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Part 30: Episode 5-7: Endgame

Episode 5-7: Endgame

Markus: Isn't your director here today?

Kidman: Why, are you worried about him? He was satisfied with the results of the operation, so he returned to the lab. He said no further operations will be necessary.

Markus: Then, I guess you don't need us anymore, huh?

Kidman: Yes and no. There won't be any more life-saving operations for the time being, but there are some experiments I'd like you to perform… on human subjects. I'm curious to see if I can get you to drop the goodie two-shoes act. Whaddya say? Will you wield your scalpel in the name of science?

Valerie: I'd rather die!

Markus: I'm a doctor. Find someone else to do your dirty work.

Kidman: Oh, come on. Is that the best you can do? We'll see how long your bravado lasts. Leland, I'll be taking them to their new cell tomorrow. Have it ready.

Leland: Got it, boss.

Kidman: I'll show you what a mistake it is to let your conscience rule!

I'm just not feeling the menace from "evil clown" here. Sorry, Altus.

Some time later…

Valerie: Yes?

Markus: There's something I need to tell you.

Elena: Okay…

Valerie: Is this about the choice they gave us?

Markus: No. It's more of a confession. Back when I was helping the Professor with his research, I made a number of genetically engineered mice to use in experiments. There was something different about one of them. It looked just like the others, but it had a terrible secret inside…

Elena: You don't mean…

Markus: It happened while I was excising a tumor from the subject's kidney. When "it" came into contact with artificial blood, it started growing at a frightening pace. That was the birth of Stigma.

Valerie: Markus, I can't believe this.

Markus: I disposed of the subject, and proposed that we put a halt to the research. Unleashing a new pathogen into the world in order to study it's treatment… I argued that that was the wrong way to perform research. But the Professor wouldn't listen. That's why I volunteered to go to Alaska, when I should have just quit. I had no idea you'd follow me there and get dragged into this mess.

Valerie: I was desperate to study your techniques, but I never imagined that's why you were there.

Markus: You may realize that I may personally be responsible for the advent of Stigma? If it wasn't for me, none of this would have happened, and you two wouldn't be in this position. …But I want you to know, as a doctor, I've always held the highest regard for human life.

Valerie: Don't be so hard on yourself, Markus. There are still many things we don't know about Stigma. We need your help to unlock those secrets.

Elena: Just so you know, Dr. Vaughn. I'll always be there to assist you, no matter what.

Markus: Thanks. I appreciate it.

Okay, for all the build-up that was ultimately a pretty lame "terrible secret," given that he just got unlucky and his only mistake was being something of a coward. Then again, video game protagonists are not normally known for their ethical standards.

Kidman: Water torture is our specialty. Lemme tell ya, it's a sight to see.

Valerie: You think you can force us to do your bidding?

Kidman: Just holler if you change your mind, and I'll stop the water. Make no mistake, this'll be the last choice you make on your own.

Markus: Thanks, but I'll stick with the original choice. I'd rather die than work for a scumbag like you.

Kidman: You've got spunk, Doc! Tell ya what: when I bury you, I'll put surgical instruments in your coffin. That way, they'll be able to identify the body, ha ha!

Even offering a coffin is actually pretty good for a villain.

Leland: Then, I'll go ahead and lock 'em up, boss.

Kidman: Hold on, Leland. Use this. I found it in a toy store. We'll get a good laugh watchin' 'em try to unlock it!


Markus: How far are they planning on taking this thing?

Valerie: He said he found it at a toy store.

Elena: Now that you mention it, I think I saw a commercial for this. Something about "Connect the four friends and release the lock!"

Markus: Why's he using a toy? What the hell's wrong with this guy?

Elena: If we unlocks this, then we'll have a chance to escape, right?

Markus: Yeah, but my bet is they don't think we can do it.

Valerie: Well, I'm not about to let some stupid toy be the thing that makes us drown in here!

Elena: That's the spirit! We can unlock it!

This is more than a little unorthodox, but someone's gotta climb up that ladder and fiddle with this thing. Guess it's…

Doctor(of puzzles) Blaylock!


Viddler Backup

This is the requisite "puzzle" stage of this Trauma Center game. It's harder than the others, since you have a 2-minute time limit.

Your goal is simply to rotate the panels(you need to use the forceps, for some reason) so as to connect each pair of coloured shapes. On easy, you get a different, significantly easier puzzle. On Hard, certain groups of shapes will rotate together when you turn any one of them, limiting your options and forcing you to take certain routes.

The panels will light up if they've been connected to one of the colours, and will turn gray if they're connected to more than one colour. You can't use gray panels in the puzzle, so you'll need to change this around to remove the ambiguity.

Also, Kidman goes to use the bathroom after about 30 seconds, and Leland manages to fall asleep, reaching nearly self-parody levels of incompetence.

The solution should look something like this.


The other bonus is for completing the puzzle within a certain number of rotations. Basically, you could memorize the solution and easily XS this.

Elena: And we're still alive!

Leland: Hurry up and find them! All of you!

Markus: Come on! We have to keep moving!

Valerie: Over there! I see light!

That's actually the end of chapter 5. In chapter 6, the doctors take a trip to the obligatory Trauma Center made-up African country in order to chase down the root of Stigma. Look forward to improbable jungle diseases, organ transplants, and the patient who isn't even human!

Also, here are some pictures of the easy variation of the lock puzzle: