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Part 15: Chapter Z-2: Miracle

Chapter Z-2: Miracle

This chapter links onto "Reconciliation" after you complete chapter 2 in its entirety.

I just realized this guy is wearing a tie under his flowing anime trench-coat. That's kinda funny. I'm going to name him after his wardrobe.

Tie-Guy: I should warn you that this particular tumor is very... delicate. Be careful when you take it out. He contracted it during an early research stage, so I'm afraid it's rather advanced, now. They don't think he has much chance of survival. Of course, it would be better not to lose him. This is why they wanted you to try.

Dr. Weaver is now sporting a slightly less ridiculous outfit, although I hope she doesn't wear the necklace and earrings during surgery.

Nozomi: Four cases in the last month... is it just me, or have you guys been having some trouble lately?

Tie-Guy: These people aren't afraid to die. There's no need to waste your sympathy on the choices they made.

Nozomi: Don't worry about me. Sympathy isn't an emotion I feel much anymore. The patients exist so that I can save them; it's as simple as that.

Tie-Guy: Think you'll need to use the Healing Touch on this case?

Nozomi: Would you have even called me if it wasn't that serious? Without patients like this, I'd never be able to practice my true medical talents. ...Let's get this over with. Bring him in.

I've got nothing!

Nozomi: The anesthesia is proceeding well, so I should be able to start on schedule. (Looks like I only have one objective:

-Extract any tumors in the patient's large intestine.

Simple enough. Though, this can't be a normal tumor if they had to get me involved. I don't know what they've got inside him, so I'll need to keep an eye on those vitals. Of course, if anything goes wrong, I still have that to fall back on.)

Being all mysterious about it doesn't work if the other guy just told us what it is a second ago, Nozomi.


Well, we have no idea what we're up against, which is always the best way to operate. Let's begin.

This crazy-looking tumor is supported by three veins, which you'll need to sever. Before you can do that, though, you need to use the drain. This is still a tumor, after all.

The tumor drains vitals rather quickly, and it generates those smaller tumors. You'll need to laser them, but it's best to wait until after you've finished with the large one.

Just severing the veins drains vitals, too. This tumor would be pretty nasty if you had, say, two to deal with at a time.

So, of course, that's just what they throw at you. This is actually harder than it looks. First, I'll try removing one.

Jeeze, Nozomi won't shut up about the vitals.

This seems well and good, but after a few seconds...

This will happen. You need to remove both at the same time for the tumor to actually stay gone. The regeneration timer doesn't start until you remove one, so just cut all the veins and then use the forceps to remove both quickly.

And that's done. Other than the gimmick, that was still pretty simple. If they wanted it to be REALLY hard they would have had you remove four of them at once.

I really don't think this is how tumors work...

Nozomi: I don't think I have a choice. This power took away my life, but it's the reason I'm here.

Nozomi's Healing Touch works differently from Derek's. It doesn't slow down time. Instead, as long as it's active, any rank you get (an OK, Bad, Good, or Cool) will restore vitals by a fair amount. With this, you can treat the four tumors without any concern over the patient's health.

Since time is still moving at the normal rate, you still need to be fast in actually removing the tumors, or they'll regenerate. With them gone, it's just the usual cleanup, and you can finish.

This is the Z operation that gave me the most trouble at first, but once you know the trick it isn't too bad.

I deliberately threw this one to show you the regeneration. The missing bonuses are "Tumors did not regenerate," "Max Chain over 100" and "Completed with 180 left." At this level, the chain bonus requires you to hold back a bit so you can burn more polyps.

Even though I knew I wouldn't get XS on this, I'm still a little disappointed.

Tie-Guy: It's a shame someone with your skills can't practice them out in the open. Medical society just isn't ready for someone who can manipulate energy the way you do. Then again, how many people could there possibly be with special powers like that?


Nozomi: You don't usually talk this much afterward.

Tie-Guy: Pardon me. I didn't mean anything by it.

Nozomi: Oh, it's fine. I'm just used to you being all business. That's what I meant. Let me know when you've transferred the payment to my account.

Tie-Guy: Double-checking, huh? You're as pragmatic as always.

Nozomi: A girl has to make a living, doesn't she? Money's about the only thing that ability of mine's worth these days, as depressing as it is.

Tie-Guy: I understand. You'll be contacted as soon as the transaction is complete, but don't forget... We're the ones who transferred you to an American hospital when you lost your license. Without us, you wouldn't have a new name, and you wouldn't have a new life... Dr. Kimishima.

I spent two videos having to constantly remind myself not to call her that.

Nozomi: Trust me-nobody understands my position better than I do. You fixed my broken wings, and I'm willing to repay that favor, no matter what it costs. I know who my friends are.

Tie-Guy: Glad to hear it. Well then, come with me. I'll be escorting you home, as always.

End of Chapter Z-2

Wave goodbye to Nozomi, because we won't see her again until after next chapter.