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Part 36: Episode 6-5: The Heat of Battle

This is one of the best sets of facial hair I have ever seen. Also, he's named Ramirez. Just go with it.

Ramirez: The federal army no longer upholds truth and justice! The rampant spread of bribery and corruption throughout the government cannot be tolerated! They sell our natural resources for their own personal gain! There is no time to waste! The good people of this country look to us to right these wrongs! The revolution shall arise from here: Wanadeo Base! We shall rebuild Culuruma with our own hands!

Episode 6-5: The Heat of Battle

Lopez: The guerillas have taken Wanadeo Base. The government is launching a campaign to take it back.

Valerie: There's a military base nearby?

Lopez: It's existence has been kept confidential for strategic reasons. But according to our intelligence, Major General Ramirez has double-crossed us. Unbeliveable! Our unit has been asked to join the mission the President has ordered.

Markus: Sounds like a war is about to erupt! What are we supposed to do?

Lopez: Mr. President!

Moreno: We will be launching an assault on Wanadeo base momentarily. I would be most grateful if you could tend to any soldiers who are injured in the offensive. We're short on medics, you see.

Valerie: We didn't come here to get involved in military operations.

Moreno: However, if we don't intervene, the guerrillas will attack the villagers. How can you recognize the threat of Stigma and ignore the guerrillas? I represent the citizens of this country. If you continue to defy their will, I will have no choice but to imprison you under martial law.

Maria: Mr. President! You can't be serious! These three came here with the best of intentions.

Markus: …All right. We'll do as you ask. But only under two conditions. First, you agree to use the profits from the mine to help Stigma victims. That includes aiding the villagers. If you truly represent the will of the people, then that shouldn't be a problem. Secondly, you must transport all injured combatants, friend or foe, to us. We're not taking sides.

Moreno: Very well, I accept your conditions. We're heading to Wanadeo!

He's definitely not doing either of those things, though. It's not like they have any way of making him.

Lopez: …but we're sustaining casualties!

Moreno: Take the injured to the visiting doctors. What's the status of the enemy?

Lopez: We estimate that they are few in number, sir. However, we have received some disturbing information. Apparently, there are some foreigners providing them with assistance!

Moreno: Who would do such a thing?

Lopez: Arms dealers!

Moreno: Well, at least they're not journalists. Let's proceed as planned.

For some reason, I love that exchange. I guess it's something about the combination of Moreno forgetting about the existence of the black market, and his nonchalant crack about journalists.

Elena: This really is a war…

Valerie: It's detestable, but it's a reality of the world we live in.

Lopez: Doctor! The first-aid tent is filling up with injured men!

Markus: Looks like the nightmare is just beginning. Come on. Let's do what we can.

This is going to be one of the longest are hardest operations in the game to complete "properly." You'll see why.

Elena: We've gotten word that five patients are on their way.

Markus: War really is hell, isn't it? What condition are they in?

Elena: The first patient has severe electrical burns on his upper body! He touched electrified barbed wire! Even worse, he's undergoing cardiac arrest from shock!

I love the overkill of putting barbs on your electric fence, I must admit.

Valerie: There's no time to lose. What about the others?

Elena: We don't have any information yet.

Markus: We'll just have to deal with it. Come on!

Alrighty. This operation goes to…


I had to split this one into two parts for Youtube, since it's over the time limit.
Part 1:

Part 2:

Viddler Backup

Series vets will remember the operation Under the Knife from UtK/SO. This is pretty much the same thing, except instead of five of the same operation, you have five different ones, none of which involve a supervirus. Technically, you only need to complete three of them within the ten-minute time-limit, but I have no intention of having any go unseen.

Just to piss me off, operation 1 is another burn victim. Luckily, you only need to defib once. Don't expect to do this one within two minutes, but aim to not take much longer than three. You definitely want at least 6 minutes on the clock if you hope to finish all the operations.

Compared to last time, you'll have burns turning black more often, but I think they bleed less, making you less likely to get screwed over when applying patches. Also, I believe there are fewer burns in total, when compared to last time. Same strategies apply.

Operation The Second is on a soldier who was shot with both a shotgun and a rifle. That's either very good, or very bad, luck. The outside wounds are just some pellets to remove and wounds to patch. You've seen shotgun stuff as recently as last operation.

Inside is looking much worse. There are a few more pellets down below the viewable area, and most of them are embedded, meaning they need to be cut out. The rifle round is removed in two halves, as it was way back in 1-3. I recommend doing that last, as vitals will start to drop even faster when you start the process. They drop fast either way, so don't waste time here.

If you run out of time from the third operation on, your backup arrives and the operation ends as soon as you finish whichever one you're on. Of course, if you want score, there's a bonus for finishing all five, and another one for having 1:20 left on the clock.

Anyway, this one received some sort of blow to the chest. The outer wounds are straightforward.

Inside, the situation is similar to the various car-crash victims we've dealt with. You deal with the wounds in front of you, then move the view to find more. After a little bit, you'll get an indication that something else is wrong…

It turns out to be more of these hidden blood pockets. There are five or six for you to seek out and remove. Do that, and then return to the remaining wounds.

The fourth patient has some outer wounds so minor I won't bother to show them. It's just a few lacerations. Inside, however, you have a broken ribcage. This is almost exactly the same as one of the operations in chapter 2. Various wounds will pop up as you remove the bone fragments, so keep vitals up and be ready to gel blood clouds, drain blood pools, and suture incisions.

Hopefully, this picture is a good starter on how to set the rib fragments when the time comes. There are only six in total.

Finally, the last patient. This one is short, but stands a very good chance of going wrong if you aren't prepared. You don't want to have to restart this whole marathon. I like to save my Touch for this part, in fact. It's similar to the nun who had the church fall on her.

There are a lot of blood pools to deal with, which is why the Healing Touch is useful here. Markus' will give you more time to work, while Val's will let you cut all the pockets at once without fear. Naturally, you'll want to be careful with the latter strategy.

There will be some ruptures that occur once you deal with a few pockets. These can't be avoided and won't break your chain. Just make sure to keep vitals up.

There you have it: five operations in ten minutes.


I did some idiot thing that caused me to get a miss, but this was still a good run.

Lopez: The guerrillas have surrendered and are disarming as ordered!

Moreno: What about Ramirez?

Lopez: He's nowhere to be found. He must have slipped away.

Moreno: Don't let him get away! We must capture him and ascertain the truth! Comb the entire area until you find him!

As usual, I have no idea what he's really talking about here. Actually, it's probably the foreigners.

Speaking of which: Next time is the finale of chapter 6. It's a "showdown" with Ramirez, the "mysterious" foreigners, and Stigma.