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Part 33: Episode 6-2: Culuruma

loquacius posted:

I don't understand why, if these super-diseases are large enough that individual parts of them can be squeezed with forceps and sliced off and whatnot, you can't just pick the damn thing up and pull it out of the lungs. Then you could just kill it by pouring acid on it or holding it over a bunsen burner or something. But I guess it wouldn't be a surgery game then.

Some of them are attached to the patient in some way, like with Brachion's grapplers. There are also a few that you DO beat by pulling them out with the forceps. Of course, it's mostly for the gameplay, like you said.



Episode 6-2: Culuruma

Hey, a generic soldier-guy. I dub you: Johnson II.

Are those rocket ships or carrots?

Valerie: It's an honor to meet you, Mr. President.

Elena: It's nice to meet you, sir.

Markus: We hope we can be of assistance.

Moreno: Hmm… You're younger than I expected, but nontheless, I'm sure you're quite skilled.

Markus: …They seem a bit suspicious.

Moreno: Stigma has claimed many victims, and now rumors are sending the populace into a panic. My people's suffering is my own. That's why I am so grateful to receive help from your country.

Valerie: We'll do our best, as a sign of friendship between our countries.

Moreno: I'm counting on you. Commander! Where are the doctors headed?

Johnson II: Sir! They'll be deployed to Arbel, sir.

Moreno: I see. Our American friends may not be prepared for what is in store for them, but I'm afraid we have no alternative. I'm counting on the three of you to care for the infected and determine the cause of the outbreak. In any event, there are some unruly elements in this country, so please be careful. …Oh, I almost forgot. Commander! Bring her in! …I'm assigning you a special escort. You are our guests, after all.

Johnson II: Come, Pepita!

Holy shit yes a dog!

Elena: *shriek*

Moreno: Hahaha! Don't be afraid. She's a smart dog; she won't bite. In fact, she's very well trained. It's a custom in my country to give such dogs as special gifts. I hope you'll accept her.

Valerie: Yes, um, thank you very much.

Elena: N-nice to meet you, Pepita.

Dogs are the best.

Moreno: I intended to have a banquet prepared in your honor, but-

Valerie: We're doctors, not diplomats, so there's no need for formalities. We're here to help.

Moreno: Yes, you're absolutely correct. We all have our work to attend to, including me. I wish you the best of luck with your assignment. Good day.

Johnson II: The President is leaving the premises!

The Commander's duties include dog handling and keeping the public aware of where the President is at all times.

Elena: The President sure seems busy.

Markus: He has his hands full between the guerillas and the economy. And addind Stigma to that…

Maria. She says her name in like three seconds.

Maria: And Miss Salazar…

Elena: And you are?

Maria: Maria Estrada. But I went to med school and did my residency in the US. I'll be acting as your interpreter. I'm thinking about practicing medicine here, actually.

Valerie: Oh, yes. They did say something about an interpreter. …Maria? Are you feeling okay?

Maria: I think I may be coming down with something.

Well, here we go.

Even Pepita knows what's up.

Markus: Look at her eye, Val! It's all red!

It isn't, but I don't think we're supposed to think about it.

Markus: Maria, did you get your immunization shots before returning here?

Maria: No. Because I was born here, I didn't think I needed…

Markus: As a doctor, you should know better! Val, she might have Vaimahse Fever! If that's the case, she'll need immediate treatment!

Valerie: That's endemic to this region, but she hasn't lived here in years! Elena, I need your help. We need to check her lungs.

Elena: Okay, I'll get everything ready.

Fever, of course, is when your body increases its temperate above the normal range, usually as a response to infection. Some diseases that cause it will get "fever" as part of their name. This one is pronounced "vye-mah-say" and it's made up. That'll be clear when we actually operate on it, though. I'm also unsure what the connection is between fever, lung tumors, and eye bleeds is.

Elena: We're unfamiliar with Vaimahse Fever.

Markus: Supposedly, it causes unusual tumors in the lungs. That's all I know.

Markus is so good, he can diagnose you with a disease he knows basically nothing about from one cursory look.

Elena: These must be the "fever tumors" mentioned in the examination report. It appears that removing these tumors will greatly improve the patient's condition.

Valerie: That gives us an idea of how to treat her, but aren't these readings strange?

Markus: You're right. These fluctuating numbers are a cause for concern. It seems like they're periodically rising and falling.

Elena: We can't just leave her like this.

Valerie: There's no time to waste.

That's true, which is why…

You'll be operating.


Viddler Backup

Alright, kids. Let's do this.

That's an absolutely AWFUL simile. Anyway, these tumors switch between blue and red periodically. You can only touch them during the "blue" phase. If you do anything to them while they're red… not much will happen. Yet. Let's remove one, first. They're the same as normal tumors, so drain cut drag drop patch gel. Note that they'll still change colors when you cut them out.

When you hit a red tumor, it'll release gas. When you remove a tumor, it leaves a scar. If there are no scars, the gas does very little, but if you've already removed any tumors, it'll cause bleeding and inflammation at the scar. It will also drop vitals by a lot, and the tumors themselves do that on their own quite quickly. If you screw up with five tumors removed, you're probably going to lose.

It's not too bad, though, just try to start working as soon as the tumor begins to change color.

Just remove all the tumors to win.


Besides misses and time, the last bonus here is to keep vitals above 70, which is incredibly evil, as they only go to 90. Don't screw up, and use HT as soon as you open her up.

Valerie: That's not the biggest problem. You see, she's also a doctor. We could've taught her how to treat Stigma. Someone will have to continue seeing patients after we're gone, right?

Markus: …Well, we talked it over. She insists on coming, even if it kills her.

Valerie: Are you going to allow that, Markus?

Markus: As a patient, I would advise her not to go, but as a doctor, I have to respect her decision. She studied medicine to help the people of this country, and now is their greatest hour of need. If we carefully monitor her condition along the way, will that ease your fears?

Valerie: Somewhat, but I completely understand her desire to help people.

Next time: It's a Stigma crash course for Maria.