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Trauma Center: Second Opinion

by Opendork

Part 22: 1: Hope Under Attack

When we last saw Derek Stiles, M.D., he was rushing back to Caduceus to see Greg Kasal, who was infected with a new strain of GUILT. This happened about an hour after he finished treating the LAST new strain of GUILT.

Chapter 4-1: Hope Under Attack

Derek: What's Dr. Kasal's condition!?

Sidney: Stable, for now. He's gotten a lot weaker, though. I don't think he has the strength to survive an operation. Well, go see for yourself.

-Surgical Ward, Room 202-

That is absolutely horrifying.

Leslie: Dr. Kasal! You shouldn't get up!

Derek: Don't strain yourself, sir.

Greg: I should've been suspicious when I couldn't diagnose my own condition. It spread so fast... I didn't think it was... GUILT.

Angie: Have they identified the strain?

Greg: I heard Sidney say it was an unidentified strain, so be careful.

Sidney: Greg, we've received detailed information on this GUILT.

Greg: What? From where?

Sidney: The two just got back from Africa, and an old Delphi research facility.

Angie: The file Reuben gave us...!

Sidney: We're analyzing the data. We think it might help us devise a treatment. Don't give up, Greg.

Greg: I believe in you, and in Caduceus. That's why I wanted Derek to join you.

Derek: ...Dr. Kasal.

Greg: Keep working hard, Derek.

Sidney: Victor's report says they can create a serum to eliminate the GUILT.

Angie: There's hope, then?

Sidney: It's possible. But we don't have enough antigen samples to finish the serum.

Derek: Antigen samples?

Oh, Derek. Antigens stimulate the immune system and cause the generation of antibodies, and can bind with them. Often, they are made up bits and pieces from microorganisms like bacteria and viruses.

Sidney: While you were in Africa, there was a highly-toxic GUILT outbreak. My brother was infected while treating on of the victims. In theory, we can extract samples from the untreated GUILT patients. As long as their infections haven't progressed to full term, we can just remove the GUILT. We've compiled a list of patients with symptoms matching Greg's. Derek, I need you to operate on them in order to obtain the necessary samples.

Derek: So we'll be traveling to hospitals where the victims are being observed?

Sidney: Yes, exactly. Good luck. Once we have enough antigen, we can engineer the serum.

Derek: I understand, sir.

Sidney: Derek...

End of Chapter 4-1

Chapter 4-2: Race for the Cure

This chapter is unique, in that it starts by dumping you onto the map screen, and allowing you to choose where you want to go. Each location has you operating. Depending on where you go, you'll be doing 3-5 operations, since Derek does not care about people he doesn't know and will not operate more than you need to get the samples.

I've highlighted the first destination, the suburbs.

Angie: I just contacted the hospital. They'll have the patient ready for us when we arrive.

Derek: This vehicle was specially designed as a sterile environment. We can't risk a secondary infection, so we'll have to operate in here. This strain may be spread by physical contact. Where your protective gear.

The name this time comes from actor Donald Faison for his role as Dr. Christopher Turk in Scrubs.

I'm sure you've figured out the name scheme by now, but Tetarti is Greek for "Wednesday"/"fourth." In the Japanese version, Triti and Tetarti actually have their names switched. I assume the localization team changed this so that you would encounter them in "chronological order," as it were.

Angie: The patient has been transported, and our protective area is now sealed. I'll explain how Dr. Kasal requested that we obtain the samples. These patients have tested positive for GUILT. However, the specimens inside them are still in an immature state of development. In fact, this serum should be able to completely incapacitate them. Doctor, first locate the GUILT. Then use the serum to stop it. After that, place the GUILT specimen onto the tray and slice it open.

Derek: Slice it open!?

Angie: Yes. We need the GUILT's internal fluids to replicate its antigen. After we've drained the GUILT, the procedure is complete. We have only one objective in this operation:

-Use the general serum to stop the GUILT and obtain its fluids.

