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Part 12: 6: Just Let Me Die

Chapter 2-6: Just Let Me Die

Angie: Vitals at 60, CS is 300!

I haven't been able to figure out what CS means, and you can't exactly Google it. It was a mystery in the last thread, too.

Update: A lurker calling himself "Sharpedo19" figured this one out. It's the Japan Coma Scale, which is used to describe how aware the patient is by how they respond to stimulus, how aware they are of their surroundings, and other such criteria. 300 is as high as the scale goes, meaning complete unconsciousness. In the west, we use the Glasgow Coma Scale, only goes up to 14. I guess leaving the Japan scale in is a translation error, considering the Glasgow scale is listed in the manual's glossery.

Angie: She's in shock, and losing blood fast!

Kasal: Call the rest of the staff. We need to operate immediately! Angie, get the patient in the O.R. Derek, you handle the surgery!

Derek: I'm on it!

Hey, we're here already. This patient is named after the Scrubs character, Dr. Elliot Reid.

Kasal: The patient's a 17-year-old female. Case history is unknown. We've found massive bleeding in her thoracic cavity.

Also known as the chest cavity. As the summary said, she's got a ton of cuts on her lungs.

Kasal: Derek, you need to perform a lobectomy immediately! This operation has one objective:

-Treat all injuries within the thoracic cavity.

We'll proceed from there. Hurry, Derek.

In the interest of full disclosure, I'll admit I cut the bit where Kasal explains how to deal with large lacerations, since Angie explains it again when you get there, anyway, and so will I!


Let's get started.

Kasal: But, there aren't any external wounds. This is impossible! ...No, it doesn't matter what caused it; we need to focus on stopping that bleeding!

For once, hard difficulty makes a difference here, as vitals drop much faster and the requirements for the top rank become much harder to manage. Actually, I haven't been able to XS rank this, but an S is pretty easy to pull off.

Technically, you want to start with the small wounds for max score, but I'm starting with a large one, seeing as how it's new.

The first step is to drain the pools of blood. Once you do that, you need to pinch the ends together with forceps. Only then can you suture I normally, but you need to work quickly, of they'll reopen.

The reason you want to work on the smaller wounds first is this: over time, more pools of blood will form over the large lacerations. The chain requirement for this operation is so steep that you can't get it without those extra pools. Treating the minor cuts is really just a way of killing time efficiently while more pools form. It's not exactly intuitive, but we'll see worse as time goes on.

Once everything is taken care of, you're done. Seriously. No fooling this time. There's a reason they only gave you three minutes.

My performance that time wasn't great, even though it's an easy operation. Oh, well.

A hemorrhage in this case is draining the blood completely, and then failing to deal with the wound before more pools. The bonus I missed was for 7 Cools, since I was tripping all over myself with the suturing. The chain bonus for hard is 20, which is twice as much as normal. Technically, you don't have a no miss clause here, but you won't be able to get the chain bonus if you make any mistakes.

As I've probably mentioned, the ranking system can be a little all-or-nothing.

Kasal: I don't know. It'll probably take some time to figure out. She'll be hospitalized for a few days, so let's try to keep an eye on her.

Angie: Did you notice the cuts along the girl's wrists?

Derek: Yeah. They looked recent. I'd say her real illness is deeper than we thought. If that's the case, I don't think we're finished seeing complications.

End of Chapter 2-6

Uh, oh! Coming right up: Derek Stiles VS Teenage Angst

Chapter 2-7: Reasons Why

-Hope Hospital, Room 201-

Linda: I never asked you to save me! Leave me alone!

Oh, boy. It's been ages since we've had anyone new in this dramatis personae. Let's look at the art from Under the Knife.

Ugh, she looked like some kind of zombie. I like the new art better in this case.

Derek: Please calm down, Miss Reid. It's alright.

Linda: When I passed out, I could feel it. My chest was on fire. I was finally going to be free. Why did you bring me back!? I don't want to live!

