an impressive hospital. I hope that we meet again. Please excuse me.

Markus: …I don't think it was good for her to have seen that.

Valerie: What do you mean?

I'm not certain what she's doing to that baby, but I'm fairly certain that's not how you're supposed to hold one.

Mrs. Garcia: We were told he wouldn't make it… but you saved him!

Rousseau: I just did my best, Mrs. Garcia. Considering his injuries, it's a miracle he survived. He must have an angel looking over his shoulder.

Mrs. Garcia: I don't know how we'll ever repay you! Thank you so much! *sob*

Rousseau: There's no need for tears. Now, let's discuss his future treatment options.

Mrs. Garcia: As long as he's in your hands, Dr. Rousseau, I know he'll be okay.

Rousseau: Hm? Oh, it's you, Vaughn.

Markus: Markus, he's-

Markus: It's not worth getting upset over. The patient is alright. That's all that matters. Professor Wilkins has asked to see us, so we'd better get going.

Mrs. Garcia: Dr. Rousseau? Is something wrong?

Still awesome.

Wilkins: You must be disappointed.

Markus: I'm just glad the patient's okay.

Wilkins: He's an excellent doctor, although shrewd at times. And I would never trust him to operate on me. That's why I summoned you here, Markus. You have a rare talent.

Markus: I didn't want to come back.

Wilkins: I'm aware of that. Regardless, we'll meet tomorrow to discuss my operation. The procedure is scheduled for four days from now. I'll leave you to choose your team.

Wasn't Valerie supposed to be in this meeting? Ah, well.

Next time: The professor's operation. It's finally time to face Stigma!