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Part 42: Episode 7-5: The Lady of the Castle

Just two more operations to go in the main story.

Elena: No new injuries reported, either.

Valerie: Looks like we have the upper hand.

Markus: Maybe so, but if we back them into a corner, who knows what they may do?

Elena: Doctor! They've taken Cynthia into custody!

Valerie: Where is she? I want to see her.

Episode 7-5: The Lady of the Castle

Markus: I never imagined you were a spy. You were a big help to us at Caduceus, or so I thought.

Valerie: …Did you do it for Ray? Or was it your own decision?

Cynthia is either really tired or has pinkeye or something throughout this entire episode. Just so you know.

Valerie: Apparently now, but I'm not interested in the aspirations of an arms dealer.

Markus: Calm down, Val. Cynthia, will you tell us about him?

Cynthia: He was born and raised here, in this miserable land torn apart by civil war. We went to Russia and then the United States to become a doctor. He realized his dream and started a medical company, but when he returned to his homeland to offer assistance, he found only betrayal. The army tried to assassinate him while he was working at a refuge camp. He had devoted his life to saving this country, and that was how they repaid him. Goodwill was an unwanted guest.

Markus: Unfortunately, that's a reality for countries in turmoil.

Cynthia: He had always been an advocate of reconciliation, but from then on, his thoughts became more radical.

Good enough so far, but we plunge off the deep end right about...

Cynthia: There is a legend among these people. They believe that long ago, a great flood destroyed all mankind, save for one family, who landed here. As a member of the chosen people, he's allowed his pride to corrupt him. "The forces of destruction are still weak," he said. He began to yearn for greater power, regardless if it was good or evil.

Religion ruins everything again! …I think. I admit I can't quite parse that bit.

Elena: That's how he became involved with arms trade and Stigma.

Cynthia: Yes. He sold his soul to the devil, and he received Stigma from Professor Wilkins, with whom he was acquainted.

Valerie: At Caduceus, you worked so hard to save people's lives. Was all that a lie?

Cynthia: I honestly don't know. Although, I can say that I don't think the same as he does. For a time, I believed that I could change him, but madness only grew stronger. After I left Caduceus, I came here and tried to dissuade him from his plan, but shortly after I arrived, he put a shackle around my heart.

Valerie: …What?

Cynthia: See this scar on my chest, Val? He implanted a pump unit designed to terminate my life. He has the power to kill me by remote control whenever he wishes. And so, I am bound to this castle.

Elena: But that's not what it's meant for! It's to save people like myself! This is horrible…

Valerie: If that's what's keeping you here, Cynthia, then let's remove it!

Cynthia: I doubt that's possible, Val.

Valerie: We'll make it possible! You just have to trust us.

Markus: There's still hope. Whaddya say?

Cynthia: I'm sorry, Val. I'm sorry for everything…

Some of you predicted Cynthia would have Stigma, but I'm happy to report that this is just a straight-up crazy heart operation.

Cynthia: This is the implant he placed inside me. This image is a CAT scan that he took. And even further inside… is the special chip he installed.

Markus: It's pretty deep inside. Removing it won't be easy. Won't he find out what we're up to during the operation from your vital signs?

Cynthia: That's not going to happen. He's at a college in Caucasus, in his own personal "ark." He doesn't know what's going on here.

Markus: Even though he left you here?

Cynthia: He left me here because he has no interest in me anymore.

Valerie: Cynthia… I'm going to save you. I swear it.

Cynthia: Thank you. You're the only one that never changes.

Well, it's obvious who should do this one.


Viddler Backup

This penultimate operation is a throwback all the way to 1-4. Naturally, it's going to be a lot harder. I'd say this is the next hardest operation after 7-2.

In order to remove the pump, you follow a similar procedure to the last time we saw it. Laser all four chips, and slice them out before removing them. With all of them gone, you excise the pump itself as well.

You have two worries while working with the pump, both shown here. The first is the periodic fibrillation, which presents the usual difficulties. Interestingly, the game seems to like having multiple false alarms in a row. Normally, this is good, but it does mean your vitals will get dangerously low. You might have to top them off.

The second difficulty are the blood clouds that pop up constantly during the operation. You can't hope to contain them, just stem the tide a bit.

The special chip is under the pump. You need to laser it, at which point you have a short time to splice along the dotted line. You need to make five cuts along the edge of the device, with the last one being a circle around the entire thing. You don't have much time, and any progress you made on the current cut is lost when it reboots itself. You'll need to laser it at least three times, probably more. I use the Healing Touch once I reach the full circle, personally.

The chip is the hardest part, but you'll need to replace the pump afterwards, as well. You just put it back in the hole, and then replace the chips.

That's all. Let's have some heavy-handed explanations of the theme of the episode.


The chain requirement here is laughable. I got more than three times that much.

I'm feeling very good about this one.

Elena: I'm so glad we could save her.

Markus: You know, that's been our goal all along. To save people's lives, and rid the world of illness.

Valerie: You've already made up your mind, haven't you, Markus?

Markus: Yeah, let's end this, once and for all. It's time to confront his Master Vakhushti.