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Trauma Center: Second Opinion

by Opendork

Part 6: 6: A Real Doctor

Chapter 1-6: A Real Doctor

Derek: Take care, now.

Derek: Angie, let's start our pre-op at around 1 o'clock, okay?

Angie: Don't you think we should have examined him more carefully? There were signs of cyanosis, which could indicate asthma. If that's the case, he needs to see his physician right away.

From the glossary in the manual: "Cyanosis: A condition in which a person's skin turns blue due to a loss of oxygen in the blood. Possible causes include a breathing obstruction or circulatory malfunction."

It's also possible they were examining a smurf.

Derek: Really? I didn't think it looked like anything serious.

Angie: You need to start acting like a real doctor, Mr. Stiles!

Derek: You're overreacting... I'm sure he'll be fine...

And Derek is still worthless as a doctor. On to the briefing!

Today's patient name is simple enough: Actor Shane West plays Dr. Ray Barnett on ER.

Angie: Since Dr. Kasal is at a conference, I'll be briefing you today.

Derek: (I think you'd be briefing me even if he was here.)

Angie: We're extracting a stage 1 tumor from the patient's large intestine.

Chart said multiple, Ang.

Derek: So... if we take it out, he should fully recover.

Angie: However, his blood tests were... unusual.

Derek: We can ask Dr. Kasal about that once he gets back. As long as I extract the tumor, the patient should be fine.

As an excuse to break things up with a picture, I'm going to point out that all hyphens are written as two separate short dashes, as if the scriptwriter hoped Word would autoformat it. I know that's what I do.

Derek: I'm pretty confident about this. I've extracted tumors several times already. This'll be a snap.

Angie: ...Okay. Keep the two operation objectives in mind, then:

-Treat the enflamed epithelium in his small intestine.
-Excise and remove all tumors in the area.

If you're ready, let's begin.


Once again, you can skip to the Operation Successful if you watched it.

I MIGHT have messed up the initial incision. That screws my score right there, so we might as well play this one casual.

Angie: What's going on? Only the small intestine should be affected.

She really does say it twice.

Angie: Doctor, I think we need to close up the patient for re-examination.

Derek: Let's continue operating, Angie. These symptoms aren't uncommon.

Angie: ...I understand. In that case, please proceed with tumor excision.

There's a lot of inflammation to deal with, and it can actually drop vitals pretty fast. It's not too hard to win, but you need to be fast for a good score. A full vial of blue stuff will take care of two large inflammations, four small ones, or one large and two small. Careful not to Miss with the syringe.

There are four tumors, arranged as shown. You actually probably don't want to do them all at once like this, as leaving the tumors around will drop vitals fast. Since I already lost the S-rank, I felt alright with messing around.

Angie: His vitals aren't stabilizing. There must be something else.

Derek: The patient's vitals don't usually stabilize right after the operation.

Angie: But... we need to at least check his blood test results!

Angie tells you to use the ultrasound to check the area. You just need to ping it a certain number of times anywhere until she's satisfied.

Derek: I don't see anything, Angie.

Angie: But I was certain... Sorry about second-guessing you, Doctor.

Derek: Don't worry. We're both still learning from experience, right?

Angie: I guess...

And then you finish up the usual way.

I missed two bonuses here. The first is the obvious "no Miss" clause. The second is the keep the patient's vitals above a certain point (15-25 depending on difficulty) at all times. I was pretty negligent, I guess.

And I am punished accordingly.

Derek: Oh, hey Angie. Thanks for your help in there.

Angie: I'd like to have a word with you about that last operation.

Derek: Hmm? Was there something wrong with my bedside manner?

Angie: No. It's about the patient, actually. His white blood cell and globulin counts are rising rapidly. I also noticed inflammation along the patient's peritoneum.

That's the lining of the abdominal cavity.

Angie: We should re-examine him immediately and consult his regular doctor.

Derek: I agree with you... but I'm afraid it will have to wait for tomorrow. I'm supposed to help with the next symposium, so I'm meeting with some doctors from St. Francis to learn the ropes and everything.

Angie: But-

Derek: They traveled a long way to meet with me, and I can't just blow them off. We'll handle this first thing tomorrow, I promise!

Angie: But!

Can't blame him too much for wanting to get away from her.

Technically, this screen shows up at the beginning of every episode, but since it's always been at Hope I didn't bother showing it.

This game totally takes place in America. Not Japan. Pay no attention to those signs.

Derek: Oh, well. At least not I'm ready for that symposium thing! Hm? Oh, my cellphone!

Obviously, he's saying that because it's only static images and drawing one of him with a cell phone was too much work, but I can't help but laugh at the idea of Derek shouting "Oh, my cell phone!" every time it rings.

"Derek! Where are you!? The patient is in critical condition! Get back here right now!"

Derek: What!? T-taxi! Take me to Hope Hospital! And step on it!

Aaaand we're back. Seriously though: "and step on it"? Has anyone ever really said that?

Angie: A tumor metastasized behind his lungs, which then began swelling. It continued to fester until 30 minutes ago, when the tumor ruptured.

And where were you all this time?

Angie: The patient is in shock and suffering acute peritonitis. The other doctors are operating on him as we speak. Follow me, Dr. Stiles... you need to see the consequences of your carelessness!

No, really. Was Derek the only doctor in tonight or what?

End of Chapter 1-6

But let's not stop there!

Chapter 1-7: Downpour

Hoffman: ...and I do admit that the tumor was difficult to see from the X-ray. However, the laboratory left you several memos about the patient. I understand they pointed out his extremely high readings. More than that, you dumped your responsibilities onto a nurse immediately following a very delicate operation.

"Ms. Thompson, what are you--!?"

Angie: I understand this is a little rude, but I have to say something.

Hoffman: What is it?

Angie: It's about... the negligent attitude Dr. Stiles has displayed thus far. I warned him about this patient at least three times, but he said there were important personal matters he had to take care of. Then he just walked out, without another word.

They were actually doctoring-related, but whatever.

Angie: Dr. Stiles... maybe you didn't harm the patient directly, but...

Angie bitch-mode activate!

Angie: It doesn't matter how small or groundless a suspicion might be. The patients are depending on you to take care of them! Why did you become a doctor? Do you even know!?

Derek: I-that is, I...

Angie: You don't deserve to be here! You... you're not a real doctor!

Derek: ......?

So Derek walks across town in the middle of a conversation for some reason.

He didn't even change out of the uniform.

Derek: I was trying my best. I didn't think it was anything serious. But, a patient almost died-and it was all my fault. Being called "Dr. Stiles" doesn't make me a good doctor... What was I thinking? I'm no doctor, not if I keep making mistakes like that.

"Uh oh, looks like rain. Hurry up, you two! We need to get all our displays inside!"

Derek Rain... maybe that'll help calm me down. It couldn't make things any worse.

Derek has no understanding of the pathetic fallacy.

"S-sir? It looks like you're completely soaked. Did you come from a hospital? You might want to head back pretty soon."

Derek: They don't want me there. I'm apparently useless as a doctor.

"Huh? Well, you can guess if you want...... Nope. It's even better! There was this crazy accident on Walnut between a truck and an SUV-it was nuts! The drivers flew into the street and... huh? No, it really happened!"

The horrible injury and possible death of other people is SO COOL!

Derek: An accident on Walnut? They're going to be taken to our trauma ward, but Dr. Kasal's out of town.

What? What the hell is wrong with this hospital?

End of Chapter 1-7