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Part 8: Chapter Z-1: From Overseas

Today, we'll be doing the first operation designed exclusively for Second Opinion. While the main plot is still fully intact in SO, with a few examples of new Wii mechanics (and one operation which is totally changed, which we'll be getting to much later), Atlus decided to add a new string of missions that take place alongside the old ones. This gave them the opportunity to try out all sorts of new mechanics, which would later make their way into the proper sequels.

These operations are the "Z" chapters. One of them branches off from a normal episode for each full chapter you complete. With chapter 1 finished, this episode appears connected to "Nurse Angie." You can move on with the main story if you like, but you can't play any future Z episodes until the earlier ones are completed, and you won't unlock the last chapter until you've beaten them all.

Chapter Z-1: From Overseas

'...The patient, Alan Chambers, is suffering a comminuted fracture in his right forearm.'

That means that the bone has been broken into pieces.

'He was rushed here as soon as the injury occurred, thanks to a nurse who witnessed it.'

This is a tie-in to the main plot, in which a nurse mentions witnessing a man being hit by a car. In Under the Knife, she sees "a man on a bus suffer a heart attack." This was presumably rewritten to make it tie in to the Z-chapters.

'Judging by the X-ray, this one could give us some trouble... But, I'm sure Dr. Weaver will be able to fix him up, good as new.'

Nozomi: I haven't let a patient down yet, have I?

Since transferring from her original hospital in Okinawa, she's gained quite a reputation.

"Alan Chambers... isn't he a famous screenwriter? Think it's the same guy?"

"It would certainly explain the media circus gathering outside."

I didn't think screenwriters got that much attention.

"Maybe they'll want to interview us! ...Or Dr. Weaver, anyway. She's probably the most photogenic doctor here."

Nozomi: I definitely don't need that kind of attention. If they're looking for a press conference, the head surgeon is welcome to take my place.

"You're too modest, Dr. Weaver."

"She's really put our hospital on the map, though. We have patients coming from all over. I'd say that exchange program was the best thing to happen to St. Francis. I'm surprised your hospital was willing to let you go, Doctor!"

Nozomi: You're giving me too much credit... I haven't even been here for a full year.

"...We're getting a little sidetracked, I think. Let's proceed with the operation. Good luck, Dr. Weaver."

Nozomi: (I still can't believe they want me operating out in the open like this. Didn't they learn their lesson in Okinawa?)

No "badass" archetype character would be complete without a mysterious past, and no operation would be complete without a chart!

Today, I had to do my own research. The best possible origin for this name I could find was actor Justin Chambers, who plays Dr. Alex Karev on Grey's Anatomy.

The radius, along with the ulna, form your forearm. We'll be getting familiar with both of them.

Nozomi: The patient's name is Alan Chambers. He has a serious fracture in his right arm. As for the X-ray results... fragments of the bone seem to be scattered, and I see hemorrhaging. That said, I will be approaching this operation with three objectives:

-Collect fragments of his radius and ulna.
-Set the radius properly for healing.
-Return the fragments to their original position and rebuild the patient's radius and ulna.

I anticipate a smooth procedure.

How anyone thought that finger-gun pose was a good idea, I can't say.

You know what that means.


Just in case anyone out there is only going to read the Wii-only chapters or something, Ill reiterate the usual: if you watch the video, then you can skip the screenshots which cover the same content and go to the one that says "Operation Successful."

The first thing you do is clear up these minor wounds. It's barely worth mentioning.

Next, you need to collect the fragments, which is pretty easy because they aren't stuck in the skin, although some of them seem to be jutting outside the arm, despite the fact that they clearly weren't there before we made the incision.

You'll next have to replace the ulna radius(even though Atlus messes up and calls it the ulna here) with the forceps. This is an easy part to mess up, because it needs to be pretty straight in order to avoid a Miss. New Blood starts with an almost-identical operation, but it actually gives you a guideline for how the ulna should be positioned, making it much easier.

Reconstructing the bone is the real star of the show, here. You need to rotate the Wii remote to get it lined-up correctly, and then place the shard in the right spot. It's pretty hard to do it right the first time, but after enough attempts, you'll be able to remember where they go. Incidentally, the shards come at you one at a time in the order you picked them up, so you can use that to help your time, as well.

There's one last twist before the end: a shard is missing. You'll need to use the ultrasound to find and excise it.

Note that Atlus mistakes the ulna for the radius, even though they got it right in the operation briefing.

For some reason, it doesn't leave a wound of any sort when you cut it out. This operation is pretty sloppily made, now that I look at it closely.

Anyway, you can just stick the last shard directly in its place.

You may have been wondering how these shards were supposed to stay in place. Well, the answer from Atlus is: "Uh... use the gel?"

In our sad, cancer-ridden world of the past, a fracture like that is a bit more problematic. They use a kind of nail to hold the bone together, if I followed the medical site I was on correctly. Admittedly, I didn't.

There's nothing new about these bonuses, but hey: I beat my old score by 22 points.

Managing to get the ulna twice in a row is quite an accomplishment for me.

"...Another amazing operation, Dr. Weaver! I think we all learned a thing or two. *chuckle * Well then, if you'll excuse me..."

Nozomi: (Interesting... I always thought American doctors were more concerned about golf than their patients. But, everyone here is so kind. They accepted me as one of their own immediately. ...Only because they don't know the truth.)

Pretend you hear a phone ringing here.

Nozomi: (Hm. A Phone call? Oh, it's them.) This is Weaver. A procedure on Sunday? It's kind of sudden, don't you think? *sigh* Not that I can refuse or anything. Yeah, I'll be there.

End of Chapter Z-1

Mystery and intrigue! Sadly, it'll be a whole chapter before we see any more of it. Join us next time for a return to Dr. Stiles' adventures in doctoring.