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Part 26: Episode 5-3: Fade to Black

Episode 5-3: Fade to Black

Nilsen: Culurium is the cause of Stigma?

Cynthia: It's a factor, sir, not the cause.

Nilsen: Try telling that to our customers. All they care about is whether or not it's a health risk. Many of our products use Culurium. Without it, our subsidiary, Columba & Cornix, would be out of business. This kind of information could destroy our reputation!

Recall that Columba & Cornix produced Elena's pump and the brain chip that the Deputy Secretary was using.

Markus: Hold on, here. Just calm down.

Valerie: The problem here isn't Culurium. It's not even Stigma, since it actually isn't very contagious. It's the ones using Stigma that we should be worried about. We must educate the public to avoid a panic.

Nilsen: I see your point, but we have no idea who's behind all this. Anyway, I'll immediately allocate more resources to Stigma research. Humani's reputation must be maintained.

Elena: The blood gas analysis shows negative base excess. The ALT and AST values are high, too.

Blood gas analysis is here showing that the pH of his blood is too low. The ancronyms stand for Alanine transaminase and Aspartate transaminase respectively, and are both catalysts for various bodily functions, and are often associated with the liver. The hightened levels can be indicative of other health issues. That's a very short version, but basically, as you can guess from context, he's getting worse.

Valerie: Just as I thought; a follow-up operation is required.

Markus: We weren't able to remove all of the damage to your liver. It would be dangerous to leave it.

Koshiro: Doctor, I'm used to dying on screen, but I'm not ready to die for real.

Markus: That's right. Kanae told us how you learned Karate and became an actor.

Koshiro: So far, I've only gotten supporting roles, but still, it's taken a lot of hard work.

Markus: I'm sure it has. Karate is more than just kicks and punches, right?

Koshiro: Yeah, it requires mental discipline, too.

Markus: Then, show me some of that mental discipline during the operation, okay? If a patient retains a strong will, then his body will respond likewise. The rest is up to us. Trust me, you'll be back on the set in no time, ready to be a leading man.

Koshiro: I'll do my best.

This is nothing new, given that we JUST treated it for the first time.

Markus: The patient's condition has worsened. We need to figure out why.

Valerie: Kanae must be so worried. Let's get him stabilized.

Elena: We're going to be operating on the same area we did last time. We need to review our treatment of the injuries from his last operation and find out what's wrong now. We'll determine how to proceed further during the operation itself.

Thankfully, the doctors are taking turns, so today I'll be using…


This is basically a rehash of the last operation, but a little tougher. That said, it went a little better because I was using Markus.


Viddler Backup

Mysteriously, everything has pretty much been reset to the same state we found it in last time. To find out, you'll need to take a closer look with the ultrasound.

These blood pockets are the culprits. With Markus, it's good to raise vitals before going in so you can cut them all at once and then do the suturing with no worries. If you're using Val, just flick on the Touch. Keep in mind, though, that the game doesn't like you trying to stitch up a cut while there's blood anywhere in the same continent as the cut, so drain the entire side first. Also, you still have to worry about defibrillating him every little while.

The big wound has the tendency to bleed a little extra after you've drained it completely, so be careful when placing the patches. Other than that, this is the same deal as last time.

We will not ever actually get to play the main procedure. Sorry to disappoint.


The single Miss I got placing the patches made me lose the chain as well. A better idea would have been to wait until the blood stopped pooling before going for the patches.

Markus: Hold on. We just turned onto 7th, so… Yeah, this is right. I think.

Valerie: You have all the coronary arteries memorized, but you can't remember simple directions? It's nice of Kanae to treat us to dinner, but I wonder if we'll make it in time.

Elena: Well, I doubt we'll get another offer like this from her again. Um, Dr. Vaughn? It seems kind of dark this way. This can't be right.

Markus: Yeah, I'll turn right at the next intersection. That should take us to


Masked Man: If you want to live, then do as I say. Now, get inside that car.

Valerie: We'll give yo uall our money if you just let us go.

Masked Man: Sorry, but it ain't your wallets we're after. Now, hurry up and get in!

Elena: No! Someone help! Please!

Markus: Elena!

Masked Man: Didn't I tell you to be quiet?

Markus: What did you do!?

Masked Man: These days, anesthesia can be administered via pen injectors. Pretty handy, wouldn't you say?

Markus: What do you want from us?

Masked Man: Let's save that for later, shall we? Sweet dreams.

Elena: Dr. Vaughn!

Wasn't she knocked out?

Valerie: Markus!

And the other guy doesn't even have a weapon in his picture. This is basically the worst kidnapping I've ever seen.

Markus: Ugh…



Oh, I get it! Fade to Black!