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Part 31: Challenge 3

Challenge 3

Here's challenge 3, as promised, to make it seem like less of a wait for updates while I do exams. Not that I'm working on anything resembling a consistent schedule here. Technically, this operation unlocked after chapter 5.

I went alone this time, and did post-commentary. I usually do post-commentary, but this was postier than most, as I attempt to explain my thought process going through unknown operations.

It's not quite done processing as I post this, so if either source isn't done, just wait a bit.

Viddler Backup

In summary, the operations this time were:
1) Appendix removal with added puss-tumors. Some inflammation was hidden by the UI and had me stuck for awhile.

2) Some glass and cuts and polyps. Boring.

3) Big-type aneurysms with blood-tumors. The hardest one.

4) Glass and heartsplosions. I spent the whole operation expecting hidden blood pockets that never came.