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Trauma Center: Second Opinion

by Opendork

Part 9: 1: Dormant Ability

Chapter 2-1: Dormant Ability

Just to get us all comfortable again, chapter 2 opens up with the familiar: banter between the same three characters and then an operation.

Derek: (It almost felt like time was slowing down. Am I losing it? I knew exactly what needed to be done, but I'm not sure how I knew that. Ugh, now I'm just talking in circles. I need to sit down and figure-)

What needed to be done was obvious, of course. There's a big hole, and you stitch it up. It's what you do. The fact that you did it the way Max Payne would do it is a different issue.

Kasal: Pay attention!

Derek: Huh? I-I mean, I was.

Kasal: Stop daydreaming and start taking your job seriously!

Kasal: We need to have a meeting about Mr. Pratt's operation. Angie, can you handle prep for that?

Angie: Yes, of course, Doctor.

Jesse here gets his surname from the ER character, Dr. Gregory Pratt. Before I move onto the diagnosis, here's something crazy I found out about :

In Under the Knife, patients are measured I centimeters, instead of inches. Jesse Pratt is 165.0cm and 132.7 lbs in that version. Notice anything? He lost 10 pounds and nearly 5 inches in the conversion. I haven't done all the conversions, but apparently this is common amongst most or all of the patients in the game. I can understand moving to the godless American imperial system, but why shrink everyone? I have no idea.

Moving on, this guy's problem is thrombosis, also known as blood clots. They're made of platelets, which clump together to repair injury to a blood vessel. If they get overzealous in doing that, bits might break off and become thrombi, which can impede blood flow and cause serious problems, such as strokes, in the right circumstances.

Kasal: He's been suffering from dizziness and nausea lately. Tests show that wastes accumulated in his spleen, and are now blocking blood vessels there. Today's objective is to remove the buildup of thrombi. The contrast medium was administered 30 minutes ago in IV. Because of that, you should be able to find the waste material sing ultrasound. Once it shows a shadow, try clipping near that area with the forceps. This is a sensitive operation, so you'll have to make proper use of magnification.

Even on the DS, that's a pretty questionable statement.

Kasal: Remember, the objective is:

-Remove all thrombi in the vessels.

That is all.

Alright, let's get st-

Kasal: If further waste blockage occurs, the patient's vitals will drop. Remember to stay calm and keep it steady.

You said that was all!


I think you know what to do.

Angie: The thrombi causing vessel blockage are originating here.

To begin with, you'll need to zoom in. This is the only time you need the zoom tool in this operation, and I almost wonder if they threw it in just to make sure you didn't forget it exists.

Thrombi start from the ends of the vessels and move towards the point where they converge and disappear, in the top right. If they make it, vitals will drop. You need to remove a certain number to win the operation. The first step is using the ultrasound to make them "visible." You can faintly see them without it, but you can't actually use the forceps on them until you ultrasound them, and you can't remove them without stopping them.

Actually removing a thrombus is a matter of making an incision and then draining it. Careful, though-they won't stop forever. This mission was hard for some on the DS, but the Wii version has them moving much more slowly, and staying still much longer once you clip them. Letting them get through isn't too bad, but if you care about score, you need to keep the number as low as possible.

Just use gel to close your incisions, and you're finished. Unless something crazy happens, but what are the chances of that?

Angie: Doctor, this is bad!

I'm not totally certain if you're for penalized for the ones that slip by when everything goes to shit here. I think that you weren't in the original, but are here, since it's a little easier to keep them away. Don't try to remove them, just clip them and hold out as best you can.

Once this thing happens, they'll be moving slowly enough that you can finish easily.

Angie: N-no thrombi detected. Treatment is complete.

You can tell she's impressed. Why, she looks absolutely ecstatic.

Another day, another life saved.

The requirements for thrombi are 6/3/2 depending on difficulty, which is actually unusual because usually the difference between normal and easy is the same as the difference between hard and normal.

Yeah, that's really all I could come up with to say for this one.

However, I am still drat good.

Derek: Huh?

Angie: You were practically a different person in there. ...Just like yesterday.

Derek: (Come to think of it, it did kind of feel like I was someone else.)

"Keanu Reeves, specifically."

Angie: If you were always that focused in the O.R., I wouldn't have to worry as much.

Derek: So you worry about me?

Angie: I definitely worry about your patients.

Walked right into that one, doc.

Kasal: Angie, I'd like to review the footage of today's operation.

Angie: Of course, sir. I'll bring it to you later.

End of chapter 2-1