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Part 34: Episode 6-3: An Ailing Village

Episode 6-3: An Ailing Village

I'm not completely sure, but I don't think they're speaking any real language. At least, I wasn't able to figure it out, and my last resort, Google's detect language, also had no clue. So it could just be Culurian. Someone tell me if I'm just being ignorant as fuck.

Maria: He works at the mine, too. He says one of his friends has also contracted Stigma. Some victims were taken to the hospital, many have already passed away.

Valerie: It's worse than I imagined.

Markus: The mine he's talking about… is it nearby?

Maria: Ef tada shan estino?

Man: Ton pon bwasse.

Maria: He says it's about a two-hour walk from here.

Valerie: We suspect there's a relationship between the mine and Stigma.

Maria: I think that's a reasonable conclusion, but since so many villagers work at the mine, it'll be hard to prove it.

Elena: So, this is where the miners live…

Maria: It's a poor village, but things have gotten better since the mine was built. However, the villagers only receive a tiny fraction of the profits.

Markus: Who owns the mine?

Maria: The government. But they sold the mining rights to an international corporation, so a lot of foreigners come and go. It's also been the target of guerilla attacks.

Markus: What about the victims of Stigma?

Maria: Epi kahini trui andaya?

Man: Adu hipko endan si.

Maria: He doesn't know the exact number, but there are more than a few.

Markus: Tell him to bring some of them to the army camp. We'll operate once we're through examining them. And also, tell them not to worry about the cost because the President is footing the bill.

Valerie: Thank you, Commander. What's the status of each patient, Markus?

So, was she not one of the ones examining them?

Markus: There are three that need to be opened up immediately. Let's do one right after the other.

Elena: Pepita, it's your job to guard the tent, okay?

Pepita: *whine*

Markus: Maria, these are going to be intense opertions. Will you be alright?

Maria: Yes, I'm feeling a little better now.

Valerie: Watch carefully, okay? These are complicated procedures, which you'll need to learn.

This will be the first real "marathon" operation, outside of the challenges. Luckily, this one has nothing on Under the Knife and Fallen Heroes, from previous games, or the two really horrible ones from UtK2.

Markus: Not bad for a makeshift operating room.

Valerie: I don't see any problems with operating here.

Elena: Let's begin the conference at once.

Elena: The results of the examinations indicate that three people require immediate surgery. Each of them has been infected with a different strain of Stigma.

Valerie: Hearing that Stigma is spreading sends a chill down my spine.

Elena: This is a first. We'll have to perform three consecutive Stigma operations. Do you remember the procedures, Doctor?

Markus: That's what we've got you for, Elena.


Maria: There's so much I have to learn. I can't miss a single detail!

Right, well. He might not remember the procedures, but this one goes to…



Viddler Backup

This one's just a retreat of previous operations. There aren't any significant new twists in the individual parts of the operation.

Three Stigmas, each of which had its own time limit of 5 minutes, to be completed in just 10 minutes. You don't get any bonus for the vitals of the first two patients, so you only need to worry about the last one. You also have only one Healing Touch between the three. Time is a factor here, but it's not hard to finish with plenty of it left. All you need is a good grasp of each strain.

Number 1: Soma. It hides a bit faster now, but it's still just as easy as it always was.

Number 2: Brachion. We just did this one not long ago. Note that you'll be dealing with different-length arms this time. In this picture, you can see one as short as three segments.

Number 3: Ops. The attacks seem a little denser than last time, but that might be my imagination.

Elena lets you know if you're on track in-between operations, and will shower you with praise for fast operations. Bello would be proud.


Some of the usual suspects, as well as a cocktail of special conditions for Brachion and Ops. You can practice the early operations to get a feel for them, if need be. In addition to these conditions, you'll need a good performance in general. You have plenty of time to farm points from Ops, if need be.

Personally, I'm pleased with myself.

Maria: I've memorized the steps, but I don't know if I'll be able to perform the operation…

Valerie: What's most important is for you to discover your own talents. Don't put so much pressure on yourself that you have a nervous breakdown.

Markus: You know, there's one thing that's been bothering me. Why was the outbreak here so sudden? If it had something to do with Culurium, it should have happened sooner. I don't get it. Why now? Anyway, we need to have a look at that mine. Let's talk to the commander.

Next time: Visiting the mine, and another operation in which the doctors have no clue what they're doing. But for different reasons.