That's all.

That sounds like two objectives to me.

Since there are five operations this time, but they are mostly the same, I just made a video of the last one. You could watch it now, but you may also want to wait until I actually get to it. For your convenience, I'll provide a link both now, and another later!


This initial incision is more horizontal than most, so I tend to mess it up.

Meet Tetarti, or at least the immature version of it. It attacks by releasing poison gas. You don't have to do anything to deal with the gas, it just deals some damage before vanishing. To damage the Tetarti itself, you just inject the serum. It takes three injections to win. Be aware that it moves somewhat erratically, so missing with the syringe is a very real possibility.

After each hit, it will hit, and must be excised in the same manner as Kyriaki. You'll know where it is by the gas it releases.

After three hits, you can get the fluids as described. Congratulations, you have seen the next five to ten minutes of your life!

Angie: I hope Dr. Kasal is alright...

One quick bandage, and...

You are scored separately on each operation, and they all have the same requirements. If you choose to skip the story on a replay, you only do one operation, but it has the twist that the final operation on a normal play throws at you. It's not as exciting as you're hoping.

I got a miss opening him up, so I got this. It's alright-I'll have four more chances.

Derek: Did I... do it correctly?

Angie: I think so. According to what Dr. Kasal told us, we need three types of antigen. There are P, V, and H-types; he wants one sample of each. I'll send a composition of this sample back to Caduceus.

Derek: I wonder what type it is.

One fade-out later...

Angie: We have our answer! It looks like this is the V-type antigen. Let's move on to the next patient; we still need the two other types!

As this beautifully-rendered diagram shows, the location of each type is the same every time. You can tell which kind you're operating on by the color of its gas. Purple for V, green for P, and yellow for H. I'm going to do them all for the names, so let's try the residential area next.

You get a brief scene of Angie saying she'll bring in the patient before the briefing on all subsequent operations. The actual briefing is just her telling you to do the same thing again, so I won't bother showing it, or even the operation, which is completely unchanged. The name is the only interesting thing.

Having said that, I can't tell you the exact origin of this name, because there are a lot of characters and actors named Perry in the cast lists of the usual shows. It could be Scrubs character Dr. Perry Cox, or Jeff Perry, who plays Thatcher Grey in Grey's Anatomy. The name Zach, however, is probably from Zach Braff of Scrubs, who plays Dr. John Dorian.

No mistakes is only worth 200 points, but that's enough to push me into the XS rank.

We already have the V-type, so nothing interesting happens here. On to the next one!

The patient in the Civic District is named Ray Barnett, which is the name of an ER character played by Shane West.

The P-type is located in the stomach, but nothing else changes. I got an A-rank again on this one.

That's two types over three operations, with two operations left.

The patient here is Thomas Epps, named for House actor Omar Epps, who plays Dr. Eric Foreman. Since the Tetarti is of type P, there wasn't anything new to show, and I got an A rank again.

The citywalk is the only area with an H-type Tetarti, so you must go there to complete this episode. It's also where Derek got rained on in chapter 1.

The patient in this final operation is named Donald Grey. The name is likely a combination of Donald Faison, who was mentioned earlier, and the title character Meredith Grey of Grey's Anatomy, which is, itself, is a play on the famous textbook Gray's Anatomy, written by Henry Gray in the 1800s.


Since this is the last operation, the game throws a minor new twist into the mix, to catch you off guard.

Instead of dying on the third injection, the Tetari will start moving around the organ rapidly. The antibiotic gel will cause it to slow down, and eventually die. I'm not sure how Angie guessed that, but it's nice to see it get some use treating GUILT. The rest of the operation is the same as any other in this episode.

The special bonuses aren't affected by this being the final operation, even though the gameplay changed slightly. I got them all this time, and earned another XS rank.

Derek: That's all three. Angie, let's get back to Caduceus!

End of chapter 4-2