Derek: Why would you want to die? You're still young. You have your whole-

Linda: ahead of me? Yeah, there' something to look forward to, huh? How come everyone says that? My life sucks! I'm sick of all this pain! I'm not pretty enough to date the popular guys, I'm too fat, and my mom called me a failure yesterday because I might not even graduate! Is that a life YOU'D want? I'm never going to be happy.

Derek: That all depends on-

Linda: Depends on my attitude? What a joke! A positive outlook won't just magically solve all my problems!

Well, it's clear that this situation needs to be handled with care. Angie, what do you think?

That's not quite what I had in mind.

Angie: There are patients here who have to fight just to breathe properly. Every day, someone dies after a long and painful struggle to hold on. I'm sorry we saved you. Go end your life, for all I care.

Derek: Angie!

Angie: I know you did your best, Doctor, but I'm afraid it was a wasted effort.

Derek: Stop talking like that, Angie!

Angie: I have other things... to attend to.

I'm not sure what he's smiling about, considering Angie "Bedside Manner" Thompson just told a teenage girl to kill herself.

Linda: I'm sorry you had to waste your time operating on me.

Derek: Helping someone is never a waste of time.

Not so long as someone is footing the hospital bills.

Linda: Just leave me alone. I don't blame that nurse for hating me, I'd hate me, too.

Derek: I'm not going anywhere; you're still sick.

Linda: What kind of surgeon are you, then? I thought you fixed me.

Derek: It's not that kind of sickness. A doctor's job is about more than just physical illnesses. Nurse Angie taught me that.

And then she contradicted herself by telling you that you should die.

Derek: When I was little, I had a cat named Tama.

"Which is a very American pet name and we live in America. Definitely."

Derek: We were playing one day, and he ran out into the street. I wasn't fast enough to do anything. A car hit him, and I blamed myself. I decided it was my fault Tama died. I really thought I had killed my cat. It was all I could think about. I told my mother I did a terrible thing, and I wanted to die.

Linda: What happened then?

Derek: She slapped me... hard. Mom told me Tama would be ashamed of me, and she was, too. But, she also said that I was the one who should be most ashamed of myself.

Linda: She said that to you?

Derek: Who'd you grow up with, Linda? Do you have any siblings? Or what about pets?

Linda: Just my parents, and my friends at school, I guess.

Derek: Could you look those people in the eye and tell them you wanted to die?

Linda: No way! Of course not! That's why I want to be left alone!

Derek: Then, hold this.

Linda: A mirror?

Yeah, he just happened to be holding a mirror. Nothing odd about that.

Derek: Look at that girl there, and say "I want to die."

Derek: I couldn't do it, either. Now, tell her you're sorry. I think she deserves an apology.

Linda: I'm... sorry... * sob * I'm sorry! I'm so sorry!

Derek: Stop worrying about other people, and start making that girl happy. Don't work hard in school for your mom's sake, do it so that you'll learn more and become a better person. Don't let other people decide whether or not you're happy. Find things you enjoy, and do them. It might not make you popular, but you'll like yourself a lot more. ...And you aren't too fat. I've seen your charts, remember?

Linda: Your mother sounds like a smart lady.

Derek: Really? She could be pretty weird sometimes, but then she'd say, "I may be weird, but think of all the stories you'll have to tell one day!"

Linda: That's... interesting. * cough *

Derek: Uh... sorry. I guess I got a little carried away. Really, though, she's great. I should let you rest now.

Linda: I think I'm going to take a nap.

Derek: That's a good idea. Sorry for talking so long. Next time, I'll-

Linda: Thank you...

I'll say. He just cured depression with an anecdote about his cat.

End of chapter 2-7

I replayed this operation a number of times experimenting with different difficulties and trying to get the XS, and I just happened to record one of them. If, for some unfathomable reason, you want to see how much easier things are on normal, or how I play when I'm not taking my time for the internet's benefit, here you are: