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Part 20: Episode 4-2: Good Samaritans

And now… Boy Troubles.

Valerie: I haven't heard from him in I-don't-know-how-long, and now he's asking me to come to Philadelphia? He's got some nerve! It's like he thinks we're still dating!

Cynthia: It's just his personality; it can't be helped. Besides, you already said yes, right? You're not on call, so why not? Think of it as a little vacation-- a chance to reminisce about your college days.

Here at Caduceus, we've developed a new type of shitty excuse for people's social missteps: "It's his/her personality and therefore cannot be resisted or changed." Try it at home.

Valerie: How stupid of me. When I heard he found a new type of parasite, I said yes without thinking. …That reminds me, how are things with you and Ray?

Cynthia: …It ended when he went back home.

Valerie: Sorry. I shouldn't have brought it up.

Cynthia: It's all right. …If you're so worried about this trip, why don't you bring Dr. Vaughn along? He has some time off, too, doesn't he?

Valerie: I don't think that would be such a good idea. I'm sure he wants to get some rest.

Cynthia: I think he'd be interested. It sounds like a fascinating discovery.

Markus: Philadelphia's too far. It'd be a waste of my vacation. Besides, Robert finished his report on Stigma, and I'd like to review it.

Valerie: Come on, don't be that way. This information will be useful to you.

Markus: If it was that important, Caduceus would be all over it. A parasite isn't going to help us understand Stigma any better. I have no interest in a new variety of hookworm.

Elena: You're going to drive all the way to Philadelphia?

Valerie: That's the plan.

Elena: That sounds like fun. I haven't been on a road trip in a long time.

Valerie: Would you like to come along? The more the merrier. I'll tell Denny it's a field trip for Caduceus's Special Disease Counteraction Team.

Markus: Hey, I didn't say I was going.

Valerie: I won't take no for an answer! We're all going to Philadelphia this weekend!

Episode 4-2: Good Samaritans

It really does take that long to get to the title card.

Given the background, and the size of the character art, I'm just going to assume the car is ridiculously huge.

Valerie: …That was an interesting operation, wasn't it?

Markus: I suppose. It would've been a lot more interesting, though, if the patient wasn't a dog.

Valerie: Oh, don't be so cranky, Markus. How was I supposed to know that Denny decided to become a veterinarian? He tried to be a nice host, right? …Even if he didn't exactly succeed.

Elena: …Well, I thought it was worth the trip.

Valerie: Me, too! I'm sure what we learned will come in handy some day.

Markus: Yeah, like if we ever have to save a celebrity's pampered pooch. I never should've let you talk me into this.

What I really want to know is: who's driving? Probably Valerie, I guess. It was her idea, and all. Oh, yeah, the scene. Carry on.

Valerie: All right, I'm sorry. I wasn't thinking straight. I mean, how would you feel if your college ex called you out of nowhere?

Elena: I totally understand. Just ignore him, Dr. Blaylock. …Hey, what's with that police car?

Valerie: There's been an accident! Stop the car!

Markus: Today's just not my day.

Alright, so it isn't Valerie, then. Something about the conversation is making me imagine Elena's in the back, so it must be Markus. Right, sorry. The briefing.

Yet another car accident victim. It's the third in as many chapters, but it's also the last as far as my memory goes.

Markus: It's worse than I thought! Someone was thrown from the car!

Elena: It seems he was the only one inside.

Markus: He's breathing, but conscious. The wounds on his chest are pretty bad. He's not looking so great.

Valerie: I brought a set of instruments. Let's get ready.

Elena: We're going to operate here!?

Valerie: We'll just perform first aid. He may be suffering from damage to his internal organs.

Markus: Well, this has turned out to be one hell of a road trip.

Today's surgeon is…

Markus, who should probably remove that scarf before operating!


Viddler Backup

This operation throws just about every kind of recurring injury it has at you. You should know how to deal with all of these by now.

Inside, there will be large gashes and the "cloudy" hemorrhages. Once you deal with these, you'll be allowed to move up and down the lung and deal with other injuries. I recommend using the Healing Touch at that point.

These injuries are simple enough, but make sure to deal with the clouds quickly, so they don't break your chain. I managed to get a bunch of Bad ranks on removing glass, so my chain was shitty anyway.

The reason I recommended using HT when I did is that after you deal with some injuries, blood pockets start appearing. You need to prioritize them, but that can be a problem if vitals are low from dealing with the other injuries. Either Touch should save you enough vitals to give you a comfort zone. There are two pockets each in the middle and upper sections, and one in the lower.

If you can deal with the pockets, the remainder of the operation is smooth sailing.


Other than messing up on the glass, this was actually a good run. I'm only missing the chain bonus.

…And of course I still only get a C.

Markus: Well, at least we accomplished something worthwhile on this trip.

Elena: He's one lucky guy. How many officers can say they've received roadside surgery?

Next time: A challenge is issued! You'll understand why this chapter is titled "Miracle Surgery"!