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Part 15: Episode 3-3: Collaborative Research

Episode 3-3: Collaborative Research

Irene: But first, let me introduce yo to our head of research.

Yeah, I don't think any improvements can be made to this picture. I can't help but laugh every time this guy shows up when I haven't played for awhile.

Cromwell: Dr. Blaylock and Dr. Vaughn, I presume? It's nice to meet you. You must be busy adapting to Caduceus, as well as the newly-established team, but the director recommended you two, so I would appreciate your assistance.

Valerie: It would be our pleasure.

Irene: Good. I'd like to participate in clinical testing, under the supervision of the research lab.

Cromwell: Let me remind you that it is the duty of those in the medical field to not only cure patients, but to also research and pioneer new treatments. Doctors and researchers must work together to fight diseases, both present and future. That's the purpose of Caduceus. There may be some interesting characters here, but they're all excellent doctors. I consider myself very fortunate to be able to conduct medical research among them. And on top of that, we now have the assistance of two very gifted doctors with the Healing Touch! I fully believe that with your precision, the data we'll be able to collect will be invaluable. That is why I'm so enthusiastic about your surgical skills. You don't have any objections, do you?

Not going to lie: I don't expect you to have read all those words.

Markus: I appreciate your vote of confidence, even if it is exaggerated.

Irene: He's a dedicated professional, though he tends to be a little long-winded.

Cromwell: Now then, there's an operation I'd like the two of you to perform. The research you're contributing to will give new hope to heart disease patients everywhere. I'll explain as I show you my lab.

It's actually pretty miniscule. We'll get to that in chapter 4, when I'll be bringing up the thread title a ton of times.

Cromwell: …Mostly journalists and politicians who are trying to make a name for themselves. You know how difficult it is to produce significant results when conducting revolutionary research. Thankfully, we also have generous supporters such as-

A HOT CHICK: Would you introduce me? Pretty please?

Cromwell: Isabella, you really must start acting more professional. This is Ms. Vazquez, she's a representitive of the Humani corporation.

Valerie: I'm Dr. Blaylock.

Markus: Dr. Vaughn.

Isabella: Nice to meet you, handsome.

This research department is a circus.

Cromwell: We're partnered with a large number of pharmaceutical companies and medical manufacturers, including Humani, who have been a tremendous help to us.

Isabella: I hope my looks don't give you the wrong impression about our company. Humani is a major player in this industry, and I've been known to play hardball when needed.

Cromwell: We have a research specialist from Humani on staff as well. She's a very talented young woman, and has produced great results. I believe she's nearby. Cynthia! Can you spare a moment?

Isabella: I'll go get her, Dr. Cromwell.

Cromwell: Thank you, I'd appreciate it. The operation you'll be performing would not be possible without her help.

Her hair is blowing in the wind. Inside.

A god damn circus.

Cynthia: Oh, that's right. You said you'd introduce me to the doctors today.

Cromwell: This is Cynthia Kazakov. She's a beautiful woman, as you can see, and quite brilliant.

Valerie: …Cynthia Kazakov? You wouldn't happen to be from Trinity Medical School, would you?

Cynthia: Valerie? Valerie Blaylock!?

Valerie: Yeah, it's me!

Cynthia: You became a doctor! Congratulations!

Valerie: Thanks! Wow, I never expected to find you here, of all places.

Cynthia: You're going to be helping us? This is great!

Markus: I'm Markus Vaughn. Sorry to interrupt your reunion.

Cynthia: Pleased to meet you, Doctor.

Cromwell: So, you two are old friends. I have a feeling this will be a fruitful partnership. Now, Cynthia, can you explain to them about the cardiac patch?

Cardiomyopathy is a disease of the myocardium, or heart muscle. Most of these are extrinsic, caused by something outside the myocardium, like a shortage of the blood supply. The obliterative cardiomyopathy is intrinsic, with no known external cause. Put briefly, it's a type of restrictive cardiomyopathy, in which some parts of the myocardium become stiff or thickened, meaning the heart is unable to take in as much blood.

Cynthia: Allow me to explain the details of the operation as well as the use of the myocardium patch. Our patient is a ten-year-old girl with an acclusion in her heart. Her heart functions are deteriorating. If this continues, she'll have a myocardial infarction.

She has a blocked blood vessel or some sort, and if this continues she'll have a heart attack. In other news: another little girl with heart troubles!

Cromwell: This is where the myocardial patch comes in.

Valerie: I don't know much about it. It's a form of synthetic membrane, correct?

Cynthia: Yes, it's a new form of synthetic membrane that uses a whole-cell voltage clamp. The membrane itself is elastic and helps the heart move and function.

Valerie: That's amazing.

Cynthia: It's only as incredible as the skills of the people using it.

Markus: Nothing like a little pressure to keep you motivated.

Valerie: We'll do our best, of course. I promise you that.

Cynthia: I'm glad to hear it.

Elena: So, we'll be applying this myocardial patch by positioning it according to the guide? Is that the objective?

Cynthia: Yes, that's correct. This operation will be performed without stopping the heart, but I have faith in Caduceus, and all of you.

Well, we know who's turn it is.

Markus "Pow Pow I Got You!" Vaughn!



Viddler Backup

This one can be tricky, even annoying. On the other hand, if you get it, you can easily obtain XS.

To sum up Elena's explanation: you have three areas to apply patches to(one will appear at a time). First, you gel it, then the guide appears. All you have to do is use the Wii's revolutionary motion controls to line the patch up with the guide.

Of course, it's never that easy. After the first patch is applied, you'll start getting those hemorrhages that need to be gelled. Those aren't really an issue. The bigger problem is that the guide will start pulsating, and will change orientation periodically. This doesn't come across well in stills, but you need to line up the patch before the orientation changes, and let it go with the right timing so that the size matches. No easy task.

The reason this operation can be frustrating is that you'll be greeted with THIS every time you mess up. I don't have much in the way of advice. The timing is something you'll catch on to after a few tries. If you can get through this operation without a mistake, you'll almost certainly get XS.

The third patch is the same as the second, but it moves faster. This doesn't really change things much in my experience.

That's all.


Well, I was able to XS this on my test runs, but I left in the mistakes in the video so I could show the results of making them.

The bonuses here are for no miss, chain, time, and no cardiac arrests. That means you'll pretty much either get all of them or none of them, with the possible exception of having 3:10 left on the clock. There's also a danger of letting the blood pools break your chain, if you aren't careful.

All or nothing, as always.

Cromwell: The patch is sure to integrate with the existing tissue. The patient should recover nicely.

Cynthia: I think we'll see excellent results, Valerie.

Valerie: I'm glad to hear it.

Markus: Yeah, I wouldn't mind doing more operations like this one.

Cromwell: Well, we wouldn't want to take up all of your time. The Director has already spoken to us regarding the research on Stigma. We're currently in the planning stages. In time, we'll show you what we're made of. Right, Cynthia?

Your mouth says yes, but your eyes say "I have to take a shit."

Next time: Stigma returns!