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Part 27: Episode 5-4: Coercion

Episode 5-4: Coercion

Valerie: Are you all right, Markus?

Elena: Dr. Vaughn…

Markus: Val, Elena… that's right. We were kidnapped. Are you two okay?

Valerie: Well, they haven't treated us too badly.

Elena: Yeah, but take a look around.

Markus: An operating table… I can guess why we were brought here. Are they going to keep us locked up in this room?

It's like Guile just got out of bed.

Markus: What, too ugly to show your face?

Valerie: Who are you? What do you want?

I hate it when they introduce characters without names. Okay, I christen the masked men, in order of appearance, Andromeda and Suit.

Suit: You're in no position to be asking questions. Just keep quiet and do whatever operations we need. There's only one thing you need to know: you belong to Kidman now, and you're going to help us research Stigma, like it or not.

Valerie: So, you're the ones responsible for Stigma?

Suit: Your first patient is ready. Treat her.

Markus: And what if I refuse?

Suit: If you want to ignore the patient, then go right ahead. You see, every time you fail an operation, your food rations will be reduced. And if you make the boss angry, well, then, your worries will soon be over. Make your decision. I'll be back shortly.

Fade to black and back to the same background to signify time passing.

Valerie: So, we're going to play along, right?

Markus: Just think about the patient for now.

Elena: I think that's the only thing we can do.

Valerie: I don't suppose we can hope for a miraculous rescue, huh? Should we start digging our way out, then? …Hey, Markus? Do you think they're the ones who kidnapped Professor Wilkins?

Markus: In all likelihood, yes. How else could they know so much? I hope he's all right.

Markus: You again!

Andromeda: Hey, don't any ideas, or I'll let my buddies here play with you.

Valerie: Why are you doing this?

Andromeda: Wouldn't you like to know? But I should thank you. Because of you, I can buy myself a new car.

Markus: I hope you drive yourself off a cliff.

Hey, do no harm, Markus.

Also, pretend you saw another fade in and out.

Suit: It's living quietly in the host's pancreas and it about to reach maturity.

Elena: Hang in there! We'll save you.

Markus: You expect us to do this without proper sterilization?

Suit: Just do it.

Valerie: Markus…

Markus: We have no choice. If it becomes infected, we'll deal with it later.

The fourth Stigma, at last. Onyx gets its name from the Greek word for "claw" or "nail." Of course, "The fingernail that tears its prey" doesn't sound nearly as dramatic.

Elena: I can't believe this!

Markus: Neither can I, but we have to focus on treating the patient. What does the chart say?

Elena: The affected area is the pancreas, and the Stigma is called "Onyx." Inflammation markers fluctuate over time. The numbers vary wildly beyond normal ranges.

Valerie: This is ridiculous! That data doesn't provide any help at all!

Markus: But if it's accurate, then this Stigma is appearing and disappearing over time.

Elena: This data is too unreliable to determine a treatment plan.

Suit: Ah, I almost forgot. Use this serum for the operation.

Valerie: So, this Stigma needs to be treated with a particular serum?

Markus: That's good to know. At least we aren't going in totally blind.

You don't necessarily need either Healing Touch this time, but I'd tend towards Markus. Nontheless, the surgeon this time will be…

Dr. Blaylock.


Depending on how confident you are, you might want to raise vitals before going in. I did, but it turned out to be a mistake. You'll see.

Stigma strain 4: Onyx
This Stigma doesn't bear a lot of resemblance to any previous supervirus we've seen, but it isn't all that unique, either. It could be compared to Kyriaki, though, in its basic shape and ability to hide itself. Right now, its only attack is to burst out of the organ, creating multiple lacerations.

You can see the Onyx core in the above shot. Your goal is to find it with the ultrasound. Take too long, and it'll attack. I managed to avoid that happening at all this time, but there'll be other opportunities to see all of Onyx's power later on. Consider this operation a preview.

Once you find the core, you just need to drag it out with the scalpel. Use the serum on it, and it will run off to hide again, somewhere in the organ. This is the general flow of an Onyx operation. The difficulty comes from the fact that you are searching for a small dot on a large organ. Also, it has a few more tricks once you deal a little damage.

Onyx will eventually split into multiple cores, and you'll need to find the real one. The difference in subtle, but maybe you've noticed: the fake cores only have three bright circles, while the real one has four. Hitting a fake will cause it to explode into a series of lacerations, while the real one will automatically attack, creating even more. If you take too long, the real one will still attack.

Eventually, Onyx will go crazy and explode. This time, we faced a weak version. Like Cheir, this Stigma will be appearing again, with some complications.

By the way, the time bonus for this operation has its cut-off at 3:50:00. Keep that in mind and take a look at my finish time.

This was… a little frustrating, you might say.


The other three bonuses just come from doing it perfectly. Difficult, but simple in concept.

Valerie: Well, they won't break us, no matter how hard they try.

Markus: I know it won't be easy, but let's try to keep our cool. This may not be the Ritz, but we should try and get some rest.

Valerie: Yeah, you're right.

Elena: Goodnight Dr. Vaughn. Dr. Blaylock.

Kidman: Looks like they've earned their keep! So, when will the next patient be ready?

Obviously Professor Wilkins' Voice: We estimate that the patient will begin exhibiting symptoms in approximately one week.

Kidman: Hyahaha! I can't wait!

Next time: The Doctors operate on a surprising patient.