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Part 18: Challenge 2

GuavaMoment posted:

The green fluid! Inject me with it! DIRECTLY INTO MY BRAIN

No one's been paying attention close enough - what artificial components did the others have?

The mouse had artificial blood, as did the woman with Soma. The Professor had a pacemaker. I don't think they really discuss the point much after this point, but I haven't watched the story bits since I first played through the game, so I don't really remember.


Challenge 2 (Featuring Terror Van)

These challenge operations are a little hard to deal with for me. Since none of them really present anything new, there isn't much to say. That said, the following is a very special video, because I was able to enlist the assistance of noted forums butter-lover, Terror Van. We played the operation and recorded live commentary. The novelty value of doing a video with him has blinded me, so I cannot say for certain if it's a good video. I will say that it seems to be a fairly accurate representation of our interactions in the years I've known him.

There's no plot or anything here. We also did terribly in the operation itself. If you don't care, then feel free to skip and await chapter 4.

As of this writing, it may not be fully processed, so wait a minute if the video isn't working.

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